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sorry-i just had to point out that shmaraellen or whatever isn't the sara ellen who did the eyebrow dance! lol they're both aussies but two completely different people. :)
Oh I don't know then I only know one Sarah Ellen
Who is Sara Ellen? (shmaraellen) on twitter. She said she hooked up with Luke and stuff lmao
Lmao she did the eye brow dance like 4 years ago and got famous, then puberty came and she got hot
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hii :) when was the last time you met 5sos and do you have a picture? x
About a year ago I met them all together and got photos but in September I met them all but only got a photo with luke cause it was so rushed! But they're awful photos and they'll blind you! Haha
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Does it make you a fake fan when you say mikey???
Nooo why would it :)
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What's your favorite place you've ever traveled to?
I love Melbourne :)
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What happened with biannca and ashton? Why did rey broke up?
I dunno what even happened between them lmao it was like a year ago anyway and I think it was like a fling for like a day when Ashton came home
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there's this whole issue about 5sos being rude to their fans who aren't skinny/pretty. i know you've answered a ton of q's saying they're super sweet but i just really need that extra confirmation :( i love them to bits and i hate seeing stuff like this about them!! ty so much <3
Noooo they will talk to you regardless! I'm definitely not pretty and they talked to me heaps!! :) just down right sweet guys and love there fans :)
How old is luke now ? I think 18, or?
18 :)
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What are the boys snapchats? I only have their old ones and I see their snaps everywhere on tumblr and twitter :(
Not sure :) d
Is 5sos rude unless you are hot
Nooooo! :)
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Hi .... How young would you date!???
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What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
14 lmao
how do you know anything about aleisha and luke?
You knew everything back in 2012
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Could you tell me what actually happen with Aleisha and Luke, some say they broke up because he of the tour, some say they broke up before the tour or apparently she cheated on him when they were on the hot chelle rae tour....
No, they where just young, they broke up way before luke left, I think it just got too much for the both of them, nothing happened, just mutual, they both stayed friends.
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what is (y/n)? i've seen it in ashton irwin gifs and stuff
Your name :) like - 'imagine y/n got married' so like - 'imagine lily got married'
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You've met 5sos a few times, would you still completely freak out if u met them again this year, next year etc.
No :$
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so when you go to M&g for the guys how much time do you have with them? isn't it typically only a few seconds and a picture?
Yeah :) it's only a few seconds and stuff I got a few minutes and a photo it's better without meet and greets cause you're under pressure and forget every question you've always wanted to ask them haha
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So you know the boys what were they like when you met them were they silly serious mean nice etc
Idk various times they where different, at the airport they where quiet cause they where heaps sleepy at like 8 in the morning and before shows and after shows they're like pumped and energetic
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Are you like super close with the boys that they even know your name?
No but they know who I am and would recognize me :)
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Yeah he did he even said it
It's absolute bullshit, just because he didn't have a good childhood doesn't mean he cut? He is fine
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No ash used to cut ;( my baby  Sammie
No he never, why do people assume this?
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HOW DID YOU MEET THEM? i've been trying to find a way since 2012! And what website do you use to get tickets to their concerts?
It was easy in 2012? But in 2012 they had meet and greets and I buy the tickets of the sites they sell them on haha :)
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Is it true that Michael and Calum used to cut?
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I've had it for like 2 and a half years good luck I literally have it until I go to another 5sos concert and it's just a cycle
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