fernanda :) @fernanda925
ask me anything ;)
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i see u in da halls and u look so cute
lmaoo ty
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why is you're pic on your profile upside down
bc why tf not :)
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How old are you
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wats ur kik?
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you should follow me back on the instagram
lmaoo well i would if i knew who you were .-.
you r so pretty :)
aw ty :)
i miss you:/
ur mahh tiny
ik :(
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ur so funny i can't wif you
lmaooo who is this :p
you hav a lot of q's on here
not really :')
What is your high score in Flappy Bird?
i gave up on that shit -.-
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Whens your birthday
baeee ❤  Britt ❤️
bby :**
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volleyballs bruh  Britt ❤️
LMFAO smd -.-
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best relationship?
U sent this question 4 times ._.
ur such a bitch
I know :p
just tell me and i'll leave you alone
just try to
Go away lmaoo
ok whether its a word or a sentence please just say it
Idek how to explain it LMAOOO
why all you have to do is say the 1 word that it means
How do you know it's one word what if it means a whole sentence :/
why cant u just tell me
Bc I don't feel like it :o
yes plz tell meee
It means ....
plz tell me
Are you serious rn LMAOOO