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When did luke and Aleisha break up? And who broke up with who?
Not really anyone's business also considering they broke up ages ago and where really young but it was I think September sometime 2012 x
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I ate a walnut and I choked and I think I'm dying. what should I do help me please
Oh no! :0
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What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
Wouldn't you like to know
Luke's not single
Isn't he now
Is Ashton dating Gemma?
Not too sure tbh! :)
how do you pronounce 5SOS. Is it 5-es-oh-es
5- sos :)
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di you went to the boys' concert?
Yes :)
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whats the youngest ashton would date?
Like 18?
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is luke single?
Yeah! :)
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thanks love <3 you're really too sweet for me to handle :)
Aw you're cute xx
Whats your twitter?
In our bio :)
wtf? so none of them have asks? so many fake ass here :/ i'm having trouble on knowing who is the real one just to see one of your answers here that none of them has ):< pissed off ugh thanks tho, from your ask, at least i finally knew the truth x
Sorry love! Yeah when I last met them they said they didn't even know what it was hahaa xx
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luke still follows aleisha on instagram! does that mean they're still friends :)
That does really mean anything I still follow my ex on Instagram and Facebook doesn't mean I like him haha
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Does michael still like geordie
No they broke up ages ago
Have u heard about sara Ellen? What exactly happened between her and Luke???
She is hot oops. Nah nothing happened she's a fan
i love the boys to death and i'm so mad i can't go to one of their concerts!
Aw babe that sucks! I know, so many people have missed out on tickets! They're still probably going to be tickets being sold only a few days before so look out then! :)
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are these boys asian?
Are you dumb
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i love you so so so much
I love you more
what rumors :o
I dunno man!
if you're not close with Luke, then how come you have rumors? like what the other said?
does luke have an ask.fm account? and what is that? he's got a lot of posers omfcknG  Angela Hemmings卌
Yeah he doesn't want a ask.
Why? Because I read somewhere...I seriously had no idea he was 18! I thought he way 16, lol :3  Rachel Elizabeth Hagerstrom
Hahahaah nah
what is the youngest Luke would date right now
Like 17 or 16
1 person likes this it's school holidays you have time to answer them all
Hahaha okay here we go! 1. Best friend is Alice and holly! :) 2. Bonds ones haha 3. I'm watching the oc :) 4. Yeah haha 5. Yeah I have :) 6. Yes 7. Only smoked 8. It's cold ! :) 9. Their hair usually haha. 10. Sorta??? 11. The block or middle! 12. Nope! 13. Around 165 or so :) 14. Nurse :) 15. Both :) 16. Few months ago 17. Yes 18. I quit p.e in year 9 so id say no. 19. Yeah when I was little. 20. I guess previous boyfriends??? 21. Yes haha ! 22. Yeah I have my first, seconds thirds, top ear and getting my belly tomorrow :) 23. Titanic. 24. Netball :) 25. Watching the oc :) 26. Yes oops. 27. Yeah :) 28. This guy :))) 29. Never been on one but yes pls :) 30. I am I am 31. No I don't :) 32. Probably like Harry styles haha this took me forever!
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