Hannah Gariepy
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Virgin-ye Drinker-no Smoker-neit Age-14 Flirt-na Rate-8 We should-Talk

thanksss..who is this?

9.7 and idk


What's a popular food you find disgusting?


HO for likers???


Yeah haha sorry

Jenelle Hammond

it's okay(:

H.O. You're gorgeous and so funny!

thankssss, is this jenelle?

I'm taller than you?


I'm so pissed Andy won

how about you text me shortyy

Heyyyyy girl!!!!


Oh yeah nick trackwell is pretty hott!

hey bud

Name last names

drake trackwell stanko

Nick who

all of them

one in each gradee

9th- ian
10th- nick
11th- rachel faulkiner
12th- idk anybody

Best looking guyss?

in my grade?

My names Nicholas... I thought you knew me better :,(

sorry nicholas

Who do you like

hi nick(:

Do you believe the devil exists?

yes have you seen the movie?!?!!

You're cute


I like silly(:

haha oh good!

That looks silly




No you don't

i do