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Isidro Hernandez @iNandez95
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What is the one thing you could not live without?
My baby ;3
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Damn you're still with kristhy??
Yeah :3
You're are sooo sexy!!!;)
Thank you
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Hahha I bet you are daddy;p
Lmao oh man
how big are you;p
Pretty big :$
How to make a woman happy?
By agreeing with them :3
How was your day so far? :)
Good :)
leave kristhy date me! >:(
no leave me alone
You got kristhy again ? Orrrrrr someone else
I still got extra Pupusas:$
What made you happy today?
My girlfriend :)
I ate Pupusas today
youre going out with kristhy again? wtf you dont deserve her, like yall are fucking cute and shit but this off and on shit is annoying af. just stay with her and get married. like are you blind, what you have in front of you is special.
I know , and you wouldn't understand what we go through but at the end of the day were still here and yea that on and off bull shit has to stop
What do you want right now?
Pupusas :)
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Your taken by kristy again ?!
Soo.....your taken. By MEE!! Jk!:) aww hope u have a good relationship!(:
Thank you
You're cute, im cute....we make a cute couple!!;)
I'm taken :)
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What is in your fridge?
Your bitch
Do you drive ?
Yea lol
Where u stay by?
East Boston
How old are you?
Would you ever date a 15 year old?
No lol
how old r u
Are you really going to the mall w your friends? I wanna go see you :3
Lol yea ,