KIM HYUN JOONG | 김현중 @IKimHyunJoong
Seoul, Korea ‎@IKimHyunJoong
Occupation: singer, actor, model, leading Skills: singing, playing guitar, piano Producer agency: Kim hyun joong 's Official page. About "Boys Before Flowers Part 2"-> My fan page: ‎@kimhyunjoongfanpage
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hii kimooo how re u ?  ben
Beny miss u ^^how is ur sis? i don't forget
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i send to u alot of Q :( can you answer just one of them love youu pro <3  Esraa Ahmed
Hey u I love u too♥
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yaaah hyun joong^^i'm here and miss talking with you  JalaMohamed(H)
Jaly thank u ♥
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wuah ♥ thank you oppa  Şüheda *★*
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it was Good And Yours?  Tiffany ✔#HappyBirthdayToMe♥
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Hyun Joong Love U SoOoOoOoOoOo Much  Şüheda *★*
♥ love u too
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Sure :)
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i know oppa No one perfect , but you oppa the best , oppa take a medicine and if you have free time , go to sleep you will become better :))  Henecia Forever✿#OnlyKhj
Thank you my lovely fan Asert, sooon^^
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Yeah I See Thats Nice :D we are both fake blondes anyways haha xD  Tiffany ✔#HappyBirthdayToMe♥
Yes, I'll change hairstyle^^
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How come u ignored my questions I'm sad now :'(  ( PRAY FOR GAZA )
I have 677.990 quest + now 13 quest , I tired ,,,,, I want go to bed , but I answering
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Thank You So Much haha  Tiffany ✔#HappyBirthdayToMe♥
as you can see I'm also half-blonde hah
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Annyeong oppa , Now I download on the page your concert in Yokohama WooooooW You was Wonderful and Dyed your hair , Oppa you perfect in everything  Henecia Forever✿#OnlyKhj
perfect? thank you
but no ideal people
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You Can See A Picture On My Other Acc ‎@TiffanyHwangVEVO  Tiffany ✔#HappyBirthdayToMe♥
vaaaa so perfect Tiff
nice, nice and nice
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Why you don't have an account facebook ( I don't mean the page ) ? :(  lovely angel <- My fb page ,there is a tick, which confirms that I am a real
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I Am Exited For My Birthday hehe And I Dyed My Hair Blond, I Am Good ^_^  Tiffany ✔#HappyBirthdayToMe♥
Congratulations,you will be very beautiful blonde
want to see you :)
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Oppa do u have twitter  ( PRAY FOR GAZA )
No , I haven't :)
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How Are You ? :)  Tiffany ✔#HappyBirthdayToMe♥
Today I was busy all day ...
I had a headache, but now everything is fine, what about u Tiff?
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Annyeong oppa :)  Mєlly
Hey fan♥
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Annyeong Hyun-Joong  Tiffany ✔#HappyBirthdayToMe♥
Annyeong Tiff!
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Beautiful New Style Oppa ♥♥  Mayar Mero # I ♡ Jung Min
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i watching To Playful kiss now *-* i Lovee Youu ♥♥♥  Amanii♥ .. #Only kimbum
Thank u for it, It's my nice drama<3 good luck
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Omg I love u so much ur like a BAD BOY So sexy lol  ( PRAY FOR GAZA )
Bad boy? woooooooooow , Thank you
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