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How much did you lurk your crushes social media before talking to them?

I usually talk to them in person before lurking on social media but the point is that there is some lurking going on.

What TV show has gone off the air that you wish would come back?

If you asked me before the MST3K reboot became a thing, I would say that.

However, now I'm not sure. A lot of TV shows these days are so heavily continuity based these days that bringing back a show that was already handily resolved seems either pointless or like a cash grab.

Best job you ever had?

If volunteering counts, I help out at a week long summer day camp every year and that's pretty rad.

Is there a game you would recommend to all your followers?


Shovel Knight.

What are you excited for?


Coca Cola or Pepsi?


...Dr. Pepper.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

If thank you notes count, about a couple of months ago.

Things about someone that you find attractive?

Sense of humor, intelligence, kindness, human decency, etc...

Talk about your guilty pleasures.


I feel like I've answered this question before, but I love questions like this so I'll bite.

Movies: anything MST3K related, Syfy original movies, basically any really bad, cheesy movie

Music: 80's Italo Disco and 80's J-Pop

Food: Cheese flavored snacks, instant Ramen (especially the kind you can get at Asian speciality stores)

Would you like to own a 3D-printer?


Hell. Yes.

When was the last time you got really really happy and why?

Last weekend, I experienced joy upon realizing that there are indeed people who share similarities with me that have similar goals and dreams. (intentionally vague)

Favorite haircut/hairstyle you've ever had?

The one I have right now is pretty rad. I got it cut short after growing it out for a year and a half and ultimately deciding that long hair wasn't for me.

Fave room where you live that ISN'T your bedroom?

I practically live in the science/tech building of my university, if things that actually aren't my house count.

Name something you like that someone /else/ got you into.

mx was the one that got me into Vocaloid/UTAU, to name one example.

Also, someone IRL convinced me to learn LaTeX, and I enjoy using it now, so that's another thing.

What art software do you feel the most comfortable using?

I've switched art software quite a bit over the years. Right now I'm quite digging Krita because it's an actually good art program that has a Linux version.

If you were a dating-sim route, how would your route play out?

Ending up with the protagonist waking up in a different country with one of his kidneys missing.

Do you share your birthday with somebody famous?

I share my birthday with Picasso, that's pretty cool.

What are your computers/external hard drives/USBs filled with?

Laptop (Windows Side): programming homework and Steam games, mostly.
Laptop (Linux): Java and Python stuff, a fairly comprehensive archive of the early days of Usenet (not even kidding), Mathematica stuff, other stuff I could tell you if I were on the Linux side of my computer right now.

Tablet: I usually put all my files on the cloud, so I only use my local storage for my actual programs.

USB Drives: Various school things backed up to them, shrines dedicated to my love interests (did I say that out loud)

What is the weirdest thing you ever did with your hair?

When I was 13, I tried to use a brush with a blow dryer and mousse on my hair.

I have curly hair, so you can imagine how well this went.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

*opens closet door*
*pile of shoes falls on me*

What is your current favourite song?

Do you like your egg yolk solid, or runny?

Runny. Especially over rice with soy sauce or gochujang.

What's the worst thing that you can eat?

Worst as in "bad for you," or worst as in "you will die if you eat this?"

What is your favourite Eevee evolution?


I'm not a huge fan of the eeveelutions anymore but I used to love Umbreon.

Describe your ideal afternoon.

Wandering around town and hanging out at libraries.


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