Illuminati....! @Finntheprincess
Illuminati....! @Finntheprincess
17 mixed, straight as hell. I like cats and weed Trinity is my name
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When can we link up  Wesly Lewis
Wtf is link up
fuck them lol explain
How do you surprise other people?
Tell them i missed a meal
do you have kik? Lol  snapbacksandvans
All the butt questions ... uhhh ... :|  Michael M. Rogers ....
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Leave me the fuck alone
ever got stuck like trying to out a window or get down from a tree or try to go threw something anything like that and half of your body was out and the other have was stuck and someone slapped your butt lol
No lol
Explain a time when someone played with your butt lol doesn't like my booty stories
Explain a time when someone played with your butt lol
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Has anyone ever played with your butt
yes lol
Then i guess i can twerk
Can you twerk
I can make my ass clap does that count
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Has anyone ever put there face in your booty lol
Not yet
name some big booty problems lol
Cant wear skirts or dresses cause they rise, getting stared at ect
why people got to hate on you beautiful
Cause I get dick and they don't. Lol jk but idk
full body pic lol old or new
Old as shit
full body pic lol old or new
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ever been spanked over some one lap
No lol
That boy is lucky if he fucked you frfr
Why would he be lucky?
You have a phat ass
Thank you so much
I like the details in your answers lol they make it all like flow better you don't just be like yup I was there he did this the end like -.- no explain means details so hey
Lol alright
the bouncy house thingy lol
Well a year ago when i was staying in NC, i went to a birthday party and I went in a bouncy house and it smelled bad and this little boy he probably was like 8 and he said miss you got a fat ass
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I love your stories there so good lol
Lol they're original as hell
Explain that one lol #fan
Which one
what is the weirdest thing a family member did to your booty lol
My mom grabbed it
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have you ever been stuck in a bouncy house either trying to get In or out and kids slapped your ass lol or just looked
Yes lol
How many guys you had sex with
Your dad
Your current bf
Your ex
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