Trinity Taylor @Finntheprincess
Trinity Taylor @Finntheprincess
17 & graduating on June 4th, 2015 Don't get cursed out
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Baeeee hmuβ€Ž  Sara LaToya Youmans
Kik? πŸ’•
If you could visit anywhere on holiday where would you go?
North Carolina tbh
I mean .. may i "Untick" ..?
Unclick it
:* ... won't u ask me "Show ur self" ?
:D ... i m jst Shy... ;)
Well Awww ☺️
*__* .. so can i ..? :')
Yeah if you stop being scared
if i Hug u...? :)
What about if you hug me
do u mind...if ..?
Mind if what
come to my party Saturday 😎 its in your house 😎
Fuck boy alert
IG name?
tbh idk u!!β€Ž  mia
what's your sign ?
You're pretty af ..
Thank you
What or who motivates you to get out of bed every morning?
name some things people say when they see you in leggings
All types of shit
Is it a struggle getting your ass in jeans
booty questions hour lol ready let's GET IT!
has anyone ever told you that you have a big butt
If you could control nature, which element would you choose? Why?
Weather. Just cause that's my shit
A guy that went to windsor that wants to fuck the hell out of you lol
Well that could be a lot of people. Did you graduate yet?
When you gone lemme fuck that man? Seriously.
Who's this
Today is World Environment Day! How do you plan to make a positive impact on our Earth?
Eat leaves
*sings to you* laaaalalaaalaaaa
Shut the fuck up
What's your favorite thing to do in the spring?
VR of you doing the Charlie Charlie Challenge
If you are doing the Charlie challenge, you need serious help asap