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That kickstarter thing isn't going to get enough money. And I'm sad :(
Ugh, I know it's so disheartening. Joe deserves this so much ):
thank u for answering jaz ily
:) no probbb
Is the sex tape real now lol
no LOL
or like is she threatening/threatened him w something? I have so many scenarios lol sorry
omg no she's not psychotic
So aren't you mad at joe anymore? and btw are his current friends not as bad as u thought?
if this makes any sense, I was only mad at Joe because I didn't understand why he was being kinda douchey but like now I get it. He shouldn't stoop to that level but I get it. I still think Ryan P is sketchy though like idk if he has done anything and I'm not claiming that he has but he gives me a weird vibe
http://instagram.com/p/s22k8ZJBmV/ that's azaziegler though, not Blanda (as you can tell from the first comment)... lol is that pic the reason you think this guy is B's rebound?!
no LOL I was playing around with that picture. I mean she's with him but that's not her in the pic
I'm worried is joe ok?
Joe's okay it's just annoying how he's such an angel but gets treated like shit from people who I would never think would hurt him the way they have idkkk he's my baby
joe stealing blanda's friends
can't wait for Kevin's Team Joe shirt
why do people like the kardashians?
because some people find them interesting I guess
omg he literally looks like a toe
I live in Albany but I do spend way too much of my time in the city :/
maybe joe and ryan p are dating
he needs to date steven again
yeah. once you go into the ground you're alone. You leave this world the same way you came in, alone. life's fun!
You're so... I mean you tweet saying to those ppl who don't like your tweets to not creep on you but you just did the same thing for that girl (who you said she just talks about how ugly nick is) I mean don't creep on her too? Like let her say whatver shit she wants?
Okay, like I admit it was cunty of me. I only saw her tweets because she was attacking one of my friend's so I was just making an observation ie her a Joe stan account but all of her tweets being about Nick.
So do you know anything about janda? Who wanted the breakup thing?
me answering this question leads to very bad things
why you still kiss B's ass? u don't know really how B is. and if Joe dumped her ass bc she cheated on him with that guy Zio? I've always thought B's a manipulative bitch. There were many reports that said she was manipulative and fake, so you can't deny that she loved the attention
How am I kissing her ass lmfao
Lmao Idu why are you freakimg out that much about the tattoo joe got that you say it's about Blanda? I mean Idt it is? Yes it's from her collection but maybe it means something to him other than Blanda? I don't think joe is that dumb lol
No I'm not freaking out about it because of Blanda or whatever. I was just laughing at the tweet LOL
How did your find nicks snapchat,
a friend
It's funny you're saying don't tweet nicks personal info but you've been implying you know more "infos" about joe snd his fb.. Hypocrite much?
no....because I would never tweet out Joe's information to be a spiteful cunt? I've never been shy about Joe's facebook because it's nbd to me.
You still upset with joe
only because he won't tweet the damn link omFG
So his family really hate him huh
how's your night going?
My night is going swell how bout you bae
hi queen
hello bae