Isidro Hernandez
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You lucky to have Kristhy


What junk food could you never give up?

I hate junk food

I love you.

Uhh? If you're Kridthy then I love you more <3.

well u need to work on that personal problem pronto.

I know

damn well that's sad :| havin low self confidence like dat is a big let down. how do u expect to keep a relationship with someone if u have no type of confidence? dat means ur jealous and insecure asf all the time. u needa cut that shit out cus even the uglyiest nigga out der still be confident asf

Okay that's a personal problem ,

so what did u do to cause the break up?

That's no ones business

Who did you inspire?

He guy in the mirror ,

what did you do to her to break up the relationship now? just be real with her and tell her the truth -_- obviously you still love her you still got all des pics up of her like ya still together. she deleted all ur shit quick af.

Yeah I'll try

why would u rate urself at a 0? are u just fucking around or u deadass have no type of confidence? o.O

Because I am a 0 , that's the way I look at myself

how come u never smiled in any of the pics you took with kristhy ? u always look serious af , no type of emotion ahem...

I dont like my smile

your a cutie ;* you should smile more :)

No reason to

Do you remember how you first met Kristhy?

Yeah , it was unexpected lol. We talked days for the first time on Facebook and next thing you know my boy hits me up and tells me we're going to see one of his friends in salem and when we got there we stepped out the car and walked to her steps and I was just looking at her the whole time and that's the first time we met around The summer in 2012 around August 20

What you doing for valentines papi ;*?

Smoking an eight , I ain't your dad doodo head

Would you date another girl now ?

Nah I'm good , honestly I give up in relationships.

Stop stressing. Trust God.


Lowering your standards for affection never seems like a bad idea until you are far away from God and in a dead end, sinful relationship. True love is worth pursuing, not rushing. Wait on God.

Great advice honestly ,

Don't envy what others have. Anyone can look happy through pictures or from the outside. You don't know if they are being abused, neglected or if they are even in God's will. Just stay focused on Jesus and stop being upset over closed doors, He will open the one that is meant for you to walk through

Been waiting long enough for the right door.

If all you've experienced before was sin, broken hearts and wasted time, why not listen to God this time?

I'm good.

Don't chase her attention and affection unless you're after her heart. If you're not interested, let it be known. Never watch her fall for you and walk away when you see expected commitment instead of fun.


If you can't commit, stay single.


Damn I'm sorry for you. These people keep sucking you


She likes it when you whip that diiuuhhh from behind and command her to get down... She smiles at this

You're need help. Grow TF up

from a scale to 1 - 10 what would you rate yourself as being based off your confidence level :)?


idk sometimes you look cute but alot of other times i be like nah he's kinda ugly D; lmao your girl makes you look way cuter then you rlly are without her you ain't shit lmfao #trueshitt


Suck on your girl's toes in bed especially between the toes. That's her favorite. And scratch the palm of her hand. It makes her puuhh wet. She gets that itch