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Your answers tho

I was like 13 😂

imma start posting again so like

i love ur eyes 😍❤️

Summer :)

Does it matter about wieght?


would you date someone born in 2000

I am born in 2000

whats the youngest and oldest u wuld date

13 - 18

how tall r u?

5'11 ish

Thoughts on life?

You live once and that's it so live life good.

Is 4'11 to short for a 14 year old girl for U?:(

No I know a girl that short who is 18!

Would u date a 14 year old THATS 4'11 I'm so short it's a shame

Doesn't matter about height!

Would u date somebody that is younger than u

Yes :)

I wish I could meet you but I live in The Bahamas

I'll come there!

Who is shay?

If you were with me a year ago you'd know!

Ik its been over like a year ago, but do u still have feelings for shay??

I really like bishop shhh.....

Alicia Mendes

Haha who doesn't

Shay said your nice


I am lol

Do u like mexican girls?


Would you prefer a girl with short hair or long hair.. and what color?

Dont matter:) ! haha I like Brunettes

I watch your vines and they are great! You and Nash are hilarious! Lol keep up the good work :*

Thanks b!

Would you give me your FaceTime?


People who like this you have to put I love you so much on their bio pleasee .




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