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Wonder when Joe is doing his DJing gigs he plays Nicks song! how amazing and cute that would be!
Joe stans are hating on Nick, Kevin, Denise, Paul for tweeting about Nick and Kevins projects (Jealous, Kingdom and the app) but not tweeting about the kickstarter for Joe's movie but Joe hasn't tweeted or supported any of his brothers projects but the fans haven't said anything about that!
in Joe's defense he's in love with Nick and he saw him play in the city a few times last month and they hung out a lot (and idt Joe even has directv LOL) but ia just because something isn't tweeted doesn't mean it didn't happen
Did you support Joe's movie?
I donated to the kickstarter and I'm waiting until I get paid to donate a bigger amount to the new funding project
The Jonases are virgins pass it on.
*passes on*
I bet ya didn't know that nicola was in Miley's 7 things video
I heard that awhile ago I believe
A couples sex life is personal fans should want to know about that stuff, I'm certain Nick and Olivia doesn't want people talking/knowing about their sex life.
I'll take your body back take it back, take it back to the wilderness
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why are americans so weird
I feel so bad for joe. Everyones always SO eager to help nick but not him. I'm happy for nick qnd all the amazing things happening to him but i just wosh joe had like 1% of what nick has. He tries SO hard but gets nothing back
I love Joe and I have faith that there are so many great things that are going to happen for him in the near future
I don't really think nick loves joe. I mean. I think he likes that joes a flop so he can brag about his success.. When it was joes time to "shine" in 2011 (joe still flopped) they barely spoke and he never went to joes shows.. I think he was jealous. But now that joes not a threat anymore he hangs
nick loves joe
Lol the fact that nick tweeted about Kevin but not joe... But then again joe didn't even tweet about it cuz he knew already it's gonna happen whether they donate or not it just baffles me the amount of support that joe gets from his family
I know his family loves him and they support him. I get that support doesn't have to be displayed via social media but like I thought they'd tweet about it....but maybe Joe didn't want them to, we don't know what's going on behind the scenes.
https://twitter.com/kdmariee/status/523672388190212096 Awkward she isn't prettier then Olivia.....
olivia isn't really all that pretty imo she's basic/selena pretty
https://twitter.com/DearNoOne92/status/523928336285057024 oh no Nick and Joe are both wearing a Top and Jacket, look at Nick copying Joe!
I just don't think it's fine for people to know shit about him that may make him look weak and then use it against him you do that and it's upsetting tbfh. Out of love or not that's not my point.
who does that though lol I personally think Joe has so many qualities that I WISH I had
But Nick did a lot of things that gave me the Fastlife joe vibe don't even deny it he just took it up a notch
"fastlife" Joe was called that for a different reason than why Nick was called that lol but I guess?
Have you ever smelled a Jonas fart?
Yeah I understand that your friendship aren't based on Infos but you still tell them Infos??? Like they actually holds it against him and it's so fuckin sad to see ppl say shit like hey the goal wast realistic it's not gonna happen and Sarah was one of them... Sooo
They actually love Joe especially Sarah. And imo it was a realistic goal like if one 10% of Joe's followers donated a dollar it' be fine but welp
Joe is sad :(( I don't want him to be sad :(((
Joe is fine
Why do you tell the Infos that you know to undeserving people who holds it against Joe afterwards??? Like that twerk girl who always lust after Nick and that oldschool nj like really?? Just keep it to yourself? Or at least if you wanna say something say it to Joe stans who you can trust?
I'm friends with both people and I actually ADORE Sarah... lol I'm not close with a lot of "Joe stans" besides Cecelia and Shanaue but like my friendships aren't based on info....so like...lol?
Ele (‎@NickJaddicted_E) thinks wayyy to much about Nick (and Olivias) sex life. It's very weird.
me thinks you shouldn't be concerned about what she says lol
"LMFSaodamfna kevin's such a sweetheart but he's so......" he's so what? you can't leave it like that!
i can't even describe it like I adore Kevin and he's such an amazing person but sometimes I'm like what are you doing with ur life
You're stupid as fuck Jaz. A Jonas will never date you because you're hideous and you have a horrible personality to match
nick is going to have fizzleded out by the end of 2015. he's using his body and sex, drugs, drinking, etc to get attention but that never lasts in terms of creating yourself. hes doing it wrong poor it. he's too young and not intelligent even if he thinks he is. he should have waited like joe is
If they weren't brothers? It's pretty obvious Nick hates Joe now. And if he doesn't exactly "hate" him he clearly has no respect for him. Or anyone but himself, tbh.
nick loves joe
650 that's it? Uh oh. Directvs last original series did way better with over a mil each episode :(
650 out of the 797k impressions it got is v good to me imo