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KIM HYUN JOONG | 김현중 @IKimHyunJoong
Seoul, Korea ‎@IKimHyunJoong
Singer, actor, model, leading. Producer agency: Kim hyun joong 's Official page. About "Boys Before Flowers Part 2": My fan page: ‎@kimhyunjoongfanpage Friend ‎@Fonteshem

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opppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppa . where you have been.. you don't know how much I missed you. I missed you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥.  Henecia Forever✿#WhereAreYou??
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Fighting kimo :) ^_^ if you feel boring take with us ^_^  Somaa Gamal
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Hey Kim Hyun Joong marry me ))))))))  Go Go
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I love u all♥
I am sorry♥
Who love me?♥
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You are so busy ... you should take a rest  Somaa Gamal
I have a lot of work with new music album, Im so bored this week
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Kim Hyun Joong luck you really awesome I'm from audiences always Atapek♥♡♡  I love you
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oppa please tell the truth you real or fake . Please maybe you don't know what happened here im but all idols here is fake even park jung min . Please tell me I always believed in you . tell me if you want to tell me it's okay if it private I am sorry for this I feel like stupid  Henecia Forever✿#WhereAreYou??
I'm a real
I do not have time for this site
I visit him once a week 1
for their fans 1 times a week, I find the time
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is this khj real account? your english is great! haha :D  HanifaM
Yes, real. Noooooo, my eng is very poor
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are u fake too oppa ???????  ♔ らнƐ௱Ø ♔
No I am real, I am busy now, sorry fans^^
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Yo yo yo how are you pabo xD  김종인 (kai)ッ♥only angle zhizh♥ ✔
yo Hey, fine. you?
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I have whats upp .. oppa miss you more  Henecia Forever✿#WhereAreYou??
tell to Aig ur number
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Saranghea  Tutku [F]
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oppppppppppppppa. missed ya so much .... Please answer me. .. and can I talk with you private . I want to tell you something  Henecia Forever✿#WhereAreYou??
I am busy now, talk with Aig, u have whats app, if no please do
miss u♥
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Finally you are here! how are you? *.*  Nour.❤
fine u?
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kim hye finally back .. welcome back i love u so much .. i love your acting . your voice & your song . i'm arabian fan From Egypt  MerNa ♥미르나♥
Hey Egypt!♥
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Good luck honey take care of yourself ❤  Nour.❤
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finally welcome backkk,can't believe that u are back,you'remissed♡♡  JalaMohamed.
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helloooooo my sweatheart kimoooo  ben
Beny ♥ Love u
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Oppaaa i miiiss uu :( where are uu :'(  JaNe ✔
I have a lot work^^ Love u Jany♥
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please back!u have no idea how much i missed u  JalaMohamed.
♥ I am here
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I am sorry fans♥I am very busy with my new work<3 miss you all
who love and miss me?
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omg I really really love you!  Marryann
love you too
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Oppa i hope SS501 return again that's will be nice ^^ fighting kimoo  Somaa Gamal
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my dear oppa hyunjoong, i'm noor, i think u forgot me because this more than 3 years, since that time, i still remember ur words to me. oppa..maybe i'm normal and simple one but But I challenge all the world that understand u more than me... oppa if u allow to talk with you secretly here..
okAy ^^ gamsamidama Noor♥
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