fionnuala @finnoolacrossan
fionnuala @finnoolacrossan
Northern Ireland
probably hate you,paramore, you me at six and bmth tho|$@$$Y|I think I'm hilur,soz not soz x |who's keeping score on who is a whore♫ |you've got a lot to say, for the one who walked away♫
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aye er you go away on the creep
Make a gift
Too far, save it for the bedroom
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o shit seems like a pretty scary ride!111!1!!!!1!!1!!!1!11!
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and alcohol vvvvv
only water and orange juice
that will do me
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do you drink
the occasional glass of water ye
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i wont to fun u rite up da ass baby n ten lik ur sxc clit nd then suk yo elbows coz of ma fetish and drill yo ear wit ma shlong xxxxxxx ly <3
excuse me what
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Have you ever pooped in school
Have you ever pooped in school
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what u going to be for halloween?
going to be the saucy wee devil i am xxxxxxxxxx
what u going to be for halloween?
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i just wanna touch ur tits 1 time plz
i just wanna touch ur tits 1 time plz
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What upsets you?
rlly sad
What upsets you?
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At is <|3 soz bbz :**** Ur acctually hilarious by the way haha
Mandy is fionnualas mother x x x x er it is
aw tyy who's thisss
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Whos mandy im confused And kevins my peter pan hands of ;););)
em what,you don't know who Mandy is?ats embarrassing</3
right can everyone stop with these winky faces, i know I'm sexually appealing but pls, keep it to yourselves x x x
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It'll turn her on:3 Ill be the best peter pan ever xxx  Kevin McKenna
ohgodno but ye,she won't be able to resist aw,you're going to werk dem tights xxx
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Buy me  Kevin McKenna
Right I need to discuss this with Mandy what would she think tho, was going to be little red riding hood but neh, I should go as tinkerbell xxx
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I'd look amazing , flashing the legs like a saucy little muslim<33333 Actually buy me it , go xxx  Kevin McKenna
rlly saucy showing off your ankles oh myyyy, KEVIN ATS £40 DO YOU THINK IM MADE OF MONEY
oj mucker, I'll give you a green bin bag don't you worry, I'll make it all short for you so we'll see your legs x x x
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HAHAH GTE ME THAT ONE , I have sweet legs<333 Ill be the hottest xxx  Kevin McKenna
omf ahahaha, youll look fab ohmy,ahahah get your tits out<33
right obv should add it to my cart aye xxx
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AHhahahah , my double:) You are , top gal , BUY ME THAT COSTUME xxx  Kevin McKenna
AHAHAHA ITS THE SMILE, it won't let me buy that one</3 aye Ill look for another one okk,
er it is, you already have green tights to it's all good x x x
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Buy me the costume and I will:) YOu ebtter be</3 You are , but in a good way x x x  Kevin McKenna
looks like you x
I am<33 is there a good way tho ahaha, I'm fab ok x x x
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I'd be a class peter pan<33 I was hurt:( Idek , you're weird :3 x x x  Kevin McKenna
I'd give you so much money if you're peter pan for Halloween omf<33 i'm rlly sorry</3 I'm nottt i swearrr x x x
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You're a fool:3 I'm liek Thor tbh , you sent me one x you'll get one back you hoe:/ x x x  Kevin McKenna
neh you're Peter Pan ya fairy x oh god so I did</3 ahaha why did i laugh so much at that x x x
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She loves me<333 Ill give you more than the eyes;) Jk but im smooth , others like being distracted by me , im like a you brad pitt x  Kevin McKenna
Mandy calls me a fool</3 right cos we just can't handle that you're too good for us</3 better than brad pitt, i swearrr x x x
o wait
1 x
right that's just rude
crying myself to sleep tonight then</3
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No , mandy loves me<333You want me tho:/// Hold it in plsss , it's unreal x x x  Kevin McKenna
mandy doesn't love me</3 neh you want me lets be honest, saw you giving me the eyes, can you just keep your love for me to yourself plsss,you're distracting others x
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Mandy loves it<333 Do who ya want ya pervvv , im listening to it now x x x  Kevin McKenna
right, You leave Mandy out of this, I'm not acc, you just fancy me loads, contain yourself plsssss, isn't it amazing ahh x x x
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You're too young for at ya creep:/// He's the best , you're a strong two<333 I will x x x  Kevin McKenna
13 ,yolo :LLL XDD :SSS And acc Mandy said I'm a young woman so ye I can do what I want<33 why haven't you done it yet ya bore x x x
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You stare at me all the time , awkward:/// Kellin Quinn is perfect<333 I shall ya fag x x x  Kevin McKenna
I can't help it that you're sexually appealing right? perfect like me<33 yeee do it now x x x
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Adtr<33 You're obsessed with me now , so clingy:/// Listen to king for a day , it's unreal , barricks<333 x x x  Kevin McKenna
y u so obsessed with me ?:/// :LLL
yaaa listened to it yesterday on Kerrang cos im sweg with my music channels<33
Dare you to listen to can you feel my heart x x x
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Honest opinion on Scott Newbigging!<3
Scotttttt, my fave, soo sweet, funny ahaha,cats<33my buddy 5eva, should talk more!x
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