Gabe Curran (✔) @gabecurran
Gabe Curran (✔) @gabecurran
Canada, Where the moose are :P
Tell them bitches cross they T and don't they i. - Nicki Minaj Instagram: #TeamKenBarbz - Single
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Just keep your head up, don't let em bring ya down :)  brianna marie
Haha I have :) thanks :p
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Jealous people  brianna marie
Exactly .
Can you sum up your day so far in just one word?
Why do people leave rude comments on your page?  brianna marie
I'm not sure... :/ you tell me.
Is there anyone you would want to talk to again ? ;)
Idkk :/
You're honestly the cutest thing ever holy fuck
Thank you :3 <3
What is your favorite thing in your room?
Everything on my walls.
Probably the majority of people that know you , hate you ...
You know why I hate actually  Josy=)
Nope I don't
Would you date yourself if you were someone else?
Hell yeah I'm a sexy ass mofo LOOL
Huskies or Yorky ?
Huskies <3
sup  Josy=)
Why you such a hater??
msg me on kik please :) ldrkid23
No and I don't have you on kik
Fav : Car ?
Ferrari all the way
Would you marry a robot ?
No lol
Likers= one Question
Your cute ;)
Thanks :)
no sorry
how do u know u r in love
Because I can feel it
lool my bad xD tha bitch has mental issues  MANNY™
soowwy joseph using mah fucking phone -.-  MANNY™
Well then don't let him lol
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how long have u known tht person 4 ?
4 years about
who r u in love with?
I can't say sorry
Tank Yeww Fkr ur just so gross
Uhm no