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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXqiFV_f7so#t=72 someone make a gif of Nick grabbing and shaking his junk asap!
yeah someone get on this
at what age do u think a child stop calling his dad daddy and why
idk lol I still call my mom mommy
Why do you think about ppl who have bdsm needs? Submissive and dominant I know weird question sorry always found it interesting tho
I haven't studied human sexuality that but some people are adrenaline junkies so the thought of being tied up and choked excites them because for them it's all about the thrill (for submissive people) For dominant people I would say it has a lot to do with the fear of not being in control (which is a symptom of OCD/anxiety), also that can be the way the react toward a traumatic event/abuse/neglect
The fact that oldschoolnj retweeted a tweet from a lovatic that hate on Joe an the tweet was that she only respect Nick and Joe is trash this shows her support for Joe she's such a hypocrite
Ok well I love joe so much and I just I can't.
I love him too I can't wait to hold him and rock him to sleep
But don't you think it's so sad what nick became? Can you believe this is the dude from 2010 with songs like rose garden? It's literally so sad
No? He was a person that was insecure of his own smile to actually being confident in himself. Just because he has one song like Jealous doesn't mean that all of his songs are like that.
Joes photoshoot is classy and nicks looks.. Naked as all his recent photoshoot lmao
both are great
Is my fav (joe) problematic? lol
yeah but it's okay because he's hot
That lifeoftheparty and mandy girl are horrible! they think it would be funny to hate Nick and make him leave twitter and they feel sorry for Joe and Kevin because they are Nicks brothers! why are joe stans so mean? :( https://twitter.com/Iifeofthepartyy/status/524603189317095424
Those stans are actually insane and in need of a big needle tbh
Things like this annoy the heck out of me! https://twitter.com/NickJonasFandom/status/525289228859867136
LMAO gay
I prefer Nicks photoshoots to Joes just because Joes are always the same type of thing but Nicks have been different.
I like them both Nick's are hot as fuck but Joe's are so beautiful he's literally the definition of beautiful
Wonder when Joe is doing his DJing gigs he plays Nicks song! how amazing and cute that would be!
Joe stans are hating on Nick, Kevin, Denise, Paul for tweeting about Nick and Kevins projects (Jealous, Kingdom and the app) but not tweeting about the kickstarter for Joe's movie but Joe hasn't tweeted or supported any of his brothers projects but the fans haven't said anything about that!
in Joe's defense he's in love with Nick and he saw him play in the city a few times last month and they hung out a lot (and idt Joe even has directv LOL) but ia just because something isn't tweeted doesn't mean it didn't happen
Did you support Joe's movie?
I donated to the kickstarter and I'm waiting until I get paid to donate a bigger amount to the new funding project
The Jonases are virgins pass it on.
*passes on*
I bet ya didn't know that nicola was in Miley's 7 things video
I heard that awhile ago I believe
A couples sex life is personal fans should want to know about that stuff, I'm certain Nick and Olivia doesn't want people talking/knowing about their sex life.
I'll take your body back take it back, take it back to the wilderness
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why are americans so weird
I feel so bad for joe. Everyones always SO eager to help nick but not him. I'm happy for nick qnd all the amazing things happening to him but i just wosh joe had like 1% of what nick has. He tries SO hard but gets nothing back
I love Joe and I have faith that there are so many great things that are going to happen for him in the near future
I don't really think nick loves joe. I mean. I think he likes that joes a flop so he can brag about his success.. When it was joes time to "shine" in 2011 (joe still flopped) they barely spoke and he never went to joes shows.. I think he was jealous. But now that joes not a threat anymore he hangs
nick loves joe
Lol the fact that nick tweeted about Kevin but not joe... But then again joe didn't even tweet about it cuz he knew already it's gonna happen whether they donate or not it just baffles me the amount of support that joe gets from his family
I know his family loves him and they support him. I get that support doesn't have to be displayed via social media but like I thought they'd tweet about it....but maybe Joe didn't want them to, we don't know what's going on behind the scenes.
https://twitter.com/kdmariee/status/523672388190212096 Awkward she isn't prettier then Olivia.....
olivia isn't really all that pretty imo she's basic/selena pretty
https://twitter.com/DearNoOne92/status/523928336285057024 oh no Nick and Joe are both wearing a Top and Jacket, look at Nick copying Joe!
I just don't think it's fine for people to know shit about him that may make him look weak and then use it against him you do that and it's upsetting tbfh. Out of love or not that's not my point.
who does that though lol I personally think Joe has so many qualities that I WISH I had