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Rahaf @iRowchi
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Who is the most beautiful woman?
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What are you waiting for?
30th of may and summer vacation
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Do you miss anyone right now?
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Do you like Cupcakes?  fuchaim.
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Do you eat a lot?  fuchaim.
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آبيّ منكَ [ . . . . . . . . . . . . ] يلآ ؤشَ تبونّ منيّ !؟  fuchaim.
Aba slamtch 7bebty:-)<3.
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More ? *mk*
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Akthr w7da tkrhenha F alskwwll ? *MK*
A7sn Ms !? *MK*
hmmm maybe ms lubna!
Best cousin ? *MK*
cousin mazna.
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Kll asrarch 3ndha ? *MK*
maybe maraim ,mahra ,maitha and cousin mazna<3.
Akbr 3'll6a b7yatch ? *MK*
hmm a7s ma3ndy '3l6a kbera v.v
Tra mabt3ybch My ask bs yallah :) *MK*
3aady as2ly=))?
E4a 76eit a5r shy MK I mean maryam 5aald ok babe ?
Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
milk chocolate.
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makento takin?
kna bs mn gbl? anty sh59ch?!
Do you like short or long hair on someone of the opposite sex?
long hair.
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b3dich t7binhaaa??
Hy rbee3ty laish ma7bha?
What About Maryam 5ald ='D ?
Marywm 6l3y br3 :p=))
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what about noura fahad ?
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Ay eschool!?
Almarwa school!
ما الذي قد يهلكك ؟  Jɑsƨσм
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كن ( … ) ولآ تكن ( … ) ‹☺› ؟  Jɑsƨσм
mthly:$ ,mthlhm:)
Rahaf a7bch chyy wayd *F5owrWasHere* ;$$
A3shgch f5wor<3
Nora is my Gf ☺