The Devil Is A Lie  @Finntheprincess
The Devil Is A Lie  @Finntheprincess
17 mixed, straight as hell. I like cats and weed Trinity is my name
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What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
Either a tv or my phone
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Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
Tbh : Ik You Your Beautiful Boo cx Rate:bms✊  Omw To School ✨
Thank youuuuuy
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What color are your eyes?
Dark brown
When was the last time you went to the beach?
Last year lol
Hi youre perf can you follow me back★❤★.  the fault in my sins ✊
Yesssss 
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them boobs make me wanna scream ~^O^~
Thanx baby
Your cute
6.5/10  ®eidy™
Have you ever played golf?
Only on Wii
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Hi bby
I like your name
I don't know ya
Bye bby
Your body is sex
Sex me pls
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Yo ask b booming with these thirsty. Ass nasty ass dudes please I wanna fuck as niggas smh (Joseph has left the building ) :*
Lmaooooo thank you
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Fav Snack?  мαмι¢нυℓα
Does nutella count
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Lol imma kik yu lil goofy & I want u to talk shit to me ok
Lmao k
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Lol naw why ? 25000$$$ reasons not to be lmfao
Yet your on anon. Get a life
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I'm just wanna fuvk u tht all yu ain't shit but deuces
Nigga you mad? Lmao
Have u look in the mirror young lady
Have you, Im not the one thirsty
Gatorade ? Are you calling me thirsty
Pretty much
Aww well let kik u some freaky shit & yu don't have to reply
Lol gatorade
These niggas tht be thirsty over u they wanna fuck u
Ik lol
Do You Like The Way I Flick My Tongue Or Nah?? You Can Ride My Face Untill You Drip In Cum. Can You Lick The Tip Then Throw The Dick Or Nah?? Can Ya Do It Baby. Can You Let Me Stretch That Pussy Out Or Nahh? (What Come Next?) -Sent To Those Im Following  мαмι¢нυℓα