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I love youu(:  Jordan Griffis
I love you too(:
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You are so cute Hayes !! -sincerely 8th grader that loves you:)
Thanks! Who's this?
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Do you and Julia Maraio have a thing?
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Do you and Madi have a thing?
Haha nope
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I masturbate to your selfies. - Rees
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We don't talk much but we should
Who is this?
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How many teeth do you have?
100000000000 and 1
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stop hating on hayes. you have no life but to be a total asshole and say shit about him? why don't you get your facts straight about him because he's really sweet and not a jock or jerk at all. so why don't you stop talking shit about hayes and get a life loser.
Thank youuu whoever this is(:
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Emojis don't work on here :(  Hayes grier
I know dude
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this is the girl that told you about the girl that likes you that you pay no attention to. btw she doesnt like you anymore. she thinks you are just some jerk.
Haha cool
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of course hayes is a hater. all he does is walk around thinking he cool, but nobody likes him. the girls at DDS think he is just a jerk and just another jock on the football team. girls i am just guna warn ya that i have been to the point where i liked him, but dont cuz he wont care. #HATER
Dude thanks!!!! Right back at ya(; I'm a jock
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One time in 6th grade my black friend who goes to CSD clapped in ur face during a CSD bball game and he never got to say his bad so...his bad!!! And to put a question in there do u remember that?
Haha it's cool I did it to so my bad
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listen up ass hole. somebody just showed my friend that comment "hahaha" about the whole 6th grade dds hot girls thing and now she is like really sad. hope ur happy :)
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Are you a hater and how do u feel towards haters
I like them(;
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Girls you trust?????????
Kate Jordan Julia
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Julia Jessicaa and the girl I saw at the airport today
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I love you hayessy
I love you toooo(:
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not celeberties! just some of your girly friends!
Uhhhhh.... What was the question?
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if you could go on a date with a girl who would it be??????? name 4
Kate upton Ariana grande Shawn Johnson and jordyn weiber
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6 hottest girls from DDS 6th grade?
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6 hottest girls from LNC?
Julia madi Jordan Kate tori and yeah I don't really know anyone else
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Arent you in 8th grade?
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I love you too(:
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Why are you so perfect <3
Thanks (:
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6 hottest girls at CSD that you know.
I know like Jessica and Abby haha that's like it
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