Why aren't you on ig? 😭😭

I'll be back but not now

Hey Justin♡


is @unknownbieber not your new ig acc?

I don't have an ig for now


Not using snapchat or Instagram.

Do you have kik?


Are ya okay? After alle the Instagram Thing?? We Are her for u!!! ❌William Ibsen❌

thank you guys. I'll get my acc back soon.

do you hate belieber's reaction of sofia ?

can we just stop talking about this pls? 🙄

I'm Watching you. THE ILLUMINATI ▲

yea no.

Likers get a ❤️ ?

sure why not

do u want to follow me?:)

but your anon so ?

How was Tokyo last night?

what an amazing crowd love you all

Which emoji describes you ?

I think this 😈

Do you have a crush?

maybe 👀

Hi 😂💙

Only 14 questions ? What a shame. I'm deleting this app only few are active on here


Blah blah blah. Ok I'm weird 🌚

Can you follow me :)? 🙈

I'm following all my active followers x

justin you can follow me on ask fm

I'm already following my actives❤️

Jerry is big


Can you follow me ? Anne Simard

I'm following all my active followers ily

Justin you can follow me on ask. fm? Or can't? 😊 ✖️.. Puķīte..✔️

I'm already following all my beliebers who asks me questions

ew you were naked swimming !?😟

I think people need privacy right ?

you still love selena gomez ?

sure as a friend tho

What's your Snapchatxx ;) SJJ

I don't have snap I had but not using it

Justin you love me ?? 😂😂❤ -orsi-

do u love me? if u do than I love you


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