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who's joe dating now?

steven taylor

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The Jonas Bros still interest you? How boring but good for you I guess lol

thx appreciate it

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Joe never befriends or dates anyone relevant anymore. It's so boring.....

exactly why he should date me

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I'm from the Middle East Egypt particularly and I never thought I would've join a revolution until it happened. I mean yeah sure our gov back was so fucked up much more than yours prob but when it happened it literally felt like the best thing I've ever done in my entire life. Lol idk why I'm tellin

I mean I'd like to get involved in some way but it's really all about putting yourself out there. Obviously our government isn't on the same level as yours but there's always things that can be fixed I recently joined a social justice team that has a lot of involvement in nyc so hopefully something amazing comes from it

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If you know it why wasn't Taylor camped out there the whole fashion week. Not like she has anything else to do! although She seems camped there now so you must've just found out.

she posted pics at the soho grand. he's not staying there. why do you care about what we do or don't know. go read a book or study for a test or something LOL

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You don't know where Nick or Joe is staying or else Taylor Alyssa and you would be camped out there right now :)))))

it's actually -23 degrees right now so actually not really

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In an hypothetical scenario where the government went crazy(ier) and people were trying to fight against it, would you join a revolution? do you think you would have the courage?

I'm really passive so I probably wouldn't as shitty as that sounds :(

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You are so late to the Jonas stalking game lol where were u in 2012


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apparently joe is going to the UK for London Fashion Week...? do you know anything about it?

nope! but i can guarantee you he'll do the same shows he did last year so really all you need to do is google london fashion week and joe jonas and you'll see what shows he goes to. Also the designers usually post fittings with Joe so keep an eye out! good luck :)

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what picture was Joe tagged in?

the picture denise posted lol it's nothing

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why??? They could be twins tbh

do you agree wilmer looks a lot like joe?

Do you like boopsy

We're not friends but I don't have a problem with her

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U love olivia culp


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joe is so beautiful i hate him :(

me as fuck.

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what do you think about nick hosting the kca's? i mean i was actually thrown off that he decided to do bc i thought he was going for a more grown up image and hosting the kca's....well....LOL

It's kinda weird because I'm thought he was breaking away from that image but a gig is a gig I guess

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what was your first fanfiction? lol

A really corny "niley" fanfic where joe was dating emily osment and Kevin was dating ashley tisdale it was bad

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Joe did avoid boopsy though so i guess he cares if it's HER

LOL I don't think it was her it was like people she's friends with I've never talked to them. But it's not like Joe knew 100% who was there or used a back entrance.

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are you gonna watch the KCA?

Probably not sry neek

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Lol please stop acting like ANYONE gives a shit about you and your crew meeting the jo bros. you act like you are chilling with harry styles hahahaha truly no one cares.

I mean.....you gave a shit enough to take time out of your day to write this? but okay? drag? I guess? maybe? kinda? not really?

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