Greeeeet St. Clair @greetxxxo
anything under the sun :)
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Ootd? ☺  RaRaRandom
Here haha
Ootd? ☺
What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
a bicycle with a basket in front, from those classic films
How are you feeling right now?
Do you prefer Instagram or Facebook?
Instagram ❤️
Are You Good At Climbing Trees?  Yahir Watts
Hahaha I doubt it
Would you like to live in another country?
Don’t you think that everything is changing too fast?
Yeahhhh way too fast!! :(((
Which fairytale you’d like to live in?
can't I just live in the Victorian Era instead ? :))
Favorite Soda?  Ezequiel Ellis
this may be hard to believe but I'm not a fan of sodas
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How Did You Rebel As A Child?  Ellis Benson
I just won't talk to anyone until I needed them, I'm a lowkey rebel hahaha :)))
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What color are your eyes?
Black ❤️
Who was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts?
my seatmate in humanities (?)
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What countries would you travel to if you were to do a world trip?
Transylvania, Romania ❤️ that's my dream
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What is your relationship status?
single and alone and sad hahahaha lol
do you like metal or rock? Listen to this song and tell me what do you think
Will do!
yesssss :))))
If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be?
I know a lot already but I think it'd be cool to play saxophone & the cello :)
What gift would you like to receive?
the gift...of love hahahaha lol
If you were a teacher, what subject would you like to teach?
english: the perfect grammar guide
Should we read a lot of books?
How u doing
doing mighty fine thank you
Hey hi
hey hello
what is your favorite movie?? #dubtrackFM
pride & prejudice don't hate
Do you prefer giving or receiving?
giving, im already blessed with what i have now so....yeah I'm cool *halo*