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Who is the most beautiful woman?
My mom
Who is the most beautiful woman?
do u ever crush on girl?
ew no
if u were a boy. in your group jjbw,which one do u pick as your girlfriend?
i will pick abida haloiiiiiiiiiii because dia susah to love someone and when she does she really DOESSSSSSSSSSSSS if you know what i mean
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perrnah dibuli?
yeah.your class rep
luqman , dude , they said we have the same smile and eyes so yr my adik , oh ya yr nice and responsible class rep , i like you okay , and pls dont let them put you down , you know who is them hahahaha . okay tu je nak cakap . luqman tolong baca
do u crush to anyone?
you ni memang gewdickk eh?
taktau kat ang
hang cantaik
hang pun cantaikkk
Luqman the one in the picture if I'm not mistaken.
luqman hakim ? my class rep ?
what do u think about Narisha,fella?
OMG I LOVE TO DESCRIBE MY DEAREST #JJBW Narisha Athirah , she is pretty , pretty pretty pretty , i like her , she's nice and a soft hearted person , i effing swear dia memang baik , Nay Nay I love you , there are times when we stumble and fall but know that you got yr friends here by your side to stand up . baby you're pretty in your own way , pls pls let someone else who really reallt deserve to love you get your love , be good baby & stay pretty . i love you ♥
I thought u were. do u have anything to say to Luqman?
Luqman whoooooooo ? Ada dua luqman that i know rn
what is your favorite colour?
pink pink pink
pink pink
pink pink
pink pink pink yeay
I heard that u are taken?
dude noooooo
I'm a guy. I hope that doesn't make me a creep. Bye, again? Sorry
HAHAHA NO , bye again too ,
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awak tak pernah rase menyampah dkt zaghul?
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Stop tweeting. Go to sleep. Haha. Last one. Night. Bye
dont want hahaha bye night
saya rasa saya Nak tumbul awak.sbb saya menyampah dgn perwatakan awak.
zaghull ke ni
I'll be frequent on just to tell you that you're cute, in case you forget. Jangan sedih2. Haha bye
Actually, there are strangers. I wasn't the one who was gonna meet ur parents etc like just now. Haha. You know I'm not gonna hi you back at twitter, right? Haha
I excluded the 's' on purpose sebab obviously it is for you kan kan hahahaha , oh i thought you were that person , thank god , hahaha macam psycho ah that stranger . kah ! i hope he's not gonna read this
I don't care how pretty she is, you're much more attractive to me. Be confident. And yes, I see ur tweets
haaaaaa now i kinda like youuuuu , haaaaaaa & im so confident of myself rn , really ? ok im gonna hi you kat tl haha
You're even more attractive than zarul hihi
zarul she's pretty i swearrrrrrrrrr & im not but but i love her
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You must be annoying but yet pleasant to be with. I wonder how that feels like
hmmm my friends always say that to me like straight on my face likeee you know banggg on ya face ! haaaaaa
The way u reply is cute and funny too
really ? i know i know haha me in person is funny & cute too HAHA ok
Hi there, cute, funny tikah
hi there HAHAHA am i really cute & funny tikah , really ? flattered kahkahkah k
What is your height and weight?
158cm , 55kg HAHAHAkbye
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