KIM HYUN JOONG | 김현중 @IKimHyunJoong
Seoul, Korea ‎@IKimHyunJoong
Singer, actor, model, leading. Producer agency: Kim hyun joong 's Official page. About "Boys Before Flowers Part 2": My fan page: ‎@kimhyunjoongfanpage Friend ‎@Fonteshem
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Kim Hyun Joong luck you really awesome I'm from audiences always Atapek♥♡♡  I love you
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oppa please tell the truth you real or fake . Please maybe you don't know what happened here im but all idols here is fake even park jung min . Please tell me I always believed in you . tell me if you want to tell me it's okay if it private I am sorry for this I feel like stupid  Henecia Forever✿#Lonely♥
I'm a real
I do not have time for this site
I visit him once a week 1
for their fans 1 times a week, I find the time
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is this khj real account? your english is great! haha :D  Hanifa Mardhiyyah Sugiyono
Yes, real. Noooooo, my eng is very poor
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are u fake too oppa ???????  ♔ らнƐ௱Ø ♔
No I am real, I am busy now, sorry fans^^
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Yo yo yo how are you pabo xD  ッ김종인 (kai)ッ♥only Angel Hyo♥ ✔
yo Hey, fine. you?
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I have whats upp .. oppa miss you more  Henecia Forever✿#Lonely♥
tell to Aig ur number
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Saranghea  Tutku
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oppppppppppppppa. missed ya so much .... Please answer me. .. and can I talk with you private . I want to tell you something  Henecia Forever✿#Lonely♥
I am busy now, talk with Aig, u have whats app, if no please do
miss u♥
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Finally you are here! how are you? *.*  Nour.❤
fine u?
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kim hye finally back .. welcome back i love u so much .. i love your acting . your voice & your song . i'm arabian fan From Egypt  MerNa ♥미르나♥
Hey Egypt!♥
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Good luck honey take care of yourself ❤  Nour.❤
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finally welcome backkk,can't believe that u are back,you'remissed♡♡  JALA(H).
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helloooooo my sweatheart kimoooo  ben
Beny ♥ Love u
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Oppaaa i miiiss uu :( where are uu :'(  JaNe ✔
I have a lot work^^ Love u Jany♥
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please back!u have no idea how much i missed u  JALA(H).
♥ I am here
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I am sorry fans♥I am very busy with my new work<3 miss you all
who love and miss me?
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omg I really really love you!  Marryann
love you too
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Oppa i hope SS501 return again that's will be nice ^^ fighting kimoo  Somaa Gamal
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my dear oppa hyunjoong, i'm noor, i think u forgot me because this more than 3 years, since that time, i still remember ur words to me. oppa..maybe i'm normal and simple one but But I challenge all the world that understand u more than me... oppa if u allow to talk with you secretly here..
okAy ^^ gamsamidama Noor♥
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i love u too<3
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Hiii ^-^
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okay . okay .... I will wait it ... :))))  Henecia Forever✿#Lonely♥
missed u^^
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My oppa <3 <3 <3  Suzana
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Heyyyyyyyyyy <3  HeneciaTriples kim Hyun fans펠린
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