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Any one catching your eye at the moment

No, feel free to

Good looking boys brentwood your year

there's so many omdz

Your sister is such a sort

Yeah it's so annoying

Ideal boyfriend?

Likes food and is ugly so there's no competition

Funniest person you knowwww


Megannnnnnn wiseeeeee


Is Beth staley your fav?


I hear you got raped by a dog

Yh wbu

3 best friends?

Megan Molly and Alex if I had to really narrow it down (but don't like doing that)

Opinion on Megan wise?

My bestfriend

Are you usually the heart breaker or the heart broken?


you're so pretty :'(

Plz leave

You and Megan

What about us doe

Megan is hot

Ikr she makes me look like a drowned rat

Your pretty

Thanks bbz

Hottest boys not from Brentwood?

There's many

Plz go out with me


Give me a description of Annie Sessions then? I don't know her that well, but i'd like to know her personality to be honest with you. What would you describe her as?

She's funny and rude and lovely

So Annie is defintely 100% sure not the lesbian? This means you are then?

OMG no one is a lesbian

Also can i have your opinion on two of your other good friends

What friends?

Brad HAHAHHAHAHA my arse mate, you have a sister called Alice

Hahahah yeah I know

Aidan or George?

Can't pick between family

So is Annie a lesbian or not?


you have a brother?

Yeah his name is brad

i don't think she does, she like a boy i think

Annie liking boys? Unheard of


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