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Virgin-ye Drinker-no Smoker-neit Age-14 Flirt-na Rate-8 We should-Talk
thanksss..who is this?
9.7 and idk  Nick Trackwell
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What's a popular food you find disgusting?
HO for likers???
Yeah haha sorry  Jenelle Hammond
it's okay(:
H.O. You're gorgeous and so funny!
thankssss, is this jenelle?
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I'm taller than you?
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I'm so pissed Andy won
how about you text me shortyy
Heyyyyy girl!!!!
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Oh yeah nick trackwell is pretty hott!
hey bud
Name last names
drake trackwell stanko
Nick who
all of them
one in each gradee
9th- ian
10th- nick
11th- rachel faulkiner
12th- idk anybody
Best looking guyss?
in my grade?
Make me
My names Nicholas... I thought you knew me better :,(
sorry nicholas
Who do you like
hi nick(:
Do you believe the devil exists?
yes have you seen the movie?!?!!
You're cute
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I like silly(:  Nick Trackwell
haha oh good!
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That looks silly  Nick Trackwell
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:)  Nick Trackwell
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No you don't  Nick Trackwell
i do