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#BroGod 麻 @iBleedDopeness
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What are you always late for?
I know who this is lol
Ur white
Do you have a snapchat
Blowin up your askkkkk and what not
Lol that's cool
SouthSide Christian
Ball is life
Food is life
Joshy washhyyy
Alright then...
Joshua. ..
Joshyyyy washhyyy
Who's this ?
Alright then...
Well.. ❤❤❤ to you to lol
I can't do all that.. lol
Haha your soo cute josh
Well thank you ! (:
Who u talk to
Blah part 2..
Are you talking to anybody?
Who's your heart with right now?
none of ya business .
But Ur Answering Abt Virginity ...
Oh you got me , you win.... you win my friend
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Ur Not A Virgin Thou
.. I don't even know what a Virgin is lol
Well U Knw No One Gna Wait Til Marriage So Be More Realistic
That was realistic that is the right time that was your question not "realism" .
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When Do U Think Is The Right Time To Lose Ur Virginity?
Honestly marriage but sometimes it just happens so yeah..
Who do you trust more, your friends or your parents?
What is #BroGod?
It's a thing between me and my bro's .
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Who do you trust the most?
Jake from State Farm and Quan from Buck Buck state lol
How often do you lie to people?
Honest at all times . Wasn't raised to lie.