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I'm graduating next year. I somehow have never really gotten over my first crush which I had in the 8th grade. I keep saying in my head that I'm over her but my heart feels otherwise. She was with me till the 12th. Now I'm here in India and she's in Atlanta.

You can keep contact with her or you need to meet new people! Try to get to know them and have fun with them. People are here to give you new experiences :) Take the chance!

Post a selfie!


I'm continuing. I started cutting to relieve the pain but I'm on the verge. My sis is perfect with grades and dancing and stuff and I'm just me. Everyone parents teachers and grandma compares me to her like they're saying I'm not good enough. This is probs nothing u don't care just want to feel want

Have you ever discussed this with someone? ~Νινα

I'm going on vacation with my bf to Hawaii in two days for 3 weeks. Every time we go he wants a blowjob or to have sex. I'm ready for it. Should I tell him I'm ready or just surprise him? I'm 19 and he's 20. What should I do?

discuss with him :)

New question: How do I ask someone out?

It depends on what your first date will be... :) Just sound friendly ;)

First date ideas?

Just chill and watch a film ;)

hi, umm well i want to get a number from this guy on but i don;know what to sway or how to do it, any tips? ~Nina

what should I do: I asked someone for their number on ask but they deleted the whole question & I really needed that number! should I ask for it again or leave it alone?

Phone numbers is a private information and you are not allowed to ask for it if you don't know the person personally. ~Nina

I brock up with my boyfriend and I feel so hurt what sall I do to forget him and live normal life

Find thing that make you happy. Hang out with your friends ;) They will make you feel better <33 ~Nina

Hey Konstantina I want to ask you something. Well, I like a boy who is one year older than me. I always catch him look at me while the lessons and sometimes we speak. What should i do? :/

Get to know him ;) Be his friend so he can understand your feeling for him ^^ Boys adore friendships <33 ~Konstantina

You are very amazing Miyase , lovee u

Ahh, you are amazing !! I loe you too ♪ ♦ ♥

im in love with a guy but he dont love me everyone tell me i cant be with him together its 4 years that im in love wih him (he know it)..and one day a stupid girl write a letter and she give it to him she write to her i need to talk with you i love you. all the boys and girls see it ...

If you want to talk about on Facebook :

my friends change

People changes, memories don't..

hey i need your help plz..

I'm here to help.Tell me baby !

They are hate me , ı quit

I didn't want anyone to hate themselves as much I do. I didn't want people to feel like killing themselves was the only answer. I didn't want people take a blade to there skin. I didn't want people to believe they weren't good enough. I didn't want to people to think they couldn't eat because they were told they weren't skinny enough. So, I knew I had to change the world a little bit. I wanted to reach out to people. To show them they are not alone in this fight. I wanted to saves lives. If I could save just one life that would make a difference. And, I'm pretty sure we have saved more than one and that means so much to me. I love you all. You deserve happiness. You're worth more then that blade. Stop being so hard on yourselves. You're human, you are mean't to make mistakes. Its okay to make mistakes. I can't say that you'll be okay today, or tomorrow, or the next, or a month from now, or a year from now. But I can promise all of you that someday you will be okay. Someday you will tell your children why you have scars everywhere. You'll tell them that you got hurt by people. You will teach them that it isn't okay to make others feel like they need to hurt themselves. You'll teach them all of this. You'll teach them to be nice to other people no matter what because you don't know what they're going through. You'll teach them to be a caring person. You'll teach them that angels don't always live in the sky. You'll teach them everything because you don't want that to happen again. I hope you guys will find happiness and teach your children from right to wrong and that they can always come and talk to you so they don't resort to hurting themselves. Be the change you want to see in the world. -Miyase

hey how can i stop someone to see myy id. plzzz helpppp...i hv blocked him bt can he see my ask?

No he can't see you ask if he's blocked :)

I'm a girl.. but I dress boy. And I really want a boyfriend. What can I do to get one, without changing my looks?

You can dress up like a boy if you want ;) Just be sure that you won't act like a boy <3

If there's this hypothetical girl, and I hypothetically like her, but I'm hypothetically unsure as to whether she feels the same, would it be hypothetically creepy if I hypothetically asked her out?

Jonathan Renna

I'm hypothetically telling you that you hypothetically should try to ask out this hypothetical girl :)

There is this really cute guy in my band class. I really like him and he is single. He knows I like him, and I really want to ask him out but, I am shy and I don't know what to say. I don't think he likes me back. Is there something I can do!? Please Help! I am tired of being single and I want him.

You should ask him face to face darling :) If he likes you, you'll have a boyfriend ;) If he doesn't, at least you tried <3 ~Konstantina

(Sent to everyone i follow) I follow you, either because we're friends, you're amazing, i think you're lovely or i like your answers! :-)) This is a new account, ask me some questions and follow back if you like? :3 <3

thank you darling <3 ~Konstantina

Hey Miyase, Im from Pakistan and you are from turkey, right? My mother loves turkish dramas and she want to visit istanbol. Tell me something interesting about Istanbol?

Yep , I'm Turkis . Glad to hear it ! Istanbul is very great city , connects Asia and Europe . Throughout history , many states sought to Istanbul but no state has been successful . Historic places are too mosques , towers . . . Ther are many places to visit . A great city . Hopefully some day come here . Lovee isss ! x

What is the secret to a happy life?

Love, respect and dreams <3 ~Konstantina

When I go to ask questions on anon, I can't check the box and there is a red line through the "ask anonymously" why can't I ask anonymous questions anymore??

oh ! Every single person can choose if he/she wants the others to ask them on or off anon.
For example ,we've chosen the people to got the opportunity to ask us on and off the anon .So if you want to ask an anon question to a person and you can't ,that means that this person don't want the others to ask him/her on anon .
~Maria S.

@yourallsostrong Can you share us please? We would really appreciate it!<3

Support for you❤️

Yeah ,of course !
~Maria S.

Why can't I ask things on anon anymore what can I do?

You can ask on anonynumous ,my dear . That's what you do right now ,asking on anon !
What do you want to tell us ?
~Maria S.


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