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Singer, actor, model, leading. Producer agency: Kim hyun joong 's Official page. About "Boys Before Flowers Part 2": My fan page: ‎@kimhyunjoongfanpage Friend ‎@Fonteshem
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old... memory  KIM HYUN JOONG | 김현중
with my lovely dog
old... memory
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go sleep kimo  JaeBum Fan Page ✓
I want to sleep much, my eyes are closed
You probably have seen the transfer with my group (ss501) as we are awake?
I miss those days
Now I sleep alone, without my guys
good night, and to guys too
ss501 ♥
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what the hatttter want from you i hattttttttte themmmmmmmmm so much i want to killllll them :'(  JaeBum Fan Page ✓
what do they want?
1 they want me to upset
2 that I found them and met with them
3 they are miserable people who love to tease other
4 they write this to all people ,is a habit
another reason I do not know
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Don't answer those questions and to be honest with you after you answers now i respect you more and more and i see that you are wise man and smart and i just fount myself love you  JALA(H).
thanks for the support
my manager does not allow itself to respond to the bad message on facebook
so I say here
I am sooooooooo tired
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minute after minute my respect to you is becoming bigger and bigger , i respect you hyuny :)  Dina
Today was a terrible day
- I have a headache
- I'm tired
- I receive bad reports
world is against me ...
but thanks fans favorite
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woaw , your answer is smart hahaha really  Dina
sometimes I want to del my acc
but lovely fans here waiting and love for me
I'm tired of the terrible questions
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Kimoo kimoo you're our hero❤  어하진 ❤
some people call me a hero, others hate me.
I want to say so, all who do not like me, do not write me !!! God sees it
Why are you doing this? if you do, you becomes better Thank you very much! I love these fans like you!
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do you know kimo i sometimes used a transloter too or always used it so.donot say anout your self stupid bec you are not please donot say that pleasr you are smart and great kimo in the world donot say anything bad to your self okay if you sayvthat you aee stupid again like yoi say to me stupid okay  JaeBum Fan Page ✓
Thank you that you have. Today I received a lot of questions that I'm stupid.
I can show you, see (Kim you are stupid korean ,how you became famous?) - these users I immediately locked.
I am grateful to my fans who really love me!
And the answer I translate through an interpreter, it is difficult for me, because I'm tired to answer questions, but I do it.
I would like to deac my acc today, bit i don't doing it , because i love my fans, henecia!!
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so U kimo ? not just fan ?  ♕ Batoul - Amjad ♕ :3
Yes, I am real. Check through my facebook, there is a check mark - which means that I'm real. More than once I was doing autographs to fans.
If you want I can write to you in Korean? I received thousands of questions (Kim write in English), (I do not understand, and write in English) (please translate what you wrote) (answer in English)
You know it's so hard to use a translator ... For the fans, I'm doing it, though I might respond in Korean, even this response, I translate through a translator ..
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U kimoo ? hhhh don't joke kimoo can't spaek english ! :(  ♕ Batoul - Amjad ♕ :3
my english is bad
sometimes I use a translator, because my fans do not know Korean
sorry I do not know much English, and often use a translator
do you think I am so stupid that I do not know phrases (hello, how are you?), (I love you) (thank you), and so on. These are simple phrases that knows every child
I often use a translator
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Who are you.  HeneciaTriples 펠린
I'm an actor
I'm a singer
I'm Yoon Ji Hoo ( from BOF)
I'm Beck Son Joe (from PlayfulKiss)
I'm Shin Jong Tae (from Inspiring Generation)
I'm Kim Hyun Joong in real life
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are you still here?  JALA(H).
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I am sleepy
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Have you aface book?  Rahma Ro elsayed
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i love you hyuny , gooooooooooooooooood luuck sweetie , كيم هيون جونغ <3333333  Dina
good night to all♥
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Rest well and sleep well.. [^__^]  Elizabeth Christina
okay, gumawo♥
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You will always be the leader! damn you are kim hyun joong the best ever!!! ❤  어하진 ❤
Now I am not leader, I am KHJ~
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[^^] goodnight oppa ~  Elizabeth Christina
good night to me♥
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I love you❤ good luck with everything:')  어하진 ❤
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sarangheyo oppa... u r too cute and best leader ever.... u did a greatest job being a leader of an amazing group .... fighting ss501 leader...  Korea_lover Princy
i was leader , now i am just Kim Hyun Joong
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fighting fighting... oppa juahaji.  Korea_lover Princy
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Oppa we are arab fans we can't leane you we will always support you fighting oppa I Love You  Emme ma.501
yea gamsa Arab fans♥
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Oppa we will always support you,, fighting!! =] love you <3  Elizabeth Christina
fighting fans♥
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kim hyun joong amazing oppa :) ~♡♡  CHiCHoO✔#MAMACITA✌
thank you<3
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