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Justin Bieber
Hi this is for luke what is you snapchat name ????xx
He always changes it :) x
Who's the tallest of 5sos?
Luke :)
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you know that luke would date a 15 year old right ? he said 13 in 2012 and add 2 years = 15 years old just saying
You do know also that Luke's 18 not 17
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who is the tallest out of you lot xxxxxxxxxxxx
Me :)
click the link to help my friend and I meet 5sos! This isn't spam I promise, and if you tweet proof to my friend (‎@moshpitmuke) she'll dm you to 3/4 and the band's twitter acc :-) it would mean a lot!
No link x
What is the most unexpected thing that happened to you this week?
I got 5sos tickets?
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i know it shouldnt matter but do you know who broke up first? Luke or Aleisha? Sorry ;^;
No it shouldn't matter
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are 5sos goint to a fan at home?
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Who's mom is it that tours with them a lot?
Luke's :)
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what are each of your favorite songs of the album?? love you guys(:
I love them all omfg I can't choose wbu love you x
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http://ask.fm/fiveSOSFacts/answer/39095393955 what do you mean with main one?
Main shippings
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What animals your favourite
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do u think it matters if i like 5sos but im not a one direction fan
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Do you think that Luke would date someone 3 years younger than him?
Probs not
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?You will come to Israel sometime
We aren't 5sos
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What website do you use to find out your information or do you just study your books!!!!!!!!:3
Everything man
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are dragons real
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are you a one direction fan?
I am
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gemma styles WAS related with 5SOS, i dont know if they confirmed or not but they said that Ashton and Gemma were together http://photos-a.netjoven.pe/_files/noticias/1385996033-213.jpg
Related means that you're brother or sister, cousins, mother or father no relationships
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Do u know the boys ex? Who are they? Can u tell me?
Why what does it matter haha
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so you wouldnt consider 5sos to be a boy band?
No haha
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1st liker gets 30 likes ?
Hells no
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where/how do you think luke would spend his birthday? you think he would get a lapdance?
Haha I don't know about going to a strip club lol they will all be at a club
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what is 5 seconds of summer?
A band
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