fatima @fwh33
fatima @fwh33
ask me stuff idk I give advice too hey.
Make a gift
dont hate just ask..
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okay okay no problem! How do u sleep? On that big belly or on ur back?
lmfao why does that matter
Oh come on :( ur too young to be tired! okay that wasn't relative at all but come on :(
lol im sorry but im all tucked in bed the last thing i wanna do is go downstairs
Share some things you bought show me! Post few pics! Ur the best
lol i really don't feel like going downstairs to get the stuff
Where did u see urself in 10 years ?
hopefully engaged or married
Enjoy them ❤️what did you buy? that ur happy that u bought
boots a dress shirts and stuff to make more chokers
You've had the most successful day? Explain
bc i bought a lot of stuff that i wanted
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When will you sleep?
whenever i feel like it
What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?
a rolex watch lol
Keep checking ask cus I'm gonna keep asking u Fatima!
lol oh imig
So ur gonna stay home for the rest of the day ?
yea i just got home
Looking good! How recent is this?
like 5 secs ago
ootd instead
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What's the comfiest thing u have ? That u can't ever live without
my stuffed eeyore tbh
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That was a terrible lie and excuse fatema! Lol  Ahmad Takleh
lmfao its true srry
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Of your beauty! A selfie now! Live!
no thnx i look v ugly rn
of what
Where do you live?
west covina
Fatima, you're flawless I swear!!! Ur so natural
aw thank you :))))
If you had to get one thing tattooed on your forehead, what would it be?
ed sheeran
Thanku!! It's a nice very sweaterThanks again Fatima
no problem :)
Makeup goals??
i always called you fateema and everyone else is calling you fatima how its pronounced and u never told me anything i mustve looked like a little poop
lmao im so used to ppl pronouncing my name wrong by now
"Enjoyin the view " pic on twitter with a bikini is it u ?
I need it please!
oh and its from a boutique in solvang called bohemian boutique
i really like ur shirt colour! can I see a clear pic! And where you got it from! Pls I'm looking for exactly the same colour
its a sweater and its like a creme idk its in the wash rn