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Alex likes to masturbate. is that true? and if so, how often?

All day it seems

how many licks does is take to get to the center of an asshole

As many as you need

what is your favorite type of squishy


Fuck you cocksucker you shove fat cock down your throat cunt

brett hollins

I'll think of you when I'm spending my millions :) loser

Re: Mila kunis shit. Nigga you could post a pic of Hillary butt naked and people would retweet that shit. Youre just a popular tweet website. But Ask if you dont believe me. Mila Kunis is too hyped up and although i like the channel sometimes it gets annoying. "WIFE THAT" & shit. lol

Okay? Deal with it faggot.

What happened to I like curvy daily

Got bored.

Have you ever had slander or rights issues with any of the pics or videos?

All the time

Do you have an accent?


When are you going to update iLikeVidsDaily?


When does GTA 5 come out


Small gestures can turn around a persons day, and in my opinion your doing, putting smiles on face across the world. A guy can have his day made by the sight of a nipple or vagina. Thank you

Haha, you're welcome

How long do you hope to keep the accounts going? And have you thought about adding another one to the many?

As long as it lasts. Maybe add more, I don't think so though.

Are you marry or have kids???

Uh, no.

Are you in favor of gay marriage?

Let people do what they want.

Why do you like rap it's fucking awful 90 percent of them do t even right their own lyrics

I like any music that inspires me. Not all rap is good, not every artist is good all the time

What did you do before you ran these accounts?


Melanie Iglesias or Kate Upton? You have to pick one


You're probably one of the greatest human beings ever.. How's that make you feel?

I'm just here to make you smile, homie

Opinion on Canadians?

They're great. So friendly. Polite too

Mad props


How much monthly income do you make from running the page?

$5 a day

Every 1/50 pictures i end opening i ussaly end up faping..


Do you own all the 'I like ____ daily' accounts?


Do you make enough income from Twitter to sustain yourself or do you have to work outside of running all of your Twitter pages? (Love the Amazon giveaways btw, hopefully I'll win one day haha.) Thanks for being awesome.

I do okay

how many people know you run this account?



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