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Hmm so was the comment racist or woman degrading or what just this little thing please lol
(this is the feminist in me talking but) it felt kinda degrading? like I get he as probably joking and trying to be ~funny for his friends but rme
Rme you defend Joe when he's with Blanda with him being rude at the time he was with her. Now that he's single he's suddenly rude! You say Nick is rude when he's with Olivia and when he's not with her you ignore his rudeness!!
because usually when they're rude it amuses me but he actually kinda offended me so nope!!!
https://twitter.com/xallthistime21/status/514308020525088769 the girl is right. what about demi and nick? demi DATED his brother and the asshole nick is always kissing demi's ass.
bc nick is in love with demi
I'm pretty sure Joe is seeing Gigi. Like they're not boyfriend/girlfriend yet, but they're dating and seeing where things go.
we all need our rebound
hi queen
hi bae
Do you think any of the boys give a fuck about the other now?
yes obviously?
Joe is not being rude wtf
well not currently at this moment he's probably sleeping
The whole you knowing shit that we don't know is making me sooooo annoyed
hey if i wasn't sure I'd get murdered in my sleep I would say it just so people can get off my dick and stop saying I was lying because they refuse to believe their fave is less than perfect
How rude please explain lol
i did for one incident
You guys are showing your age by saying two years is a long relationship.
for Joe it is LOL
What do u think is going on with joe and Gigi
Joe's bored
It's kinda weird cuz all of a sudden you turn into a hating bitch towards joe and I wonder like what did the guy do? And I know you'll probably say oh well you shouldn't look at my tweets but I am and I find you A very funny/interesting person
long story short there was once incident in particular (among others) he made a comment on facebook and it came off as very rude to me. Granted, i shouldn't even be looking at it but it was just like .....really broseph. I know none of you guys will believe me and I really don't want to sway anyone's minds lol. It's just v annoying getting accused of things that aren't validated lolz
I hope he blocks your ass one day jaz I would love to see the breakdown
I would honestly light myself on fire you should've saw my breakdown when nick dm'd me It will be 100x worse
You claim to be so obsessed with fashion week, yet I bet you couldn't even tell me who Balenciaga's creative director is without googling it.
whoa chill I just like the clothes and the show I went to was amazing and I made so many great memories calm down
You're so biased now. You're not saying anything about how nick betrayed his brother when he hang out with his ex who shaded him several times publicly but you're mad at joe being Gigi for what I'm confused is it Blanda or is it the fact that nick tried dating Gigi or hooking up with her
I though I was always open about my hatred for Demi and Nick's friendship but I'm not mad at Joe because of Gigi
Why you don't feel bad for joe? Like do you know if he's dating Gigi or you're just assuming? Or you think he's betraying Blanda?
He's been being kinda...rude (for lack of a better word). But idrc about him hanging out with Gigi as much as I joke around about it. There's nothing going on even though it does look sketch
so pretty sure Joe will not have a serious relationship in a long time. He's only having a little fun
well yeah.
I feel bad for Joe. He is only enjoying his single life and the media is full of BS. Nick never dated Gigi, so If he wants hook up with Gigi, it's his choice (she wants his dick since long time). Joe hooked up with a 21 year old Brazilian actress when he's was in Rio too, so pretty sure Joe will not
I don't feel bad for Joe.
I think you're perfect. :)
I think you're sweet. :)
Nicks a label puppet already
Still cute doe
All of you saying Jaz doesn't deserve a reply should stfu, who are you to even say that? Don't be jealous that she got a reply and you didn't. Love ya girllll --hayley:)
ily bae
move to nyc
Buy me an apartment in Soho
lol don't worry you deserve his reply, you're as obsessed with him as the rest of the fans.
probably even more. Sad ):
you deserve everything
LOL thanks I agree