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  Hayes Grier
Thanks to whoever reminded me on twitter that I had this askfm still haha
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I love you so much is magcon coming near Pa. ?  Mrsrandom lover
Bishop is there right now but I hope too hah
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R u 1 of those guys that knos theyre hot & thinks they can get anyone?
uh no
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How old are u
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how old does your "girlfriend" have to be in order to date you????
15-16 haha I date oldies! Not very old ' but oldies :p
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How r u in 7th grade? I'm 13 & in 8th haha
Started late..
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don't you think that's kind of crazy, your 13.. that's not a healthy relationship if there 16  Courtney Stanley
You sound like my mom..But oh well? 3 years ahead of me...oh yeah so not healthy.
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Betch.. i miss you - Jack J.
Mm..miss you too
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Were you on omegle today or did I talk to a fake? Today is 1-24-14
Never been on omegle for like 2 weeks now
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What do you like in a girl?(;  Jordyn Danielle Broughton
Pretty smile. Smells good. And 5'6.
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how old are the girls you usually date? younger or older ?  Courtney Stanley
Older like 16 haha
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How old are you?
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Were you and shay an item?  Just Kiddin
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This account is confirmed real  Magcon
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Would you ever date someone who was taller than you?  Abigail Miller-Warren
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how tall are you???
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Haaaay girl
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Are u single  Jorden Miller
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I really like bishop shhh.....  Alicia Mendes
Haha who doesn't
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Shay said your nice  Melanie .
I am lol
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Did shaye go to Nashville magcon?
She did. Yeah
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Do you like Shay :D <3
No she's just a friend.
a best friend. were not posting much about her cause she doesnt want to be posted cause hate. but she made as much memories and her brother made! !
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What's Taylor ask please ? And his real Facebook ? Thank's Hayes! ♥♥♥
He doesn't have any of them.
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Thoughts on Bishop or whoever??
Im Actually getting really close to him. and hes super funny ! he has the looks. like shay does. and their mom and dad are sooooo cool!
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