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aw ;)
Well just Ella J at the moment
if you could get with any 3 girls in your year who would they be?
Dont really want to say on here
who in your year is going out?
like James and Alex
What can you do that others can't do?
I scored a try today aginst Selby, beasstt :D
Best looking girls in your year
There are quite a few but I dont want to judge people by what they look like
Have you ever got into trouble with the police?
My colchester friends were told to not climb up trees by 2 police officers
What is the most important thing to know?
your name
anyone new going out after valentines?
ryan and sylv
3 girls you care about most not in your family, and 3 you want to get to know better?
Lucy Coates, Kate (girl from cchs) and maybe Gina because she nearly got hit by a car today, em I don't mind but maybe Ella J and Kate Charlton
first liker gets 20 likes?
I'm kinda busy right now..
Xbox or PlayStation?
PlayStation always
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Thanks to whoever sent me the gift!
girls in your year u think are hot but you've never really talked to before x
why are there soo many 'which girls do you think are hot in your year'
who are the closest best friends in your year? x
Ben, Tim, James and Tommy but he's in the year above
5 girls you want to get to know better? x
Like anyone outside my form tbh
do u know any vegetarians? sorry im bored
just one
Which gives you the most pleasure - giving presents or receiving them?
Giving presents, as long as I've given that person something they like
Top 5?x
Not sure right now
Who do you like ???  Cole Potts
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3 hottest girls in each form? x
Lucy, Erin, Thea
Ella J, Kate, Morgan H
Gina, Rosie, Jenny
Do you fancy anyone ??
not particularly
Who do you miss talking to?
well some people from my old school and I guess I used to talk to Morg and Farn which was cool
opinion on hannah johnson?
which year is she in?
Top 5
really not bothered at the moment tbh