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I feel like you talk to a lot of people
I talk to people and get to know them. But like talking talking, no I don't really.
Do you like guys and girls or just girls?
Who was the most attractive girl you've talked to or have been interested in ?
oooOOOooo that's a great question. They all have been but probably gabby and alyssa
You're so beautiful
Awhh thank you :)
Who do you like?
no one really, I'm just getting to know people right now :)
Who is you into
I'm into girls
Are you into anybody?
yes I am :)
Omar's girlfriend
is perfect
Will you kick me in the balls? If so, how hard, and what shoes would you wear?
uhm sure and my cleats :)
Do you like black guys ?
no I don't like guys lol
It's Larry what'd up
Hi Larry! Thanks for coming today :-)
Can you breathe underwater like a fish?
yeah! can't you?
Do you like hippos?
sure :-)
are you and gabby talking ?
nothing I thought u were straight
dm me!
y what?
how about maybe
how bout I know who you are
Why did you and Rhea break up?
it was better off as us being friends then together
What's up with u and that Gabby girl ?
that gabby girl? Be respectful. her and I are friends!
haha maybe ;)
maybe? how bout yes ;)
Dm meeee
Are you and rhea dating
So no guys period?
lets go lez
let's goo
Do you only like girls or do you like guys still too?
girls :)