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that picture that nick tweeted was the ugliest pic ever mofo is on roids and hes ugly. no one is gonna watch that show its directv only and hes a bad actor
fight me
Could expose nick for y'all I have a gif of him getting sucked and he looks so not interested and now I'm sure he's gay
post or it didn't happen
Brandon and kaja are fcking joe and Brandon could be brothers!
liar, how do you know your info is reliable?
because it is hahahah
Expose nick instead then
nick broke up the band
you dont expose olivia because you can't because that didn't stop you before so there has to be a reason why you're not exposing her and it's that you know shit.
lmfaoooooo the only reason I'm not "exposing" her is because it's not my place too. I just get told things if the person who actually finds these things out wants to do it then they can /shrug so
Kat spends a lot of time in your ask
idk does she
Olivia is nice to the people that are nice to her. She was nice to boopsy and that other Nick stan. Maybe if the other bitter nick stans weren't such bitches hating on her (which she probably knows about) she would be nicer. Just a thought.
I'll keep that in mind
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Expose Olivia now she blocked you! DO IT DO IT
Gigi and Cody are not better than Janda don't be a fool. Plus Gigi is a little thirsty
Gigi and Cody are better than every celeb couple
Lol joe stans can you not? Nick is OBVIOUSLY taller than Joe. Sorry Nick is better in literally everything and you're stanning a flop! How sad
*rubs temples*
5'8 my ass take a measuring tape so tired of people guessing their heights.
Take a measuring tape and see how tall 5'9 is no way Nick is up there he's 5'6 at best. You're probably 5'2
next time I see Nick I shall do that
I'm just saying they are the same height
What did joe do so bad to Winston? Give him a mansion to live in with constant love instead of being alone all the time and making him travel all around when bulldogs can't fly well and can get carsick easy? HOW DARE HE
So basically Nick is the tallest, the hottest and most talented of the family. Lmfao no wonder Joes so jealous of him! He even got the girl Joe wanted but was turned out by! Lmfao
Nick isn't taller than joe
o m g ok I could care less about their height they're still midgets
Wow! How much taller is nick than joe? Lol sorry for my english! Can you tell me what is the right way to say that tho? Lol
idkkk I think he's like an inch or two taller than him
I'm 5'8 and all the jonases are a little taller than me so they are 5'9
Nick was the ugliest little motherfucker when he was Frankie's age. Maybe Frankie will get better nicks decent now plus Frankie is cuter than nick was at 13 and at least he's fixing his teeth unlike wonky mouth nick
well damn
lol how is he 5'9 tho? He's obviously not being measured right. I'm a legit 5"4 and were the same height. Taylor Swift is 5'9 and she is taller than Nick. He probably puts 5"9 without knowing his real height.
I'm 5'3/5'4 and they're taller than so w/e lol
I curse Joe. I hate people who don't care for their pets. He does not deserve to have a dog again after what he did to Winston. Joe is a hypocrite, a liar, I hope his house burns with him and Blanda inside.
damn son
There is no way Nick is 5"9. I'm like 5"4 and he's the same height as me.
well he's 5'9 so
You're wrong about karlie and Joe. They went out together the week they met. Both were spotted leaving a hotel together by stalker Sarah (she never lies) they were apparently having dinner there.
oh were they? eh, i still don't think anything happened between them but hey she's gorgeous
When are Olivia and nick gonna break up I'm sick of them they obviously aren't gonna last forever in four months it'll be a year putting up with her ratchet thirsty ass and her insane thirsty family I'm SO done
I deserve an award tbh