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Jaz @iKleptomaniacx
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you think Nick wants you? you think you can get Nick? You think nick thinks about you? girl he forgets about you the second you walk out that room.
I'm honestly joking around but I don't see why you have to be such a spiteful piece of shit about it? Also he paid attention to me more than really anyone in the front row but w/e I hope this made you feel better about yourself lol
you think wayyy too much of yourself for an ugly girl
you think wayyy too much of yourself for an ugly girl
Olivia needs to fire her makeup artist! she can do it better herself.
Do you think nick will tour the states soon ? I hope he does overseas first & states in the summer
I feel like he's gonna tour here first even though I really wish he wouldn't but lets see
Yay you're back!
We'll see haha
hello :)
OK you may be over it but don't act like you're innocent ? cus your not.
I know I'm not lol I never said I was like if I'm going to blamed for something then it should be for something I actually did LOL
Then who sent the flowers to whom
kimberly sent them to denise
You haven't been staying out of it though? You tweet ALL the damn time about how you know Joe's personal and private info that other fans don't know. You've hinted before Blanda cheated and other stuff about his personal life that could have come from his PRIVATE messages.
listen I've been doing a bit of SOUL searching (no jk) and like I know I was annoying before about this shit but I've really been staying shut and quiet about these things a lot more because I saw how stupid it was to be this involved in his life like I'm really over it all
Even if that were true, Dani's just friends with them. Gross.
lol she gets unnecessary shit there's really no reason to hate her.
So blanda send those flowers to Denise?
isn't Dani always trying to hook up with celebs?
I don't know LOL I don't pay that much attention to her. All I know is she has a bf right now
ooohh like what? you say a lot of things lbr
just a lot of different things like stuff in reference to the previous kick starter and whatnot LOL back when I was going down to jersey for otr I tweeted Joe that I wasn't going to make it (I was having an irl meltdown) and when I walked up to him for m&g he was like "I'm glad you could make it" like it was prob coincidence but I was like ok rlly
but dani is kinda thirsty for the d
i mean can you blame her LOL but like she's not selling him out or anything like that I really have no problem with her
hey youre getting hate no matter what LOL so tell us!
okay thanks! but like I've always had a feeling he at least recognized my user but one of my friends was having a conversation with him and he would literally reference things I've tweeted to him about (plus I'm on his tl 24/7 so!)
What is your opinion on Dani Vitale?
okay IDK why people hate her so much?? She's literally harmless and been friends with the boys for years LOL people think she's so obsessed with Joe when she has a bf lol
How do you know
I'll probably be told I'm lying and get hate so lol
Joe sees your tweets?
You farted on Joe
My point is no one wants to be seen this vulnerable and you and your friends don't respect that.
I do and that was my main reason why I haven't said anything about it. Whatever was in his messages if he wanted people to know he would've told people so it's not anyone's business to know or spread.
Like I get it you love Joe but you take way too far sometimes with your jokes that I feel somehow offended. I Love Joe. Alright I'm that dumb stan who will always defend him even when I know he's wrong because honestly he did so much for me and I can't help but feel so aggressive when it comes to hi
I can understand that. It's your own feelings. I really love Joe and I really do think the world of him. I've been trying to filter myself more especially since I know Joe sees my tweets LOL
That "LIKE" was by accident and then Joe unliked the picture. He's too nice, but it's obvious he wants to keep distance with his ex girlfriend
receipts! but yeah lol
So wait she cheated on him? And someone's in Sara's ask asked about Denise and she sent her flowers????? Wtf
idk and actually....with that story, my friend told me about that and actually SHE heard the info wrong but I tweeted about it (back when I was private) before I was told that she made a mistake but I forgot to delete the tweet so I kinda forgot about it LOL the day of the breakup someone sent DENISE flowers lololol
You could tell me youre not the one who hacked it and I will believe but you said you know who did it and you're not doing anything about it either.No one wants to be seen this vulnerable, for you shitty ppl to KNOW this is something so fuckin terrible and I hope karma get all your asses back
LOL okay, the person who did "hack" it I'm not friends with and I really only know their twitter name. I'm not going to bring them up even though hacking shit is dumb and lame and I could never because I respect them and the person who told me enough to not say anything (idk why I'm this nice HONESTLY) when I was asked not to. I haven't seen any of what was in his imessage and truly I don't want to. I've acknowledged that it's shitty and I feel bad for Joe and Nick and THATS why I've been staying out of it.