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Sami Ureta-Vidal @frenchfries98
Sami Ureta-Vidal @frenchfries98
15/straight/single IZZIE CALLS ME SAMO!! Alessia is obsessed with me! >> Freya is sooo cool :*
Ask Away
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whats your chatous username
What the hell is Chatous?
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please don't leave me:'(  frequência
da fuk?
which intimate part of your body do you like most?  frequência
My toe
i should be your fave ;)  Emily Rebecca Norris
As I said I don't have favourites ;)
fave year 9,10,11
I don't have favourites :P
prettiest year 9's
Louisa, Jodi, Nicole...yeah
Awww thank you lauren <3 ;)
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15 LIKE = 15 LIKE  اسرار البنات
OKay :)
Prettiest girls you know?
Molly, Jess A, Abbie, Kayleigh, Chloe, Georgia B....there are more but I can't be bothered
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I think you are cute ;)
Aww thank you ;)
B+  Madison Palmer
Thank you :)
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Thank you :)
Prettiest girls in the year below?
Abbie, Chloe, Kayleigh, Jazz L...those are just a few
Hot x  bernadette carrie
You too x
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Hiyaaa x  bernadette carrie
Hello there :) x
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10 x  bernadette carrie
Really?! thank you! x
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Top 10 favourite Actors/Actresses'
Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Robert Downey Jr umm...I don't really know :P
id think twice;)  Harrison
cheeky sami;) shame she prefers me;)  Harrison
That's her opinion, but mate more girls dig me that you ;)
grade A  NemoX
Thank you, you're a grade A*
Favourites then
Don't really have any
Favourite year 8s going into year 9?
I don't have a favourite :P
8.5 x  Leah
Thank you
Favourite yr9s going into yr10
Tom Cropper <3 :*
long lost frenemies;)<3  Alessia
ahaha yeah ;)