George Sear @GeorgeSear
George Sear @GeorgeSear
Leigh on Sea
Actor. I play 'Seb' in #Evermoor. Presenter. #FridayDownload. Follow me on Instagram: ‎@gsear - All views are my own!
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i hate pakis init
Well, that gives me indication that you are infact racist.
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is ur mum Michelle Keegan and ur dad brad Pritt? cuz ur a hotty
No they're not haha, but awh thanks :)
do u go america too shot evermoor as its on disney channel
I was expecting I'd get asked this. It's filmed in the UK actually, and therefore on Wikipedia it is considered a British television series (see screenshot below). Disney isn't completely based in the US if you was thinking that, but now you know :)
do u go america too shot evermoor as its on disney channel
Heyya ;-) xxx
Hey :)
are u racist
im in love with ya u fit fukaaa
Omg lol
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George, do you have kik, if you do can i have your kik name please x  Beth Stephalopien Wren
I don't have Kik, sorry! :)
Dp u hav any sibling
Yes, I have two sisters.
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heyy George you okay??? love you biggest fan ever can I Facebook you??
Yeah I'm good and sure, feel free haha :)
Can you stop being so perfect aha ❤  Caitie Hensley
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Hey George, you're sooo fit :) x
Awh thanks haha :) x
Can I add you on Facebook, your my favourite out of Friday Download x  Caitie Hensley
Yeah sure, feel free and thanks :)
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Do you have bbm Or kik?x
Neither, sorry x
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You're amazing x
Thanks :)
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You're adorable ;) x your so good on fd!
Awh thank you! :) x
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How long is your cock in inches?
If you Inbox me on Facebook, I'll tell you ;)
You're cute x
Thanks :)
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you fucked amy???? eeeewwwww
"eeeewwwww" So that's your thoughts about sex is it? Just remember it's the process that creates human life, and it created you. If everyone stopped having sex, then we'd eventually all end up extinct as time passes. Think before you speak now...
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Did you cum inside of Amy?
Yes why?
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I know, but she told me not to bother with one, she was on the pill anyway.
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When you had sex with Amy, did you use a condom?
No why?
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hey George ❤️  Cassie Murphy
Really want to speak or get to know you:( dw b hah, I'm not some little stalker ;)
Who is this?
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When is filming going to occur?
It started 2 weeks ago, and ends just a few days into October, and after that we film the new TV series of Friday Download. The film is expected to be in cinemas around April 2015, but we'll say Spring for now, incase it's any different.
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