Asdfghjkl; @Finntheprincess
Asdfghjkl; @Finntheprincess
So when is (y)our man coming over?
Make a gift
Don't lurk
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Follow back? Xoxxx  Alexa Worrell
where you stay
In Bio
What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
*when I had it*, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Youtube That's it I believe...
where you from
Explain your question
Whats your kik name
My phone is broken I can't use it
No phone :(
want be friend with me  ♛ Jake robert (✔)♛♛♛
You'r cute :)  ♛ Jake robert (✔)♛♛♛
Thanks you too
do tbh
Yeah sure why not
Hello :) <3  Kendall 詹纳 ♤
How is your day today?
I want u back baby
who's this?
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I miss u to hit me up sometime ❤️
wiah I could, my phone is broken
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At what age you kissed for the first time?
When I was first out the womb my nigga
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But you don't seem original
Some try to hard, Some lie, I just tell you how it is....Sometimes I will be funny with it but yeah
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like my 23 answers, follow me and I send you gift ; )  True Story ت
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Do you care when people judge you
I don't give a dead moose's last SHIT!!!! - Tourettes Guy
But there are a lot of black famous ask people on here.....
Some are very original with their answers..
How come you aren't famous on ask
1.) Due to lack of phone I can't post funny pics or even be on here as much.
2.) It's because I'm Native Blaizillacan. (Native American, Black, Brazilian and Asian) But its mostly because I'm black
hot hot hot
Thanks babe :)
Why do people call you a Hoe/Slut/Thot ect ?
Cause their man doesn't like their tacos but likes mine if you know what I mean :3
Food Porn.
Which is your song of the week?
Ellie Goulding- You my everything
How come you don't ever have a bf?
Boys are flakey a'f
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What happened to your phone?
It broke