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I think Joe loved more Ashley than Blanda. And he isn't with Ashley because she didn't want him
ur entitled to your opinion I guess?
So you're saying joe doesn't know what he wants lol
no I mean I feel like Joe is still in the early stages so once he gets past that he'll be nonstop
Is nick at a hotel ???
well yeah lol he doesn't have his apartment
Those who say joe isn't working I'm like ?!?!?!?! Like how do you know? And they all sound like 12 year old that are whining so I cannot honestly take them seriously? And the magazines and the photoshoots like wtf
Joe is really working this whole networking thing but I wouldn't expect some people to see that!
No really you know where he's staying ?
close to it :/ i wish i wasn't so sad
Come on now. Elle japan? Thank you Maya.
you do know maya isn't an editor and even if she did have any say in that it wouldn't be her making the decision but alas [2]
I agree but like.. Most of her interviews, i mean she only got them csuse shes dating joe. Shes not a famous designer. I'm not trying to be hateful or rude but that's my point of view and i hope you can change it. Shes not famous, yet she gets solo candids. How?
I'm not going to change your point of view if that's what you think go ahead. I mean she had interviews from before she was dating Joe and photoshoots as well. But as she was dating Joe she really started to build a name for herself it's just odd to me how people think a jonas brother has that much influence over the world of graphic design and murals but alas
How is saying Joe doesn't like to work hating? Can you deny he goes in vacation after vacation? And even when hes not, he just strolls around all day? Theese are facts. It's his life and he can do what he wants but it's not hating saying hes not working
except it's not facts lmfao candids are literally 5 seconds out of his day. Just because he's not annoucing things doesn't mean he's not working lol he has songs with highly respected musicians that they wrote together and more magazine covers lined up but that's disregarded per usual so carry on lol
It's just I keep thinking about all these opportunities joe had back in 2009 you said something about the valentines day? And how many doors would've been opened for him and nick at the first chance he got he gave up the band like ugh not fair
yeah he had a role in valentines day (nothing overly major) but he turned it down because he didn't have time for it. I feel like when Joe knows for sure the direction he wants to go in he will work like hell to get it, just like Nick did.
Yeah but it's hard to see the deserving people struggle and the assholes always get it easier like nick Demi Justin they are ducks but people shit their pants over them but kind deserving people have to work ten times harder and sometimes it doesn't even work
life is fucking hard man
Where is nick staying in nyc ?
ughhhh dont.
But don't you think it's not fair to joe? Life isn't fuckin fair man
It's not, but I think Joe came to terms with it and is headed in a good direction
All this and at the end he still chooses himself over the band ya know?
It's obvious he took control of mostly everything this era so it was so weird to me how he said her didn't like the sound LMAO but I guess you gotta lose some to win some?
How can you all love Blanda so much tho? I din't get it. For me it's so obvious shes using joe but i'm the only one so.. Idk what to do lol and no i'm not jealous of her at all.. I just think shes very sketchy
I think she's insanely talented and so educated and hard working. I love reading her interviews because she sounds so smart and down to earth and actually relatable. I know I don't know her irl but do we know any of our faves on that level?
You seem to hate every girl who dates Nick. So i just assune you're jealous cause hes your baby or whatnot and you'd hate in Blanda if she went near nick
I honestly like to think I've grown up and matured from being an angry niley stan lmfao I think people don't understand that I really liked Olivia before there were even nolivia stans but things that she does that really makes me judge her. Also, this may be an odd concept but I really adore and admire Blanda? like aside from her dating Joe. I really do like her as her own person
I think the band broke up cuz nick was too selfish and I don't think it's a bad thing he wanted things for himself. Although the way it was done was shitty and completely unprofessional
I'm not really mad about the band being over moreso the way it was done. I understand where Nick and eventually Joe and Kevin were coming from. The sound was still, they were selling terribly, there was no future as a band anymore. Nick, Joe, and Kevin have all gotten more opportunities as individuals so. But then again a fifth album and a fall tour would have been nice too!
Well I don't like nick cuz ppl think he's so much nicer than joe when he isn't? And that he has more potential than joe when he doesn't? They're all the same actually. It just sucks to see people like nick getting praised when he's a dick and ppl like joe getting shitted at cuz he has the rep of the
i've just gotten to this point where I don't try to argue with ignorance. Like I think Nick and Joe are both amazing and if someone doesn't agree then that's their problem
I also have mutual friends you can't see everything only the people who have their privacy settings public
oh yeah you can't see everything obvi but you can see wall posts, likes, and joe's comments or when he like posts a video link or w/e
I'm so glad nick is getting what he deserves! Projects that are gonna flop! I'm so glad he barely has any fans!
it has five bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
(I'm replying to this text) but yeah I already knew that but I kinda love how he always lives in a low key area even his apartment in soho was in such a chill area
Why are jonas fans still bitching about wanting the band back? Nick is releasing new music, that's basically what a JB album was anyway.
omf this truth tea
Go stan one direction then, no one force you to stan jonas lol
you got a bf???????????!!!!!!!!!
Guess we can't expect Janda proposal on this trip I greece cause he's crippled and probably can't get on his knee lol
he can lay on the floor it's fine
You'd hate Blanda if she was dating your precious Nick, wouldn't you? It's sad how protective and proud you are of Nick but couldn't care less about Joe. And yet you say joes your fav.
this is an odd concept can I have a more in depth analysis of how you arrived to this theory?