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What is your most treasured possession?
The babies
What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
English :)
yeah i have chocolate Now will u talk? -Mr.X
Hi Can we talk?
Do you have chocolate
were you in town today, Im sure I saw you, fuck you are a goddess
Yes and no looked homeless
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Do you follow me page https://pinterest.com/WazzupGames/ ?  Olivia
Do you want to get rekd?
Pic of ur ass ;)
Ew look at your own ass faggot
Do you follow me page https://twitter.com/WazzupGames ?  Olivia
No fuk off
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
Chanel red rouge lipstick
ADC Soraka come at mi  Daniel Manutai
Wet the fek
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Meet urself at baron  Daniel Manutai
Y u do dis :'(
Muted lel
Meet mi at baren
Reported  Daniel Manutai
Fite me
Tbh... You got big as as boobies:D
Nah just tit contouring
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That's a bit disturbing  Daniel Manutai
Ur disturbing
What is your favorite story your parents told you?
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Have you seen the funny lol tribunals?  Daniel Manutai
I've seen everything
Thoughts?  logan pollard
I remember you from Vardon primary :)
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Just looked at your match history, no deathcap on kat? Bronze 3 suites you.
All about skill ;)
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do you still love kalib?
Thoughts on Jordan forlong ?
Algood, handsome cool to talk to :)
Single Pringle?
if you saw ur bestfriend hooking up with a guy you talk to and she knows what would you do
Tell her to get rekd
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What is your best feature?
okay, h/o. you're soooooooo tall!! like holy shit! when I first seen you in the bathroom stepping that white girl out, I was like holy fuck, she's so tall better watch out white girl!! ;) haha. you're really pretty too :) and that convo we had down the driveway! sooo cool :) seem really nice :)  Tuterangi Whiu
Aw haha shame poor girl I'm such a physco!! Naw thanks heaps :)
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