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5SOS Facts @fiveSOSFacts
Ask me a question :))
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Did you watch the ARIA's and the AMA's???
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Are 5sos mean to their fans or are they really nice I have herd mixed opinions some people say they're mean and some say they are really nice what do u think???
They're good :)
hi does 5sos boys have snap chat if so whats their names???
Idk them sorry
Do u think 5sos find sexy a spanish girl with spanish accent talking in english?
Which word do you want everyone to stop using?
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what's ur country?
I'm Australian
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Hey !
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nope just the same _mikee
What is your biggest regret?
ask me a question pls I'm new here
do you think michael will think my name is cool? lol cuz my name is mikee so were basically twins :)
Is it different pronunciation
do you think ashton would date a 13 yr old
Orange jumpsuit mate
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can you send a pic of you I'm curious
No I'm ugly lol
If you have front row tickets how close are you really? Are there barricades and stuff up or will u be close enough to reach out and touch the boys hands and stuff
No they're like barricades separating xx
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I really really want a ashton follow he means so much to me how can I get one?
Just keep tweeting
do you love drawing? cx
Yeah x
Are you sad because you didn't went to Derpcon? I am and my country wasn't in it :( ;(
Yeah :(
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Hi okay so pretty please answer but what is calum hoods mums maiden name (like i know its joy hood) but whats the name she had before marrying calums dad??? thnx xx
I don't know hahahah x
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I meant congrats that you made your mum read after what did she said?
Oh hahaha She said it was alright but like didn't Like harry
I really like your band and you all have really good voices :) I hope you continue making lots of music for the years to come and you all seem really nice :)
I'm not 5sos :))
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Really??? congratulations!!!
Do the boys have
Have ever your parents caught you reading a fanfiction or smut?
Yeah I made mum read After once...
Are the past 4 years I've been crying myself to sleep, making myself throw up and cutting. When I was 6 I was raped by my uncle at the age of 12 my boyfriend died then my nanny which was my best friend and now here I am slowly dying
Please please do not say this
Why color are the bonuses eyes