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Are you Justin? Do you Have private acc on instagram?

Garbaty Paulina

I don't have Instagram.

Because maybe you don't answer the questions that's why i quite asking

Because I answer the questions that have never been asked.

I missed ya

I missed you guys too! I'm not opening ask but I'm not getting a lot of questions

yo bieb wattup you make good music keep it up ❤😎

Thanks bra

Come back

hey guys missed me

single or taken?

taken by the best

I miss you , where are you ? 😢


I'm back guys

it hurts so much i can not come to Zurich because i got no ticket and that is so shit! My biggest dream is to meet you but unfortunately it does not work because I'm still working to I cry every night because of the because I have just found nowhere tickets.... I know you'll never read this text.💔


Aw I'm sorry ❤️ never say never 😘 you will late trust me, love you so much




Have you caught a fish?

Jessika korbanek

What kind of question is this 😂😂 but yeaaa I did

is justinswaggyx also an Account of your's?

no! I only have this page and @officialbieberpage that's it

Justin please come to India for purpose tour!! please😢


true 💀

you're fuckin fake the real one is itsthesiz okay? so don't pretend that you're justin go make yourself a life and thank you

I'm not fake. first why did he make an Instagram account and I disabled my main one ? tf that doesn't make any sense! and he made a snapchat acc "juestinbieber" and I already have one. And third, I don't have any private accounts bc I already have my main accounts...
you can believe @itsthesizzler but anyways he's fake

I'm coming😇 i'm from Germany,but now i'm in Paris for you ❤️❤️


That's sweat see you there ? ❤️ who will be there too ?


see you guys soonnnnnn !!

fuck donal trump

Diego Olivares

What does it have to do with my page tho ? but yea

see you later😍 purpose tour Paris🗼

❤️❤️ who's cominggg

I love you❤❤❤❤❤


Way moree


your wasting your time and mine..


And ? Being homo is bad ?

miss u so fuckin muuch


Aw 😘😘

saw u 3 days ago :((((


how was it

Whats your kik Name?

should I do one ?

How many followers?

i love You baby♡

I love you too


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