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Are you guya hiring a co owner?
No sorry
Post a picture of the best sports team in the world!
Does this count
Post a picture of the best sports team in the world!
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Did you ever fall asleep in school?
No lol
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If you were given a chance to live, why? (Explain in 5 words.)
I am living rn tho
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How did you feel when you woke up?
Like I had to go to work
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and what do you think of germany and the german language? :) and how old is your brother? is he good at german? haha :) and where in germany does he live for the 8 months? :)
Haha I don't mind it I got taught it at school! You guys have pretty cool food! He's 23 and he's doing like a an exchange with uni! :)
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what do you think of germany and the german language? do you think that germans sound aggressive? because other people say that we sound really aggressive even when we say something nice :/ and do you still know some German? :) if you want I can teach you something hahha
Haha I don't know but my brother is going to Germany this year for 8 months so when he's learning German he is always trying to teach me hahaah
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Who is your Valentine?
Myself lmao
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How many questions do you think you'll answer this year.
Why does Calum have hair under his airs and on his legs
Because he's a guy
Do you know any online stores that have nice iphone cases??? (Fandom ones in general would be great but any would be great xx)
Try eBay idk sorry
Do you know what part of Australia the boys are from?!
http://ask.fm/ItsAshtonIrwin is that ashtons real acc?
No :)
Have you ever met the boys ?
Yes :)
Have you ever tried to be vegetarian?
I don't eat meat lmao
Whats the ustream where Aleisha mcdonald in it and her and luke kiss and michael and calum are also there? do you have a link for it?
No one recorded it!
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Do you know if there will be a GA Pit at every ROWYSO concert? specifically in Raleigh
No check the venue map but I no in Australia there isn't so don't know about America
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When did Michael start dye-ing his hair??
2013 I think it was in January
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What do you mean shipped?
Who you would like to be in a relationship
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Well I'm the girl from Greece and I'm a new member well I'm here since June 2014 but I know them before Take Me Home Tour when Louis posted Gotta Get Out! Please don't hate me :(
Why would I ever hate you?? It doesn't matter how long you've been a fan for?
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Do the boys have an ask.fm too?
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where is calum now?
La la baby
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Are u a groupie
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How do u become part of the 5sos fam??:')❤️❤️
You just start liking the band?
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What I Like About You is a cover and the originals are a band named The Romantics???
This is correct
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