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I'm bored

Try thinking of new things to do, new hobbies :) - Hannah

I feel like I can't do anything right and I can't get a girlfriend and I never had one before and I'm 16 I feel like there's something wrong with me 😓

16 is still pretty young; I know A LOT of people who are in their 20's and still haven't had a boyfriend/girlfriend. Don't stress about it. Be patience and least expect it. - Hannah

does this mean you won't be answering advice questions anymore? I barley see you posting stuff on here D:

No, definitely not. I will still be answering questions. Sorry about the recent inactivity. I love answering questions and hope to continue to do it throughout the future. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. - Hannah

How come you have delete your KIK?

I barely used it and I have limited space on my phone, so it was taking up a fair bit. - Hannah

Hey guys,

I just wanted to inform you all that I have deleted my KIK. In order to contact me, feel free to add or message on our Facebook:
Thank you!
- Hannah

I had the question about writing 25reasons why im thankful for my director,and i did do it but she hasnt said anything about it.I gave it to her 2weeks ago and since then I have seen her multiple times. I even emailed her but she wont respond. Should i just forget about it?I dont want to annoy her..

I'm sorry to hear that, but personally, I would just forget about it. However, you shouldn't let it get to you. Have you guys spoken recently? Sorry about the late answer. I hope you're doing well. - Hannah

My guidance counselor said I should take vitamin c because I'm sick since over the weekend. I never took vitamin c before but I just bought it. For someone who is sick, what kind of sickness are they suppose to take it? It said adult 19 or older, 6-8 gummies daily. Should I take it all at once?

Maybe try to spread out the 6-8 gummies throughout the day. At least that's what I would do. For example, two with breakfast, two with lunch, two with dinner. - Hannah

I have a friend who is Catholic, we recently hang out to catch up again, he told me he lost his v-card over the summer to his girlfriend at that time. I know it is his personal choice and I'm not stopping him from doing it again. Wouldn't this mean he is going against God of sex after marriage?

No, not necessarily. It could mean that he doesn't believe in everything the Catholic Bible mentions, which is completely fine. - Hannah

hye i feel like i want to die, coz i am to weak for this world

Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, an hour, a day, or even a year. But eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. But if you quit, it will last forever. - Hannah

Where are you guys? It's almost been a week without seeing you being active.


I'm sorry, been catching up with school work and whatnot. I hope you're doing well. - Hannah

hello , may i ask for help? :)

Of course! - Hannah

where are u? i need u rn :(

I am here, sorry. You can contact me on KIK and I will definitely reply faster. My username is: roflhi

- Hannah

Okay I guess. How about you?

I'm well, thank you. - Hannah

I have a director that I really admire. She has always been there for me (especially lately) and she is so kind and for thanksgiving i wanted to make her a "25-50 reasons why i am thankful for her" do you think she would find that weird?

Nooo, I'm pretty sure she'll remember it and be extremely grateful of it. That's such a sweet thought. I wish someone would do that for me, haha :P Best of luck! X - Hannah

i want to ask this girl to prom but she has boyfriend somewhere else and it seems she likes to speak to me then she don't and it confuses, should i still ask her?

I'm sorry, I personally wouldn't ask her as it may cause her boyfriend to hate on you which can end badly. What I would do is just stay friends with her for the time been. Or even, ask her if she's going to prom with her boyfriend? - Hannah

I know I shouldn't lead him alone but I have a feeling he won't leave me alone. I'm pretty sure telling him I have a boyfriend by getting a pretend boyfriend might get things worse. He is a few years older than me. He could be ready to settle down but I'm not ready. What should I do?

First of all, I wouldn't pretend to have a boyfriend. It will definitely make things worse, and it will result in him getting hurt even further. I'll let him know that you're not interested in getting into a relationship at this point of time. However, I would still chill with him as mates. - Hannah

I've became friends with this guy earlier this year. I'm not interest in him at all but he admit to me he want more than friends. It is not just that, he ask me out to have drinks with him but I feel unsafe&uncomfortable by the way he said it. I'm not like him where he is a drinker&party guy. (C)

I'll answer in the next part. - Hannah

there is a girl that i sit by in one of my classes and shes really skinny,and it triggers me. Ive never been diagnosed w/ an ED but have a lot eating issues. Sitting by her makes me feel really self conscious and makes me want to not eat.How do i let my teacher know w/out sounding selfish or rude..

What I would do is speak to your teacher privately that you don't feel comfortable sitting next to her for personal reasons. You don't have to justify your reasons, especially if you don't feel comfortable talking about your reason. Just be polite and make sure to get your point across. - Hannah

Anyone on

Yes, I am. Sorry about the late reply. - Hannah

If a guy gives you a piggy back, does that show a sign of being flirty?

Yes, haha. - Hannah


Hello, how are you? - Hannah

Do you know if vegans & vegetarian eat sushi? I want to take my friend to all you can sushi but I'm sure he is either vegan or vegetarian. I don't have much friends who are like those type of health thing. I feel embarrassed to ask since I don't want to make myself like an idiot.

Vegetarians eat sushi, and Vegans eat a particular type of Sushi. :) - Hannah

There's this girl i really like but she has a BF but she flirts with me a lot and it confuses me, what should i do?

Straight out ask her about it. Ask her what her thoughts are on you because you seem to be getting mixed emotions. It's not okay for her to misguide you like that. - Hannah

I want to do something for my birthday this weekend but each time I ask people if they want to do something for my birthday, they would say either they are broke or got already planned. I would be upset if I got nothing to celebrate. I don't want to be like that every year. What should I do?

Throw a hang out party at home or somewhere. And only invite the ones who you are closest to. Inviting a number of people will increase the chance of them not coming. Let them know it's a small gathering/hang out. An remind them that it will mean so much to them if they could make it. - Hannah

It's my birthday today!! 🎉🎉😊😊


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY! Wishing you the best possible day, ever! - Hannah


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