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Now chloe's not with jake, Your all over him omg haha

duwww diolch am hune sdal

Best kiss uve had? X


will you fuck me


will you marry me

Yeah ok

you are perf! xx

I'm not but thanks x

You keep saying other people are petfection no beautiful you are petfection

Thankyou aha but you're spelling is awful

mmmmmmmm your sexy

Lol fanks

me n ma mate think youre hot xxxx

aw thankyou:-) who are you tho xxx

Pic for a pic?


What was the last thing you ate?

Ben & jerry's la

How long does it take to really 'know' someone?

Depends really

Opinion on Tom Davies?;-)


Please x

Soon x

Oh ok, do you think soft tickling is worse

Erm dno tbh

Cloe Evans ?

*chloe lol
erm didn't used to get along with her atall but I think we're ok now so yeah she's nice x

Opinion on c.evz

Who is that

Get it get it get it!


Do you remember your first friend?


Do you like getting tickled?

Depends by who


Haven't got it :((((

100 likes for a bum sign <3


Best boy mates in your year?

Tom davies probably,love that kid

Where about are you most ticklish?

Like everywhere hahaaa


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if you're going to give me hate,atleast come off anon haha

north wales she's perfection