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Rock Katie spade all want, still look trash.
It's ok Joe loves me as I am
It's obvious Boopsy stole Joe's info and also obvious who stole it from her ....which is how you get it ;) ;) ;)
LMFAOO okay!
Rock Katie Spade all you want, you literally look like trash 24/7..
At least I'm trash with money so YEET!
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I never realized how green Joe's eyes tend to look until I saw him recently and omfg he's to fucking gorgeous! I wanted to tell him how beautiful his eyes were but I got to nervous and didn't want him I get all shy. I really want to tell him though. Should I tell him next time? Or is it too weird?
yah he's really beautiful but I feel like if you just come out and say it it might get a little awk but hey
cuz i just want you here tonight holding on to me so tight what more can i doooo baby all i want for christmas is youuuuuu
Aw Joe
She did stole Joes info then huh?
I'm nor getting in to it haha I don't want to start anything
I hope so. I love Kevin and Dani so much, but I can't help but feel envious of their love for each other and their family. I just wish I had that too :(
You will find someone that makes you happy but for right now (I'm assuming) you're still pretty young you have a lot of life left to live
is it true that boopsy might go to jail?
She won't go to jail lol
This isn't a question but I was looking on here and omg Jaz your answers are so on point! Just had to let you know haha. You da queen!  Zoe
I love you queen
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You think like boopsy stole Harry's info she stole joes too?
Asdghkkl I'm not touching that one I feel kinda bad for lillie though
I've never seen someone love their significant other the way Kevin loves Danielle! It's amazing and I just want a beautiful family like theirs one day but I feel like it won't happen. Not that I won't find someone, but I won't find someone who loves me that deeply everyday.
You're a beautiful person I'm sure you will have someone like that someday. :)
I thought joe went to Paris?
Nah he's still in Sweden
I miss Kevin
Me af
is jose still in Sweden?
She gets paid to wear clothing so after she has to promote them. A lot of celebs have to do it.
Why does olibi keep posting candids of herself on Instagram.
Ask her
Seriously wtf happened to Nick like you literally got SOME fame take that fucking stick out of your fucking ass you motherfuckin douche
Tell me how you really feel!
What do you think about Nick ignoring your friends?
I don't LOL
Sorry I didn't know you knew Joe personally and know what he's thinking and who he likes and dislikes. Shut up girl and anons stop asking her these stupid questions, she doesn't know the answer!
This is so ridiculous. Of course Dani lets Kevin push Alena in her stroller!! She probably doesn't do it in public, because he'll get tackled by fans or has to stop for autographs he can't just leave the stroller for fans.&she carried her for 9m. In sure that sperm worked hard to get there though.
Drag them
Joe is such a sweet brother I love him like look at Nick he was just at his brothers ex gf BD party and that gf who ruined his reputation forever like Nick is such an ass some times
In Nick's defense he's been friends with Taylor for awhile
Nicks fastlife phase was whoring himself Joe didn't dont even
I laughed
What was SO bad in joes fastlife phase like I know there have been drug use but who really don't do drugs but like what was so bad? I thought he was happy. He looked happy
just different things
Alright you mentioned something about Joe just leaving his family when you saw the candids wththe jonases and olivia does Joe really hate her that's much lol
It's just lmgmlnxseinvsa seeing them all out together like that is so fake it amuses me but Joe doesn't HATE anyone he just doesn't like her he puts up with her for Nick
So you mean not only Nick called the paps but he called the paps on his fam too? Wtf
Idk who called them but like....it's obvious it was planned