George Sear @GeorgeSear
George Sear @GeorgeSear
Leigh on Sea
Actor. I play 'Seb' in #Evermoor. Presenter. #FridayDownload. Follow me on Instagram: ‎@gsear - All views are my own!
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Have you heard the new Lily Allen song where she sings about her periods?
Urm no haha
you're gorgeous
Thanks :)
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let's have a party and invite your pants to come on down
Erm okay haha
Chest hair or leg hair?
Leg hair
Guessing your not a virgin?
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What's your BBM pin and Snapchat?
I don't have BBM and my Snapchat is private
Do u answer or even see msgs from ur friends on FB coz I sent u one a long time ago soz
If it was a long time ago, do you really think I'm going to reply to it now?
Are you and Jessica rasch going out?
I'd like u inside of me now!
Would you eh;)
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mmm.. fuck me yeah?
Pop up on fb?;)
do smoke?
No I don't
Ur so homophobic
Clearly not though. You have no evidence to suggest so either...
George don't lie we know ud love to try it wth a dude?
I'm straight, please stop taking the piss, thanks.
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George I would love to cream inside you!!
Er.... No thanks.
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Cock size?
Erm, inbox me on fb? Don't exactly want to post it on here or I'll look like I'm bragging lmao
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Love your acting mate FRIDAY DOWNLOAD ;)  Ibby Hussain
Haha thanks :)
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Ask me a question
You're on anon, so that's going to be a bit hard to do..
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Are u Jewish?
No, I am not.
George sear i love you soo much will you stick you dick in me and i will let you finger me and lick me out :) and i will give you head if you want :) meet me now yeah X?xxx
Who is this haha?
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you look really cute in your fb photo
Thanks :)
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will you answer me on facebook ??x
Give me some indication as to who you are?
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I tried searching for your Facebook (I have you as a friend) and it autocorrected to "George's Ear"... That ever happened to you if you've searched yourself or entered your name for something?
Yeah. I think that's happened to me a few times actually, not too sure when though. It'll come to me eventually.
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Then I'll shove a dildo up your Virgin arse and make you scream
No thank you. Goodbye.
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Say hi to Richard for me… apparently he want someone to talk to him on ASK but I can't find him on here.… tammy your friend on FB
I shall, and oh right? Richard's ask is ‎@richardwisker95 btw.
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