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where did u get your shorts in your ask dp
Um in your dreams
What highlighter do you use?
i have heaps of favourites, mac soft and gentle, a mac pigment but labels gone so dont know what shade, mary lou or a cheap ones the new maybelline one in deep bronze
Which movie do you think is overrated?
50 shades of gay
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Which meal was so good that you can't forget it?
What do you look forward to most this year?
My tat
You have been invited to a brunch with barakoobama this evening Please come to the White House by 3 Or die
Are u on crack
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what are you up to these days?
Don't worry bout me
What future invention are you impatiently waiting for?
A nail polish that doesn't fucking chip
How do you stay fit?
Eat pills
What is your favorite charity?
I don't trust those niggas
kalib doesn't want you back
kalib doesn't want you back
What's the best prank you've ever played on somebody?
Oh the one where I become a lawyer and send all of the people I hate to prison
What do you think of the Kardashians?
I am kardashians
Been upto, these days?
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what is your favorite number (read my other question first before answering this one so that it makes sense) lol.. Video response would be cool.
Fuk off
Ok please dont respond to this question. I want to ask you a question but in private so nobody else knows. I want to know what you think is a good size for a dick. Be honest? I will ask you another question about your favorite number, so you can answer it in that question
Sieg hail
Do you decide quickly or do you think a long time?
I think everything through very thoroughly
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Do you like long hair or short hair better on others?
Is global warming real? What do you think will happen?
Btw that's step 1 of my hair, I won't be blonde forever lol
Pap of ur blonde hair
Pap of ur blonde hair
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Would you ever get a piercing? Where?
I have, everywhere
What do you refuse to pay for?
Idk idc
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Will humans ever live on another planet?
Yeah there's already people who have secured payments to go to Mars so yes
Post a picture of your angry face!
Ooh you don't want to see that
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Cause Armageddon your pants >:)
Cool bro haven't heard that before
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