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I'm confused how do you know that tattoo is about blanda? I mean yeah it's her designs but it could be only inspired by her but it doesn't exactly mean it's about her
true, true it just reminds me of her I feel like it could remind him of her as well but it could be about something completely different sure
do you think people will give Joe a chance with his new music after fastlife flopped so hard? sometimes it makes me mad to see so many people make jokes about it because i still love that album so much lol but i feel like it's gonna be hard for joe to make them see that he IS talented
it'll be hard no doubt ): but I hope with the right amount of hard work and sound people will see it because Joe's super talented and great and has an amazing personality
Nick's only more successful than Joe because he's a shell of his former self that whored himself out in typical hollywood fashion to do so. Joe didn't.
o tell me how u rly feel
That anon is pressed Joe never replied to them on Twitter
are they
who's "that nicole girl"?
no one important
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Do you think Joe is jealou of Nick? He is doing what Joe dreamed of. So sad
Nope Joe's super proud of Nick
Nick isn't even a decent actor hes so awkward and you can't tell what he's saying. Yet he gets a role after the other idgi
Gotta admire the kid's hustle tbh
do you think joe would look a lil better if he gained some weight?
Joe looks fine
Wtf why did joe retweet that nicole girl and reply to her tweets so much?
No clue that was one of Joe's various lack of judgements in 2011 I suppose
What freaks you out?
life boys commitment responsibilities dark alleys
not hating on janda but that tatoo joe got was such a dumb idea lol like.. no joseph just bad
well I mean I was kinda eh about it but it's his body/his choice
http://www.justjaredjr.com/photo-gallery/767711/joe-jonas-sees-his-crush-what-does-he-do-11/ is it normal that i still sigh whenever i see that tattoo on joe's arm? do you think he'll ever get it removed
no because I do too :/ and hmm nah idts
do you think nick's actually successful? he's everywhere in the US now. he seems mainstream
Jealous has done pretty well, but yeah he's kinda just crossing over into mainstream imo
what did jose dooo
His dumb insta video LOL
Demi is so skinny the actual fuck
She looks kinda unhealthy....I feel bad for her
You're so weird like I literally don't understand if you're talking sarcastically or not
I do not understand what this is in regards to
But I actually think Joe has learned a lot since 2011 soooo I think he's getting better at this whole trusting people way too fast
Oh no doubt
why is joe like that with people he meets? like i honestly feel like it's his parents fault specifically his dad
idk.... Joe's just a really good guy :\
who's samantha san diego? joe like followed her on IG and her sister tweeted about it i mean you probably don't know and it's probably just joe being joe but just curios
oh I have no idea probably just a friend he recently met (since yk Joe think everyone he meets within 10 minutes is his bff)
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It's not even you it's Taylor. That HIV infested vagina looking twat rat. Wait til it fucks you over
It's so weird that you guys even care tbh imeannodisrespect but like even if she did why would you care or be concerned LMAO people man
It sucks that you Taylor and Alyssa are still obsessively following a bunch of washed up losers. Try stalking 1D
but I like these losers.
Laughing at you saying you don't obsess over Joe's love life anymore. You drop hints about it all the time to mess with people.
no I really don't lmao I've said all of one thing in the past three months that was about his maybe maybe not relationship but it was an inside joke with my friends and not something that a fandom needs to fret over LOL
"Uptown Funk" is the #1 radio song in the country. http://kworb.net/radio/ . Nick's song was number one just for 3 days. it's No. 2 since yesterday. I honestly believe that his label paid that number one. #sorrynotsorry
doesn't bother me in the slightest
would you date someone for their money
as much of a gold digger I pretend to be probably not because I get annoyed easily