Glacia @glacialPepper
Glacia @glacialPepper
I'm an artist who wants to be a web developer who likes all kinds of obscure things nobody else cares about. It's complicated. Also I occasionally use UTAU.
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Did you have a favourite toy as a child?  smeen
Probably my Game Boy, but I don't know how much that counts.
Also, I had a Tonka truck. It was awesome.
I also had tons of stuffed animals, but I can't remember if I had a favorite or not because I had so many.
Do the words 'Limited Edition' hold power over you?  smeen
Maybe on the rare occasion I have money to spend on such a thing.
What is your favourite Disney song?  smeen
Okay I am a terrible person because I was probably 12 the last time I sat down to watch a disney movie
Who are you?
whoooooo are you
who who who who
Even if you don't wear it, what's your favorite fashion or style?
indie/vintage/vintage inspired. I also like street fashion and mori too.
what do you dip chicken nuggets in?
Last time I ate a chicken nugget I was like 10.
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In what region in the PokeUniverse would you want to start your adventure, and who would be your starter?  smeen
Johto, and some nonstandard starter like Sudowoodo/Bonsly.
Fish Sandwich vs Chicken Sandwich vs Burger vs Veggie Burger, who wins?
A well made burger beats everything.
Do you want to become famous?  smeen
No, it seems like a lot of hassle, IMO.
What's something that you would never wear?
Pre-ripped jeans. I've never understood why anyone would pay money for those, really, but to each their own.
Do you follow any webcomics?  smeen
I'm terrible at following webcomics, so not at the moment. There are a couple I want to read though (Cucumber Quest, for example)
The perfect weather is...  brella
Sunny, around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
Any superstitions? Do you consciously do anything irrational even though you know you shouldn't believe in it?  brella
Nah, I'm a pretty rational person in general.
What do you find disgusting?  brella
This is a hard question because there are so many ways to answer this!
I would say people who are really prejudiced disgust me but that's normal.
To name a specific thing, I'll go with lutefisk. The whole process is just...why? Why would anyone eat lye-soaked fish? I usually like to try foods before making a judgement on them but I'll have to draw the line here. Of foods that I have tried, hominy ranks up there as pretty disgusting, too. (It's also soaked in lye, but I didn't realize this until recently.)
What product is the most useless to have more than 1 of?  brella
Honestly, with everything I think of, I think of a legitimate reason to have more than one.
I would probably say stuff like major appliances; like, you really don't need more than one oven or whatever unless you're really into baking or whatnot.
If it were socially acceptable, would you walk around naked in public?  ♥Lotte V♥@かわいい
No because it's too cold in the winter and in the summer you'd have to put on a lot of sunscreen.
Would your username be any different if you were an opposite gender?  brella
Probably. My username is somewhat feminine, in my opinion.
If you could use anything as a method of travel, be it a vehicle/animal/?????, to work or school or whatnot, what would it be?  brella
Realistically, a bike. I love the idea of going around on a bike, but I don't know how to ride one. (I'm thinking of teaching myself this summer though)
In the realms of fantasy, though, give me an airship.
Rate, analyze or critique the last thing (move/series/episode/etc ..YT vid??) you watched.  brella
I watched the NC State - Xavier game last night 10/10 good hoopyball
Do you remember something you did that you were punished for?  brella
One time when I was a kid, I was playing with corn starch and water and I got yelled at for leaving a mess in the kitchen. I thought I had cleaned it up but when it dried, there was a thin layer of corn starch.
Imagine your favorite characters / OCs as animals. (get more specific on breed etc if you want)  brella
Cactloid is an owl because I actually drew him as one once (I had this idea for a medieval fantasy AU that I never really elaborated on)
Cafe is one of those colorful tropical birds
And I don't really know what my other utsus would be.
What would you from 10 years ago say about current you?  brella
"I thought you would be taller"
CTRL+P / CMD+P as your reply (and explain if you need to). You don't need to answer this.  brella
I was looking for that song's off-vocal because the link in the original nico post was dead.
Your harem of fictional characters is made up of...  brella
/Steals Shiva's UTAU husbands/
Whats the worst song you had stuck in your head?  brella
Wrecking Ball.