George Sear @GeorgeSear
George Sear @GeorgeSear
Leigh on Sea
Actor. I play 'Seb' in #Evermoor. Presenter. #FridayDownload. Follow me on Instagram: ‎@gsear - All views are my own!
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Your so fit xx
Thanks :)
At least we both like the same sandwich filling aha x  Caitie Hensley
Yeah haha
How big is your dick
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why is your username "georges ear"
It's not. My first name is George, and my surname is Sear...
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"There is no such thing as a sexy George." I beg to differ ;)
Happy birthday George have a great day hun xx  Chlo
Thanks :) x
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Happy birthday babe xxx
Thanks :) x
Happy birthday George xxxx
Thanks :) x
Happyyyy birthdayy bbesss xxx ;) ------- laxsha go
Thanks :) x
Happy Birthday Georgeyyy ❤
Awh thank you :) x
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Can I ask you like such a huge favour please? Its only to check harvey cantwell's number with you, think my mate is speaking to someone who isn't harvey aha!
What are the last 3 digits of the number you have for him? Send another question with them in then I'll be able to confirm if it is or isn't him :)
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can u answer all ur questions u snob
How does one consider it "being a snob" to not answer all questions? I don't have to answer every question, there's nothing stating that I have to do that.
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How old we're you when you first had sex?
Everything about george is sexy;)
What's your pin ?
I don't have bbm
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How old are you now?
16 (17 on Friday 14th tho)
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hump or lick
Lick hahaha
belfairs swimming pool ?
What about it?
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How is it unusual that I like the same sandwich filling as you aha?  Caitie Hensley
Well, that's not what I meant, it's a slightly unusual thing to be told compared to other things from people when they tell me that we have the same things etc...
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tu je he dehkaa tu he janna sanaam <3 find out what that means mwah babe xx
Google Translate was useless. Either that, or your sentence isn't actually from any language.
tu je he dehkaa tu he janna sanaam <3 
find out what that means mwah babe xx
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As if I like the same sandwich filling as you aha :')
What an interesting thing to have in common with me... No, really, it's not the usual thing to have in common with me.
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Wow all you guys on Friday Download seemed too innocent on the show amd I gathered that it was all an act for the kids since it is a childrens show but anyways I knew there was no way you guys are that nice, kind and well just plain innocent lol.
There's a difference between people in real life and on the television. Obviously, we can't be like how we normally are when we're on the show as it's a children's television show.
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Omfg ur perf~alice
Thanks :)
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are u lying about having sex with amy
Clearly not. We've said enough about it, and lying is stupid anyway, so it's the truth.
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i hate pakis init
Well, that gives me indication that you are infact racist.
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