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Where did you cum?

Inside her, like she asked :)

Did you use a condom?

Nope, she told me not to

Have you had sex with Amy-Leigh Hickman?


hi why you so gorgeous like OMG !... xx

Aw thank you! :)

Let meet handsome

Who is this?


Hey :-)

Do you have a nice bum?

Well, you could always come and find out?;)

Can I ask you something about your private parts because I'm really interested about when that started to grow

Right... okay.

Would you talk with a boy about penis's?

Be specific - what stuff in relation to penises would need to be discussed?

Would you send me a pic of your penis and what's Richard Wisker's phone number?

Depends who you are (for both...)

What's you Facebook account??

I don't have Facebook any more

What's your fb name?

I don't have Facebook anymore

would you ever do a full frontal photoshoot with an erect penis

Nah... At least not till I'm 18 anyway - admittedly, that is in like 6 weeks time...

Whats you thoughts on Richard's coming out (as bi)???

I haven't got a problem with it, it's entirely his decision and I wish the best for him :)

Do you have kik?


Wait so liv had a baby , so your not the dad but your going out with her?

No, no. Liv hasn't got a baby, there is no baby, I'm not a father and we're not going out. Liv doesn't have, so basically it's a fake account that's said all of those things and are quite obvious (maybe not so to you) lies.

its obvious your the person thats behind richard account the paragraphs give it away.

I'm not behind Richard's account at all. But do you know who is behind Richard's account? Yes, shockingly, it's Richard himself! That wasn't at all obvious was it?

Well want a cuddle of u 😢

Aw :)

It not George sear it's a bit obvs

No. Although, it is "a bit obvs" that @Georgesear_ is faking me though.

Just go on @Livyysouthurst's profile and look at the piss-poor attempts where the faker has tried to edited my face into Liv's photos.

If need be, I can supply the original photos that their edits are from just to prove how idiotic that person is.

(jfc: Liv isn't someone I know, but she's a friend of Amy-Leigh Hickman. That isn't Liv's real account as she doesn't use and I've had this confirmed by Amy herself.)

I'm in love with your face


Wow, urm, thank you?:)

do you have snap chat?:)


Do u have a baby?

Read my last two answers. It explains not only that I don't have a baby, but also how the rumour started.

Have you got a baby then?

No, and after reading back my last answer, it seems like I haven't clarified that... Sorry haha!

But basically (brace yourself for caps lock) I DON'T HAVE A BABY!

In all honesty, that's the most ridiculous rumour ever spread about me. Seriously, it is.

Is @georgesear_ also owned by you?? If not, some girl is claiming to be the father of "your child"...

I'm aware of it. I think you mean "mother" as otherwise, that last sentence makes no sense at all.

Anyway, the girl (Liv) is actually someone I know, but no, she's not lying, what the situation happens to be is that the particular account of Liv that is associated with the fake account of me, isn't actually owned by Liv because Liv herself doesn't have

As well, I don't know Liv that well, I know her vaguely through Amy and that's about it.


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