fatima @fwh33
fatima @fwh33
ask me stuff idk I give advice too hey.
Make a gift
dont hate just ask..
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bc thats weird and stupid so
Haha post some!
Any tan lines currently ?
yea hella tan lines
Thoughts on 5sos
they have good music but none of them are attractive to me except for ashton so i guess i just like them for their music
Ever lost any friends?
of course
What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
kim k game bas
Ahahah Wats ur snapchat den
Who r ur bestfriends on snapchat
add me on snapchat and find out
Why don't u answer? :(
uff leave me alone pls pls go away
Where did u go:(
When will you sleep?
when i want to?
What's the best sleeping outfit?
oversized tshirts
"Bas enti good girl" xD  Zeyad Himmat
LOOOOOL ee walla
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What's ur shoe size?
5 lmao
What colour is ur fav bikini! Post a pic!
Have you seen anything weird lately?
hmm not today
What are u wearing right now
What are u wearing right now
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I know I know that! Bas you're too nice to so! You're a good girl
yeah :)
hay answer quickly
i can answer whenever i want tho
Haha why
bc thats my business o
What's the naughtiest thing you've done with ur boyfriend ? Lol
mm i would never answer this question lol
Where are u right now
idek tbh
What are u gonna be wearing? Hoping I see u!
lmfao what
Haha still beautiful ! Even at your "weirdest"
haha aw thank you :))
August 22
ooo yea thats close august babies r the best babies