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When you can justify a lie?
When ur mouth is moving
ILY djvhbdjhvbd  Tennisee Parkinson
IMY!!! Text me babe 0212117117
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likers get a compliment ?
I get a compliment
What is your favorite children's story?
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okay give me
Funniest and hottest profiles you follow?
I follow like 3 people
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Ooooh yea gonna click on a random link yeah
give me your kik id i'll show you something
How bout I give you something else ;) some grammar lessons
When do you feel the most comfortable?
About a week agoooooo week ago
Which picture the best describes your city?
They make a difference okaaaay
Which picture the best describes your city?
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i heard that you tried to jump off the forest lake bridge
Okey lol
What is the Universe made of?
thoughts on lyric smart
Pretty hair gets alot of attention on fb yea nice girl
What is the most interesting thing about your family?
They really good at dissapearing
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What are the benefits of being famous?
Fat bitches writing statuses about you all day yeeeyaaaahhh
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Why would someone want to go on a space trip?
Idk but these fat bitches... Yeah fat bitches
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How do you surprise other people?
With a gangbash
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How do you relax at the end of the day?
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How did you meet your best friend?
My wat
What's the best comfort food?
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What makes life worth living?
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How would you explain color to a blind man?
I wouldnt
Who is the happiest person on the world?
Ohh me aye