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Ayee that speaks a lot doe I'll give you that papi better trEAT her right ;)
Ofcourse :)
Are you a virgin?
What time did you wake up this morning?
You made your bed this morning?
Yes mom
Does kristhy got a sexy moan ?
That's no ones business but me and hers ;)
Your girl ain't shit if she's not on fire for Jesus
Lmaooo you got problems
You make me laugh
I should be a comedian?
Wish I was there with you wyd?
On FaceTime with my girl.
How much money do you make a year before taxes?
No taxes sonnnnn
Stop smoking and sin no more.
I don't smoke...
But you was a little baby so that don't count cause you didn't know anything
Then idk
You will die in your sins.
Damn take your own advise
Why you like smoking weed?
I don't lol
Did I miss the 5'oclock free crack giveaway?
Yeah , yeah you did :/
Niigggaa! From baptism.
Oh like 14 years damn >_>
Yes how old are you?
How old are you from baptism?
Like when did I get baptized ?
God loves you even tho he knew that people would be sinners and hate him.
I know :)
Explain? He was crucified on a cross and treated so bad and that's what made him a bastard , only bastards were crucified on a cross.
You must understand that Jesus came and died for our sins. For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son so whoever believe in Him may not perish, but have everlasting life.
But also a cross doesn't represent God , it represents how he died so its a sign of weakness.
When you look at a cross what do you think?
Nothing ?
Oprah, Whitney Houston, your girl... You gotta fuck one marry one kill one. Go!
kill Oprah , marry my girl , fuck Whitney Houston crying :/
If you were a chick who is one guy you would sleep with?
Weird question? I'd stay a virgin lmao
Do you walk everywhere?
No lol ,