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George Sear @GeorgeSear
Leigh on Sea
Actor. I play 'Seb' in #Evermoor. Presenter. #FridayDownload. Follow me on Instagram: ‎@gsear - All views are my own!
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Looool I think u make everyone who's not one of ur gullible fans laugh at the fact u claim to have a 9 inch dick
The truth is, it is that size...
Do you send nudes though?
Do you send nudes to boy?? If not you should please
"If not you should" Why? Sending nudes isn't an activity that everyone should do at all...
Can we have kisses and cuddles? X
Who is this first? :)
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Message me please Jessicaa fall chat
I've spoken to you, and you're a fake account. At least you confessed to it rather than lying though, as it's very clear that you're using Lauren Cimorelli's photos.
Do you smoke
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your never on facebook
I'm on it a lot actually, I just don't appear in chat all the time because when I do I have like 30 people all popping up at once haha!
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You so gorgeous
Thank you :)
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Have you ever spooned someone
Yes, I have, many times...
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Your so fit xx
Thanks :)
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At least we both like the same sandwich filling aha x  Caitie Hensley
Yeah haha
How big is your dick
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why is your username "georges ear"
It's not. My first name is George, and my surname is Sear...
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"There is no such thing as a sexy George." I beg to differ ;)
Happy birthday George have a great day hun xx  'chlo
Thanks :) x
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Happy birthday babe xxx
Thanks :) x
Happy birthday George xxxx
Thanks :) x
Happyyyy birthdayy bbesss xxx ;) ------- laxsha go
Thanks :) x
Happy Birthday Georgeyyy ❤
Awh thank you :) x
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Can I ask you like such a huge favour please? Its only to check harvey cantwell's number with you, think my mate is speaking to someone who isn't harvey aha!
What are the last 3 digits of the number you have for him? Send another question with them in then I'll be able to confirm if it is or isn't him :)
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can u answer all ur questions u snob
How does one consider it "being a snob" to not answer all questions? I don't have to answer every question, there's nothing stating that I have to do that.
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How old we're you when you first had sex?
Everything about george is sexy;)
What's your pin ?
I don't have bbm
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How old are you now?
16 (17 on Friday 14th tho)
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