KIM HYUN JOONG | 김현중 @IKimHyunJoong
Seoul, Korea ‎@IKimHyunJoong
Singer, actor, model, leading. Producer agency: Kim hyun joong 's Official page. About "Boys Before Flowers Part 2": My fan page: ‎@kimhyunjoongfanpage

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opppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppa  Henecia Forever✿
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saranghae  Susu
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hi any body here ? oppa can you speak arabic ^_^ ?!  Somaa Gamal
No I don't
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Stand by me :) listeing to  Somaa Gamal
na na na na na, i love this song
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where r u..  Saina
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Hi! I'm your fan from Russia and I love you <3 Come to Russia, please  Хорошая
hello Russia♥
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Are you the real account to oppa kimo :p :p :D :p  Somaa Gamal
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Oppa ❤️  아이샤
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are you really kim hyun joong oppa . if it's true naneun sarangheo oppa i love you  vitaaulia
yes, real. saranhedayo♥
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do you feel alone? you are not...  veronica romo
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hello oppa I miss you so much <3 How are you? hope you alright.  ivo lovita
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oppa♥  Gladys Agatha
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Good evening kimo hope to all fine :) Have a beautiful time  Somaa Gamal
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Are you thinking days to visit the Arab country?!  M.H.G
Sure, i think sometimes
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kimoo i am missing u much  ben
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Hi Kim! How are u:)  Aig
Hello my dear friend Aig! I'm glad to see you again!
I've missed you! I am good!How are you?
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my son♡♡♡  Bigmama# jihoon#sad
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have a nice day ^_^ i love u all :D  ♥TàÝlOŕ ♥ صلوا ع النبي♡
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oppa I love you ❤  Hanona Hanan
Hey Love ♥
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Hi oppa long time to see you HOw are you oppa ? Have a nice day fighting  Somaa Gamal
this morning I had a headache, and you know I did not want to see a single person. Sometimes loneliness is useful, then I got better
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What was the last time you were angry what happened?  M.H.G
when something does not work
when things do not go according to plan
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Do reply me when u r free...if its really u...  Saina
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thank you for answering hope you still do it even if you go to the  veronica romo
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