Greeeeet St. Clair @greetxxxo
anything under the sun :)
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If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?
Would you prefer a party with a few friends or lots of friends?
Are you an art lover?
you bet I am
Post a picture of your favorite building or monument!
Post a picture of your favorite building or monument!
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Can you truly love more than one person?
i guess, but try not all at once
Do you sing in the shower? What kind of songs?
theatrical hahahaha
What matters to you most - money, good looks or attitude?
Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Why?
neither:) im not a soda type-a person
What is your favorite ice cream?
pistachio and strawberry
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Is your life anything like it was two years ago?  T A H E R
No!! Very different
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What is the most important thing in a relationship?
two things they call "trust" ;)
What celebrity irritates you the most?
beste se ene eyen kelele me ne
How many books have you read in your life?
gazillions =))))
What is the most overplayed song of all time?
thinking out loud like, find another song to ruin already!
What's the best movie you've seen lately?
the imitation game (I haven't had time to watch anything else lately)
so para ka palang Spaghetti...? pedeng Italian pedeng Filipino Stype =))))) hahahahahahahahaha -clamor to...
hahahaha hi clammy! Ayos trip ka ah hahaha neseye ne eng lehet
Are you left handed or right handed?
Have you visited any art galleries or museums recently?
kind of
italian ka pala? hahahaha
When is the world going to end?
we may never know
What is your favorite board game?
What sport do you do?
I don't do sports
Where did you meet your best friend?
ncba, where they store all the cool people that'll eventually be your bffs
Haha no there is no risk :P Well the other option without having to touch it would be to spit in its dog food then
Why would I even spit on its food? Can't I just play it like I dont care? Haha
If you came across an old dumb lazy bulldog tied to a sign that said each time you dip your toe in his lunch you magically get a random prize, what would you do? lol
I'd keep walking (tryin not to risk anything)