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‎@safenm1 we as kurds are submissive,we speak in English,Arabic,Persian & Turkish to each other.
good for you
Here's what I don't get! More than half the people that say they hate Nick for breaking up the band only ever liked Nick. So why do they miss the band if they only care about Nick and their twitter page is all about Nick?yes you're friends with many of them...
idk the only ~nick stans that I follow love all three of the boys so what
I think this might be the interview the person's looking for! http://ddlyoufixmyheart.tumblr.com/post/16166823517
hey anon
"it's nothing more than sex and candids" this should be a song title
sounds like a taylor swift song
do you have that interview where joe says what he does when hes heart broken/out of a relationship
I know what interview you're talking about! I just can't find it :/
It's gonna be hella funny when Joe and Blanda break up. Can't wait to see all the stans reactions. Same goes for Nolivia or whatever their name is. Those couples might be "cute" or whatever, but lets be real...it's nothing more than sex and candids. Sorry for being real :|
??"it's nothing more than sex and candids"???
I don't think Joe is a bad person, but I agree with the person who said Joe is a bad influence on Frankie. Maybe you don't get it because you don't believe in God or religion or whatever...but your lack of faith does not make it any less true.
ugh christians
Harry Styles is following the Queen Camilla Belle. Camilla was the most beautiful girlfriend that Joe has ever had. I wanted Jomilla 2.0 because every time Joe meets her, his eyes shine in such a cute way. But no matter. I ship Hamilla, they would be the hottest couple
ok good for you
joe is a bad influence to frankie... he lives in concubinage, he lives in sin...
ugh christians
what did she say about the brakes?
that they were fucked up lol?
Ughhhh she's so lucky *shoots self*
so jealous of her everything
Omfgggggggggg waking up next to joe after having sweet sex all night stop I'm FUCKINGGG done
bye fuck you I don't need this right before I'm about to sleep
I'm so jealous of blanda she gets to wake up to joes face every morning like...it doesn't get any better than that. Sigh
imagine Joe when he first wakes up in the morning ): his hair is messy and his voice is all groggy wow ):
but and Ashley? or he just stayed at her place?
yeah they stayed together a lot but they never officially lived together
did she tell you about the bad brakes?
yes lol
You can tell joe is taller than nick in mamadjonas insta pic and Frankie almost is too
alright haha
Joe lived with any other girlfriend?
no ma'am.
So she let you drive her car?
Frankie is wearing the knotnyc bracelet to on his right wrist! Aw
his family loves her ): I can't
What does it mean when a girl likes you and you like back send you nudes??
that she wants to have sex with you
"like can you imagine waking up and looking at the same damn face every day until you die good lord" and if it was nicks face?
ok that's different
Did you make her pull over and let you drive?
no whenever I was at her house I wouldn't let her drive us anywhere
What about her driving didn't you like?
she drove like a psychopath
just curious about your experiences. ill stop asking if you want.
it's fine hahah I was just wondering