Can you send a ❤ to the likers please please?? Love you 😘😘

I hardly have some spare time.
But I would do this for some if you catch my attention ❤

Your new single Cold Water is amazing 💪❤❤ Antea ♥ Djaković

#1 on iTunes @applemusic
Thank you ❤

Sup?? 😜✌🏼️ roksana.

#coldwater is out go check it out 😘 Justin Bieber

I'm Barbie. Barbie

And I'm Pokemon ..


second only account is @officialbieberpage (I'm answering questions there now )

I'm back, and I'm gonna be more active than before

Who are you?

Justin Bieber. Who else?

Pap with your cars 😍

screenshot of our snap

30 likes= you write "i love you" ?

i'm doing that lol :)

LOL ..... #CrazyFrenchGirl Laëtitia

Filles françaises ont le meilleur cul du monde haha ;)

Ukraine love u)♥ Anastazja※

and i love u ukraine

haha snaped you Maxi

snaped u back bro lol

ur shit with ur friends

lol you don't wanna mess with us

justin whats your snap?

snapchat: itsjaybeehere

What do you guys think of my eyes like this if you think there pretty :)

love your eyes

justin i'm polish Belieber :) <3 love <3 Julka

kocham cie ;)

Mmm przystojnia3ek :** Paauula

Is this polish? :) lol love u Poland

¿Jelena is back?


Harry Styles or Niall Horan?

zayn lol

- Justin Bieber

reading all your questions is fun lol check out my video on my insta with your questions

20 likes in your question and you write "I love you"

Yes let's do it


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