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Hi sweetie, glad to see you back here. How have you been ?  GIANNA
doing a little better thanks.(:
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I love you stay strong gorgeous (:
love you too cuz.<3
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I love you and miss you  Cheyenne Camper
boo I'm coming over next weekend.
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Love u hannah
ha love u too
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youre almost at 2000 answers =D
ha I know.(:
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I love and miss you Hannah<3  Reeann Red Rose
love and miss you too.!
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you're so pretty Hannah !(: #staystrong  Alyssa Marie
thank you.(:
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hannah keep ur head up high and forget the haters ok? cause boo we love you and dont worry christmas wont be hard for you as forreal your mom and bro are always watching you so they will be like right near you! xoxoxo :)
thank you.<3
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love you  Hannah Darby
love you more boo
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Thoughts on Brianna Powers
shes super gorgeous and we were really close but haven't talked to her in awhile. But still love her.(:
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What are you getting Dylan for Christmas?
not sure yet...
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Who will you spend Christmas with? I hope it goes better than you expect :) x
family and friends. and thanks.
You are a beautiful girl. It sounds like you have a lot going for you. I think you will be able to work through all the negativity and move on with your life.  Felix the cattt
Thank you
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If he mad you play russian roulette why didnt you turn the gun on him?  tinka parker
I was obviously handcuffed like I said.?
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the kid talking shit about you in your english class probably doesn't have the balls to say who he is! I guess he's just hiding behind a computer screen! Pathetic!  Paul Mlincek
Haha I know
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Ur outfit is so cute! Stay strong hannah!
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Wtf.?!?! Someone's pretending to be me.
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People saying what they about your dad to you are just trying to upset you. It is obvious he loves you. He decided to stay here for you, so you could be in familiar surroundings.  GIANNA
Where's your dad
He lives with me.?
There is an article about it somewhere on the internet. Im sure she didn't actually do it, but she was accused of it and should know how it feels.
Yeah she should.
Hannah I can tell your grandma and dad love you very much so don't let that fake ass anon get to you.
Thank you, and I know for a fact they do.
Hannah, Dont worry to much about Ms. Hoffman. Its very strange that she is doing this to you since she was accused of murdering/beheading her bestfriend.
Omg really.?!
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If u ever want to have dinner at our house you're more than welcome we live right up the street
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If he loved u he wouldnt let u do half the stuff u do ur in my English class trust me I KNOW u basically do whatever u want my dad and my friends parents all think how sad it is.
What do you mean you feel sad for me.? My dad is a great dad. And he gives me the freedom any 16 year old have. Your in my English class.? Grow some balls and say who you are. My dad has been through as much as I have. He's loves me with every bone of his body. So why even say that.? Obviously your making this up and hiding cause your scared. You don't know anything because if you did know me you would know my dad loves me and does a lot for me. So obviously your a fake. GTFO.
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