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If you had to get one thing tattooed on your forehead, what would it be?
Better than u
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What is the most unexpected thing that happened to you this week?
Fairfield college
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Hi baby
Hi baby
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i just accidently liked something of yours o.o hahaha but have a good day
Haha napd alrite :P you too
What do you think is the new online trend right now?
Talking shit
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Fukc da pole lease  Daniel Manutai
Hahaha right in the grammar :L r.i.p Hanar  Daniel Manutai
thoughts on xtasy ?
We have our ups and downs, mostly downs because we're both bitches :) hahaha, i miss her lots and lots and we have heaps of memories, mostly food, makeup & weed related ;D we naughty aaas when we together hehe and one thing i know is she loves her family, but we not as close anymore, too much drama and shit talking bitches everywhere, and yea
Carters r nufink g blards orday  Daniel Manutai
I think you're the only one that knows my weakness is spelling errors omfg :LLL im ded r.i.p
Fuch u dnt evan knoe karnt seeg hayl aaoorah  Daniel Manutai
Kahrterz ahp
thoughts on lilly moneida
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Nar g ur 2 hrdcoar 4 meh. Ie onli no hw 2 plae ad carree  Daniel Manutai
Aw faak u todai bik boi
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You need to realize I got a double kill with Aatrox using auto :) but still...not ready to party up with you  Daniel Manutai
Aww come on, why not >:( i'm a scrub!!! pls, i want to show u my tru colorz
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you need to realise the world doesnt revolve around you.
Well technically, it does, like you know.. hahaha :P mwa
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whats your makeup routine?
Lol you're in for a chapter mate but okay
So by the time i'm ready to do my makeup i will already have done my face routine and stuff (face mask, lip exfoliator, face srub toner and all that shit)
1. Moisturise & put on chapstick
2. Prime my face or bb cream depends
3. Foundation
4. Concealer
5. Set my concealer with face powder
6. Light contouring
7. Bronzer
8. Blush
9. Iluminator
10. Line lips
10. Eyebrows >:)
11. Eye shadow
12. Eyeliner
13. Lashes
14. Lips
15. Like 123241324 selfies
I MISS YOU TOO :'( ily
hes asian :o
Im jk ily
hennah <3
Ten Ten xoxoxoxoxox
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What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
Nyanko senseeeeeeeeeeeeeeei !!!!
how many followers do you have?
how many followers do you have?
are you related to michael wilson?
Yes very asian very logic i like it
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IMISS SEEING YOU AND Kaleb:( :( two were so CUTEEEE !!!!!!!!! <3
Yeah well na lol
OMG cause I saw you to were married on FB so I wanted to ASK lol :L , hahah girl u baben !! holla at you ;)
Ohhhh yeah na we not together or anything, haha you too :-)
was your relationship with Thomas serious ? :0 you could do BETTER just sayin U are such a BABE101
Err where did you hear that I never had a relationship with him lol, better?! :o hmm i don't reckon but thankyou :)
Have you seen anything weird lately?
Na mostly just ugly bitches