Fuck Boy @Finntheprincess
Fuck Boy @Finntheprincess
17 Senior Ask me stupid shit you will get cursed out.. ❤️
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What's your favorite thing to do in the spring?
VR of you doing the Charlie Charlie Challenge
If you are doing the Charlie challenge, you need serious help asap
What is the one thing everyone is looking for?
Something to eat
nah Ima paper chaser you jus fucc wit fucc boys
Your spelling tells me otherwise 😂
shit no you got me fucc up far from it
Only fuck boys take pictures like that
Lol your picture makes me thing you are my username 😂
You're the one with a picture of a whole bunch of money in your hand and shit?
man a white girl showed up kik me then
Don't even know your kik
what's your kik fucc boy
Down below
come to my house
Don't even know you
Which website or app do you use first in the morning?
say fucc boy if I kik you gone give me a Tbh / rate
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my breath smells like straight rabbit turd and crushed beetles. How can I stop this problem? 😓
What the hell does that even smell like 😂
Mayweather or pacquiao
Pacquiao 💕
What's your kik ?
Good because your thick asf momma
Thanks lol
Do you believe in witches and wizards?
Fuck no baby
You like white boys ?
I like any race lol
say fucc boy wyd
fucc boy what's ig I thought that meant instagram... unless you ment ignore
It means I guess
What is your favorite scent?
Victoria secret scents
that shit must be boring
ugh biology
Sorry for you
what class you in right nah
fucc boy what's up
Lol school