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Hayley @hayfreestone
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Come to rebels already
I would have the best time! All you guys and hella chill and funny as hell and great ball players. That would be a great opportunity.
you're my one & only...
forever & always babygirl
You always know how to make me smile. I love having you as my friend.
I'm glad I can make you smile!
Why are you so pretty? Your gf is really lucky.
Nahh I'm the lucky one. But thanks :)
You are the nicest and sweetest Rage girl I know.
awh thank you so much!
Hayley inner thighs are ticklish to lol
I guess lol
do you like foot rubs?
Uhmm yeah especially went I get pedis
Which is worse: your neck, ribs, or the back of your knees?
1-10 how ticklish are your feet?
1 if that hahha
where are your 3 most ticklish spots? haha
my neck, my sides, and the back of my knees!
What happened with you and Taylor
I fell in love with sam.
I feel like you talk to a lot of people
I talk to people and get to know them. But like talking talking, no I don't really.
Do you like guys and girls or just girls?
Who was the most attractive girl you've talked to or have been interested in ?
oooOOOooo that's a great question. They all have been but probably gabby and alyssa
You're so beautiful
Awhh thank you :)
Who do you like?
no one really, I'm just getting to know people right now :)
Who is you into
I'm into girls
Are you into anybody?
yes I am :)
Omar's girlfriend
is perfect
Will you kick me in the balls? If so, how hard, and what shoes would you wear?
uhm sure and my cleats :)
Do you like black guys ?
no I don't like guys lol
It's Larry what'd up
Hi Larry! Thanks for coming today :-)
Can you breathe underwater like a fish?
yeah! can't you?
Do you like hippos?
sure :-)
are you and gabby talking ?