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How many questions have you been asked so far? lmaoo

around 400

How's Life for you?

pretty good actually

Do you listen to any Britney Spears N'sync Christina Aguilera or any of the people your dad used to make fun of? I've always wondered. Awhile back your dad was on TRL, and he was asked if his daughter listens to any of them and he said "my daughter isn't a sissy so no." just curious lol

yeah i have listened to them before and i like some songs but im not in love with them

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much abuse have you taken since signing up for ask.fm?

9 but it's fine i dont let people get to me

What is your Facebook?

i dont give my fb page out

What school do you go to?

thats private

i like how you seem to be reellayyy down to earth! compared to other children of famous musicians. much respect for that!!

thank you i was just raised not to be cocky or stuck up

what is your favorite song?

right now i would say chris brown don't wake me up but my favorite song changes all the time it depends on my mood and whats new

How's school ?

schools school -_- im doing good this year though! i have all a's and b's

Do your parents know about your social media sights since you say you can't have? How do you hide it?

im not sure if they know about it but no one really looks through my phone or my computer

Does the bus pick you up or do you get taken ?

i drive lmao

Your dad is afraid to leave the house, is this true?

lmfao no hes not scared to leave the house but sometimes he rather stay in cause people are annoying sometimes

are you going to college next year?

im a junior 2 years ill be in college

do you ever wake up in the mornings and think... 'shit i'm eminem's daughter'?

lmao um sometimes it crosses my mind

please tell me: are you naturally so skinny or you try to do sports and eat healthy? Has weight or your looks ever been any problem for you?

i workout and i used to do sports but weight was never really an issue for me and i try to eat healthy but i love my junk food also

Thoughts on Jay-Z?

respect him a lot as a artist

Random question. You said you don't want to be famous, but would you ever do a movie if a filmmaker asked you to?

maybe depends on the role

Why does your fam think they're better than everyone? You came from nothing and got lucky, you should be more humble.

we don't think we are better then anyone so you don't know what you are saying.

Whats your favorite movie? :)

hmm step up maybe im not sure i dont have a favorite

i dont want to sound mean but i dont know what i'm looking for, i looked at the song 'loose change' but i cant find the disrespetcful part, is it because of the bit about your dad? and is the 'feminem' bit about your dad?

no he says em you claim you mom is a crack head and kim is a known slut so whats hailie gonna be when she grows up

What do you usually eat for dinner?

depends i love sushi and pizza but i eat tons of things

do you ever go on tour with your dad?

i have before yeah

iLLuminati bitch Eminem fell off but would still smash his daughter tbh

o.o fuck off

You ever eat chicken nuggets with the nice as hell A1 sauce gurlll?

lmfao yess love that

Your dad doesn't smile at all, is he the same way when he's not in front of the cameras?

no he smiles all the time


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