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Why not all 3?
Where is the worst place you could get stuck?
Being stuck in an airtight space would literally freak the fuck out of me - like in a cave somewhere, a really narrow tight cave and I get stuck in a really tight space - omg no.
<3  Temptation
<3 to you too lol
How often do you draw?
I'm not much of a drawer but I write loads
Hello there :') If you get this it means i have recently followed you, or have been following you for a while. You must be awesome ^_^ Thought i would send it to everyone <3 Follow me back, please? (sorry if you have gotten this before or if i send it twice xD) Thanks heaps, have a nice day/night <3
Lol thank you- followed back :)
I would ask you where you find this stuff, but I don't even want to know lmao :P
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At least this one has a hot girl in it!:P - lol..bloody sheep
OMFG not that sheep again! - not the sheeep, anything but that sheep - ARGGHH!!
Do you remember your first kiss?
so you also like to call your moms vag a cave?well i dont blame you man i mean everybody has been there... and we have the result right there...a 22 year old man,sitting behind a computer all day,following girls around.impressive the way you want to act mature..dude you are such a fail! ;)
OMG do you really think so? Sweet Jesus, you know you're right, my life is going nowhere, I'm 22 years old, and I may as well just end it all right now, fuck uni, fuck a career, fuck everything, I'll just go away and kill myself becuase of what you've said, random anonymous guy off the internet haha
you look like my dick after i masturbate
What dies that even mean, does you dick change size after you cum, does it change colour? omg is it a magic dick? Hold fuck, man I would sell that shit on Ebay
i like the way you compare your self to a donkey ''friend'' and I have had sex? is that a comparison? Someone didn't go to school much did they lol - poor boy, too busy sucking cock to learn how to talk. Go back to the cave you crawled out from haha
then kiss my hairy ass mother fucker
Haha you'd like that wouldn't you, sadly I'm spoken for, but don't give up on your dreams my friend, i'm sure you'll find a nice donkey to buttfuck you in the night when you're lonely ;)
are you a good kisser?
I've been told I am yes haha
how old are you?
same shit. you hot ;) got kik?
Sorry I reserve the rights to view my penis for those who have a face :P
who's Ofela?
Her name is Ofelia, spell it right, and she's my friend.
why did you make an account?
So I could follow my beautiful friend Ofelia :)
What perfume are you wearing today?
Sex panther haha
råsssssssssssss  Temptation
Ofeellliiiiaaa x
Do you prefer to answer questions or ask them?
Don't mind asking but I want more questions lol
pepsi or coke?? ask back  Sara leprusconi
Don't care so long as it's diet lol
no, you come over. Im laying here naked waiting for you.  Temptation
Pics or it isn't true! lmao
wanna have sex?  Temptation
Yeah when you coming over? haha :P