gabe curran @gabecurran
gabe curran @gabecurran
in the womb
put it in his face like a cop badge, he wanna pound it like a hashtag. Nicki is Queen IG: gabecurran
you bout to ask me?
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Do u dance?
Yess I do hip hop :) but I want to do contemporary
My outfit was fleeeeking, but yet I didn't get to go out :(
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How are you doing?
I'm gucci hbuu?? :)
What do you need to do for you to be happy?
What I'm doing now.
What is your biggest regret?
Procrastinating with what I need to do, to make myself happy.
so ur straight
are u gay
No I'm not
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Single on Valentine's Day ❤✌
what school do you go to
I don't go to a school, but I will be going to Cegep
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How are you today?
Good hbu
Watch me
Lol okk there buddy
Do you squat?
nope dis ass all naturally grown
Do you play any sports?
Yeah I do track, from the fridge back to the couch.
Lmfao ikr?? Hahaha
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What ever now I can have her and love her better fuck her better and give her more than you ever did bro
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You fucked up then
Nope, it's just not your buisness lol
Why'd you break up?
That's none of your business
Do you have a fuck buddy? Guy or girl?
No I don't
Do you like having sex with girls or guys more?
I've only had sex with girls
How many guys have you had sex with?
What happened to Jen?
We broke up
In 2014
Lol idk there's been a few
What did you lie about?
Why do you lie so much?
I don't actually, I haven't lied since 2014.
Are you single?
Yes I am