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I swear my dad is just the absolute worst! I can't wait to move out of this shithole once and for all. He always has to kill my fucking vibe and make me feel like shit. I can't wait to be successful. I'll never give him or any of my family members money. They are so awful!
fuck him truly
Why uncle josh sucks?
because he's gross
How's Uncle Josh? He good??
uncle josh sucks lmao
Why Joe has been quiet in NYC? He seems a ninja sometimes, only few fans have seen him this week and we have not got candids of him in NYC. He should be in LA with his friends
he should stay in NYC forever
LMAO wasn't andrea stickel the one who took a picture of joe's follow request on twitter and posted it on facebook along with a "on a yacht with JOE JONAS" status? and then joe asked to vote for her for a cheerleading contest or smth? i didn't think she was still around
LOL maybe I really didn't pay attention to his female friends during that time because it was too much to keep up with LOL
Funny how Olivia didn't go to yesterday's show.. But went to today's because there was a lot of press/all of Nick's important friends.. Haha.
LOL I plead the fifth
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Joe is hooking up with Andrea Stickel?
I've always wondered why you guys think he's hooking up with so many people. I know back in his fastlife thing he had good amount of hookups but he's not that person anymore....it actually kinda upsets him when people assume that of him actually. Like he could be hooking up with her for all I know but it's very odd how you guys always think that....
Those girls that harass lisa and whoever twerk jonas girl is are wrong for harassing but they are right about what they say, they have no logic. At least the other girls don't make up and spew out utter bullcrap and don't stalk tweets about joes nipples and virginity.
man idk I just don't see why we can't just act like adults. Also, Sarah doesn't do any of those things.
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you think Joe has casual sex? you know Joe is young and the man has needs and can't live without sex for a long time unlike the woman. Do you think he's banging prostitutes?
what.....even is this question....
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is she talking or singing in them?
whats wrong with them?
she sounds bad lol
What was you listening to and cringing?
the voice memos on 1989
Ughh literally wanted you to show how terrible she fuckin sounds
Wtd you had the deluxe version and the memo and you didn't tell the world how fuckin terrible she sounds?? You have failed me jaz
LMAO I'm sorry! I was listening to it and I was literally cringing
wait wait so i watched ted the other day (lol that movie) and olivia was cut out of it? what?
She was supposed to be in it because she was ~involved with Seth at the time but then found out about how she was basically using him lol so he cut her part out of the movie
Hope today is a better day jaz!
thank you so much.
hi jaz, i miss your funny tweets. i hope you're ok
hello, thank you :) this means a whole lot honestly.
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hope tomorrow is a better day for you <3
thank you very much :)
would you date a guy obsessed with video games?
yeah so he wouldn't talk to me.
Hey I think you're having a shitry day it's obvious from ur answers :( hope you're ok!! ❤️❤️❤️
thank you. :)
Shouldn't be getting worked up over a celeb's love life but that's what you did with Janda and will still do. What a fuckin hypocrite you are really
I mean, yeah I did. But like...it's not good to be so invested. I truly was talking to Sarah about this earlier and it really does fucking suck to be so invested in a celebrity the way I am. I'm sorry if you think I'm being an ass or whatever but I'm being honest. What happened with Joe and Blanda is over and done with.
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0-ioBCIEAAqVX5.jpg damn and I thought selena needed some colgate
stop this