Hannah Anderson♡ @hannahrebeccax3
Hannah Anderson♡ @hannahrebeccax3
bristolville, oh
can u like not
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Who would you date right now...
Who are you
Would you date me if you knew who I am...
Uh well it depends who you are.
What do you think of Michael Bullard?
Hes pretty cool mann
Michael Bullard
thoughts on tyler gaskill
I havent talked to him in awhile but hes cool!
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alright, deal ;)
I was jk
have you heard of the app chatous?
Is today your birthday?
yeah it is
What do you think of Miley Cyrus? Do you like the way she is now, or do you think she should've maintained the image of Hannah Montana?
she's fine now, she was younger when she did hannah Montana and she grew up
cuz you did before don't lie
lol k think what you want
have you ever sent a nude pic?
send me a nude pic?
or nah?
do you have an older brother? if so, you got any suggestions on how to get bros to back off, when they put you in a headlock?
yes I do. & before someone goes to put you in one put your chin down so that way they can't choke you
what did u do
I honestly have no idea, I didn't do anything
what's yup with that long question?
I have no idea people are stupid
I have a powerstroke
that's cool
What color are your eyes?
small or big
I dont lyke u anymore frfr, u gotten on sum bad shit and turned into somthin i wish u didnt. u need to sit yo ass down and slow df down frfr, how old r u????? not 25. u, what, 15??? i hear to much on u nowdayz. would u be makin ur mom proud?? u need to think bout that.
first of all, I'm not on any "bad shit" & I didn't turn into anything. & how do I need slow down? i don't act like I'm 25, & I'm 14 btw. & id love to know what you hear about me. & yes my mom would very proud of my if she were here. if you wanna talk more shit, do it to my face or message me. thank you :-)
who are you?
hi  unknown
Could you tell me your honest opinion of my new little iOS game Slicky Dragon? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/slicky-dragon/id882301562?l=fi&ls=1&mt=8