fatima @fwh33
dont hate just ask..
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Have a nice day!
thank you :)
lol whats the Chatous app everyone is talking about?
i've never even heard if the app lol
You'll knw me but pls what's ur Skype
this is so weird
no wtf
Hot tea or ice tea?
both tbh
Where r you from?
kuwait and costa rica
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What is your Song of the week?
send me a cake
Post a pic of your outfit currently
i rlly don't feel like it tho
Sorry but you're just way too beautiful
imig thnx
What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
prob my macbook
You're considered american, 95% of american girls have nudes either phone laptop etc.
yo stop being so stereotypical
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Honestly do you have nudes on your phone ?
Since ur 16 now show us nudes :D
nudes r illegal
Hey!!! Happy birthday! it's a long time I miss you ! Enjoy
thank youuu, miss you too!!! :)
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anyways....happy bday to u
thank you :)
u r going to sleep?
hiii....good morning
hello good night
Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
thats gross loll
Happy birthday beautiful! Enjoy
thank youuu :)
what is ur nationality?
im kuwaiti/costa rican
whats that
wow.... bf se baat krte krte chatting bhi krti h aap....kaise kr leti hai aap 1 time par mai 2 kaam?? ;)
what language is this wtf
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hiii....beautiful what's up?
talking to my bf on the phone
What color are your eyes?
brown af