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What do you wanna study?
Nursing :)
r u being legit that luke and cal follow u on insta?
Just realized cal unfollowed me I'm sad
Your instagram is @5_seconds_of_summer? If it is ‎@luke_is_a_penguin is following you!!!! (I don't know if you know it I'm just telling you cause it's awesome!)
Yeee and cal
How did u know if their virgins or not isn't that personal :/??????
Isn't it personal of you to even ask
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calum and I are going to get married
Invite me to the wedding
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Who's the most important in the band?
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Is better wearing your clothes or uniforms in school?
I think a uniform :)
Luke did school online? and finished it early? How, why didn't he go like normal people, i mean doing to class
Cause he was on your and stuff
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I love 5sos but I met them today at the shops after school and they were so so so rude.. They have Changed so much !!
Lol really and where abouts was that
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What is 'af'? Like muke 'af'..
As fuck
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I'm French, and I don't understand what the "muke af"?
You really ship muke
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So did ash and mikey drop out too?
Ashton graduated. Michael dropped out
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how to be followed by ashton irwin
Time machine?
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Why are you so blunt?
Oh I didn't realise I was. I just answer the question lol what else do you want from me?
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Did cal dropout of school or what
Yes. The band was his future.
how is ashton now?
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are they making a new song?
They're taking some time off right now but new stuff to come
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are u muke af?
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I love you. You are so nice and polite while answering all those questions xx dont forget to vote 5sos ♡
Thanks so much
What is atheist?
Doesn't believe in a god
Do you think they're going to come to the UK before june because ashton tweeted saying 'see you really soon' ???
Yeah they've got a lot of free time in December -May
Do you give shoutouts?
If you do cool fan art or something worth giving a shoutout than hit us up otherwise no
I am bringing a friend to the meetup but they are scared because I don't know the people who I am meeting
Reassure them that if it's an uncomfortable situation and not what you expected than you'll leave and you'll have a friend to keep each other safe. If that doesn't work then maybe your parents really don't think it's a good idea
how do you find out about 5sos
My sister found Luke on YouTube and then 5sos and showed me
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How are they in public with fans?
On a good day, they are so so sweet
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