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Are there any brands or companies that you boycott? Why do you refuse to do business with them?
I've been told by some boycott-ers that we muslims shouldn't have to eat those who aren't from muslims' production. Well, I agreed. I myself started not to eat or wear those merks who wasn't from muslims'. But I fear the other guys. They seems okay with that. So I can't judge. Be on your own way.
Share something you're grateful for today.
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What are you most proud of?
This is my question, ask.fm!
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What is your best question to get to know someone?
Are you proud of yourself?
Where do you like to read?
In the woods. But being alone in the woods is creepy. So this one is better.
Where do you like to read?
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Do you think people deserve a second chance?
Of course!
And this is my another chance to prove that I can't sing! LOL
But you gotta love it babe~
Mbah, gimana caranya dapet kekasih orang UK mbah?  Unira Daranca
Setau aku sih harus bisa british slang word in sexy version also harus bisa diajak shoot yang banyak alias minum berkali kali :(
rekomendasiin drama korea yg bagus dong... makasih ^^
Karena banyak dan judulnya pun banyak... Yaudah yang setau aku aja ya hehek.
Pure Love
It's okay it's love
I remember you
Okay honestly gapunya banyak rekomendasi karena gasuka drama korea tapi aku suka musik orang yang nyanyiinnya wkwk.
And why did I pick those dramas up there it's bcs all of those dramas had an actor which is my husband-in-dreamland D.O EXO also, all the dramas he'd been playing at was having a VERY GOOD STORY(S).
Gapercaya? Silahkan dicoba.
PAP of the sunset today? Or PAP of the sunset from a previous day!
The sunset of my eyes.
PAP of the sunset today? Or PAP of the sunset from a previous day!
What is your favorite meme? Show us!
What is your favorite meme? Show us!
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what software do you use to make your cover? :)
Hi there!
I'm using garageband on my ipod touch 5.
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What's something that everyone should do every day?
Don't litter.
Masih lama emg selesai urusan kuliah nya?  Annisa Tri Mustika
Longer than expected nggi. Bisa bisa nunggu wisuda kita baru jos.
Your fave exo songs.
Angel. Always.
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Anjing dan kucing itu, mereka lebih pintar dari hewan yang pada umumnya memiliki aturan untuk disembelih dan disantap. Jadi, asumsikan mereka seperti anak kecil. Yang tidak dapat berpikir tapi mengerti tentang kematian dan mereka merasa takut. How do you feel? Why some people eats everything while there's still other things that can be eaten as well? Go get your roasted human perhaps.
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Post one of your favorite quotes and who it's by!
Post one of your favorite quotes and who it's by!
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IG : ‎@propagandiyo
yuck. STHU
What year are you became an EXO-L?
Since kai still a fetus. (i saw kai pic with taemin that everyone assumed was taemin's bro in that time)
d.o bias *0*
D.o biased :)
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i am.
You are.
its not a question you know. use ur common sense bro
don't take other questions a joke everytime.
Then don't ask.