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I'm a junior in high school and never had a girlfriend. I get made fun of every day for it and no matter what I do everyone makes fun of me. I try to talk to girls but I always mess up and they think I'm annoying or weird. I hate being ignored and i hate feeling like I'm worthless. Wat should i do
First of all, They should be known. Don't let people's un-based criticism affect you. They don't know you.
Further more, You do not need a girl-friend. It's not a necessity in life. Should you feel the desire to, Try taking it step by step. If you get nervous, Hold something squeezable in your hand, And release your energy on it.
I been thinking about a guy since december. ,hes always on my mind its driving me crazy , and whenever I see him talking to another girl I get so jealous , but I a have had a strong dislike for him since like the 7th grade doesthat mean I like him or am I just going crazy?
Apparently, One isn't genuine. You either didn't dislike him, And just felt jealous or so, And now, It has evolved. Or you did dislike him, And this is just envy.
You should determine which is actually true, And make your next step based on that (Whether you'll try to ignore it, And get him out of your head. Or tell him how you feel).
what does this mean if I like cried and was heartbroken when a guy i been talking too for awhile didn't message me back ? it doesn't mean I like this person right?
It doesn't have to be in that sense. You might have just felt neglected or ignored. It takes a while to really know someone, Then like them for who they are. It doesn't happen overnight. If you feel attracted to that person, Get to know them better, See where it goes, And try to keep it simple.
is it weird if I never liked a boy beforeand don't know how to tell if ii do? does that make me heartless? how do you know when you like someone?
You might not be attracted to boys, Or simply, You might just not be as emotional as other people. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It actually makes it easier for you to find a long-term partner.
For girls, I can't say I know. I'll ask one of the girls to reply to you.
As for my opinion. I think that if
- You think about them more than\as much as something that forms a big part of your life.
- You want to get them to notice you.
- You want to know their interests, Their likes\dislikes, And such things.
It's just a list of things that you usually don't do with anyone, Things that you might not even easily notice yourself doing.
I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up , but my mom told me I would never make it to be a designer should I just give up cause she said I would never make it?
No, I think you shouldn't let anyone get you down or break your spirit, Not your friends, Not even your family.
You should go after what you want. If you don't get it one way, You try another, And another, And another. You don't quit. You don't back down.
College, School, Professionalism, Or whatever isn't the only way. They might make it easier. They might open different doors, But they are plenty of other opportunities. Just work hard, Pursue you ambitions, And never settle for less than what you deserve.
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I'm continuing. I started cutting to relieve the pain but I'm on the verge. My sis is perfect with grades and dancing and stuff and I'm just me. Everyone parents teachers and grandma compares me to her like they're saying I'm not good enough. This is probs nothing u don't care just want to feel want
Have you ever discussed this with someone? ~Νινα
I'm going on vacation with my bf to Hawaii in two days for 3 weeks. Every time we go he wants a blowjob or to have sex. I'm ready for it. Should I tell him I'm ready or just surprise him? I'm 19 and he's 20. What should I do?
discuss with him :)
New question: How do I ask someone out?
It depends on what your first date will be... :) Just sound friendly ;)
First date ideas?
Just chill and watch a film ;)
I don't want to eat because every one said I'm fat and if I eat I don't keep it...
"I don't keep it" If you mean that you make yourself vomit, Then please don't, Workout, Walk, Run, Go on a diet. Just don't do anything to yourself.
You shouldn't care about what anyone (Who doesn't really know you) says. Those are only shallow opinions.
Just because you might weigh more than someone, Doesn't mean you have a weight issue or an unhealthy life.
If you think that your weight and height are inconsistent, Then do something about it. Something right and healthy (Gym, Workouts, Sports....etc).
He knows, he does the same to me..
That's harsh. Well, You either try harder and change him, Or just look for someone else. Let your affection for anything or anyone be enlightening rather than blind you of things.
I think I want to die... I'm so scared... I don't know what to do.
I'm not going to lie, There are some things that make you want to die, But there are much more things that you can look forward to. Whether it be as simple as eating your favorite dish, Or as big as careers and long-term dreams. Just think about what you really want and work, Live, And strive for it.
I did! But she ignores me and especially insults me.
Did you talk to him ? About her, About your feelings ?
Why should I do? I'm in love with someone, and that someone has a girl bestfriend! She hates me and she want to destory everything between him & I :(
If she's his best-friend then what's the problem ? Tell him how you feel. Let him know you want to get to know him better. Talk to her about it, And see why she's doing that. Maybe she has feelings for him. People won't know what's on your mind if you don't share it.
I need help
Go on, I'm here, What is it ?
My friend is suicidal and only told me. And ik how much she think about doing it. She trusts me not to tell anyone but I don't know if I'm making the right decision by not telling. I've stopped her many times from not being suicidal but I'm scared one time it won't work  Stand Up
Apologies for being this late.
Instead of telling her not to do it, And saying "If you do it, You'll lose this or that". Try showing her what she will have if she stays, If she just tries to pull through it, All the things she can enjoy. There are a lot of simple small things that if focused on or looked upon from another perspective can be really amusing.
There's a bully in my class.Sometimes he's good with me,but sometimes he totally starts kicking me.When i tell the teachers they don't beleive me.What should i do?
Talk to him about it. Find out why he does that. Sometimes they just want to have someone next to them, And are afraid you (That someone) would leave, So they try to get their attention by doing that. I know it isn't right, But help him with it. Be with him more often. Try to find out if anything's wrong (Family issues...etc).
i need anybody to help me cuz i am always making bad things what can i do always thinking bad every thing
If you're just thinking about bad things, It's not that bad. Everybody thinks about things. Some are good, Some are bad. As long as you don't let it get too far, Or turn them into actions. Don't worry about them.
If you are doing bad things, Then find a reason not to (I'm sure you'll find many). Try to motivate yourself with something so everytime you feel like you're gonna do something bad, It would stop you. If you say what they are (If you want), I might be able to give you more accurate advice.
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I feel sad... no reason just feel sad and if I think why then I find a reason to be sad but I wouldn't find that reason if I wasn't sad for no reason in the first place...
Try thinking about what you have, About everything that you should be grateful and happy for. You have a lot of reasons to be happy. If you think about it, They could be more than the ones for you to be sad (If there were any in the first place). There are things that make us sad, Things that make us cry, But still, We need to pull it together and move on. We can't be attached to things during our whole life. We need to let go, To understand that everything comes to an end, As well as people. People die, People get sick, People leave, And we get upset because they are, But that's just how it is. That's how life goes on. At some point or another, You'll feel loss, Sometimes more than once. But you don't give in. You move on. You get yourself together, And start again.
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hi, umm well i want to get a number from this guy on but i don;know what to sway or how to do it, any tips?
what should I do: I asked someone for their number on ask but they deleted the whole question & I really needed that number! should I ask for it again or leave it alone?
Phone numbers is a private information and you are not allowed to ask for it if you don't know the person personally. ~Nina
I brock up with my boyfriend and I feel so hurt what sall I do to forget him and live normal life
Find thing that make you happy. Hang out with your friends ;) They will make you feel better <33 ~Nina
Hey Konstantina I want to ask you something. Well, I like a boy who is one year older than me. I always catch him look at me while the lessons and sometimes we speak. What should i do? :/
Get to know him ;) Be his friend so he can understand your feeling for him ^^ Boys adore friendships <33 ~Konstantina
You are very amazing Miyase , lovee u
Ahh, you are amazing !! I loe you too ♪ ♦ ♥
im in love with a guy but he dont love me everyone tell me i cant be with him together its 4 years that im in love wih him (he know it)..and one day a stupid girl write a letter and she give it to him she write to her i need to talk with you i love you. all the boys and girls see it ...
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