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How much buck coulda a buck buck buck if a buck could buck buck buck?

Probably a whole lot.

You're Beautiful

C: this made me really happy thankyou

youre a dick small

What Do You Call A Black Guy On The Moon?

an astronaut?


Here u go

Carolyn Mandracchia

Oh my gosh i love carolyn so much shes one of the most genuine sweet girls i know and shes gorgeous and funny and has amazing music taste and i wish i saw her more than i do shes swell i wanna hangout with her more too shes pretty amazing

Snappy Cherri


Casey DeCaro

Aw i love casey i wish we were closer she has amazing taste in pretty much everything and shes so sweet and we randomly met at the carnival HAHA but shes my bby i love her and i wanna hangout with her shes gorgeous and sweet aw casey

Alexis Savino

I LOVE ALEXIS AW shes gorgeous and shes so nice and funny and i wanna hangout with her more omg shes just like...i dont even know shes just one of those people you automatically love aw i wish i was closer with her shes swell

Alden Mohacsi

Me explaining how i feel about alden to alden

is your hair blue

Yeah why

awesomely amazing scene girl with beautiful hair that im so so so jealous of! xD you're so perfecttttt. this was two sentences but u needed to know lolz

Screw u peter

Would you be willing to go on a voyage to another planet but in return lose all connections with Earth and never come back?

Hmm it depends what the planet is like. Like is there civilization or would i just be alone?

and you're really pretty by the way :)

c': aw shucks anon

have you ever put a flower in ya hair and was like ooh new text but it's just your mom telling you you aren't allowed to have pizza bc that's not how you grow plants um wth???

..may have happened once or twice who told u


i have to disagree with that statement. show me evidence.

natahnatHANhan aldnorford FROD

i love the frod<3

I'm a tough tootin baby i can punch like a man

what grade are you in

guess who was jumping like a jacob connelly

What kind of advertisements attracts your attention?


udderly cute

i am not proud of this
(if this isn't nathan i'm so sorry)
(even if this is nathan i'm still sorry)

If you mated a bull dog and a shitsu, would it be called a bullshit?