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hey you're on joe's favorites
Yeah :/
It's La Perla store expensive? you're from ny so..
yeah kinda lol
You didn't answer my ask but that's fine I unfollowed you cause you talk about nick too much
I almost started to care
Chains is good but not all that great at all. Lol
alright lol
your my spirit animal
thx glad to be of service
joe didnt look that drunk last night.. not too much fun being around O and co? hmm
LOL I plead the fifth
I feel jandaless
me too she should come back now
No not jonasnewsupdate I was a joe jonas update account ONLY make one since you made one for nick ok
I didn't make njonasnews.... I was ASKED to help run it? by one of my friends?
I like chains but it is NOT what people are making it out to be...island must be shelling out the big bucks. I know that island is known for that too. Paying people to write good articles and talk about it constantly. They are also good with mtv. I bet they got paid a shit ton
well that's what a record label is supposed to do?
"I know people say that Nick is arrogant but I find that so hot??? Confidence is hot to me lawd" this is why douchebags are able to get girls smh
LOL chill I could never date Nick
I love when Joe's nipples are hard and you can see them through his shirt. I just want to lick, bite, suck, and fondle them! I want to feel him up and down, rub his inner thighs, stroke his penis, kiss his neck and bite his ears, and watch him moan uncontrollably!
oh. alright. me too
Just Change your user to iChains you unfaithful joe stan
I know you're guess is as good as anyone's but when do you think joe will release something
maybe next year LOL I doubt it'll be anytime soon especially in the midst of the Nick ~hype
What school did you get accepted to?
purchase college :)
Stop talking about neek so I can follow you
but I like neek!
You're nick jonas news???? wtf I'm following both accounts and I had know idea they're both you lmao
LMAO my friend asked me to help her with it and alyssa and i both run the other account
Do you have a jjonasnews I can follow or do you only update nick stuff with his own account cuz i like joe updates
I think Joe loved more Ashley than Blanda. And he isn't with Ashley because she didn't want him
ur entitled to your opinion I guess?
So you're saying joe doesn't know what he wants lol
no I mean I feel like Joe is still in the early stages so once he gets past that he'll be nonstop
Is nick at a hotel ???
well yeah lol he doesn't have his apartment
Those who say joe isn't working I'm like ?!?!?!?! Like how do you know? And they all sound like 12 year old that are whining so I cannot honestly take them seriously? And the magazines and the photoshoots like wtf
Joe is really working this whole networking thing but I wouldn't expect some people to see that!
No really you know where he's staying ?
close to it :/ i wish i wasn't so sad
Come on now. Elle japan? Thank you Maya.
you do know maya isn't an editor and even if she did have any say in that it wouldn't be her making the decision but alas [2]
I agree but like.. Most of her interviews, i mean she only got them csuse shes dating joe. Shes not a famous designer. I'm not trying to be hateful or rude but that's my point of view and i hope you can change it. Shes not famous, yet she gets solo candids. How?
I'm not going to change your point of view if that's what you think go ahead. I mean she had interviews from before she was dating Joe and photoshoots as well. But as she was dating Joe she really started to build a name for herself it's just odd to me how people think a jonas brother has that much influence over the world of graphic design and murals but alas