alan @IAreBatman1
tyler is a lame assface
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I'll wipe that shit eating grin off your smug ass face
this is not mass q?
what shit eating grin
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Thoughts on Will, Evan, Kingsley, Ellie, Sarah, Trent, Jennifer, Dhruv, January, Josh, Alan, Meg, Andrew, Shurdi, Tyler, Jared, Jackson, Becca, Roxy, Connor, James, Liam, Christo, 3hunna, Chris, Cat, Jack, Sarah, Matt, Pam, Emily, Jocelyn, Radeen, and Igor?
hate them all
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no it was lyrics pls caleb
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Post a picture of your shoes!
Post a picture of your shoes!
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Who do you kik on a regular basis?
jake, taavi, ash, josh, tyler, conor, chris, jeroen, rachelle, troy, dhruv, james occasionally, ravenclaw kik (aka alans kik group) and a few other non ask ppl
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honesty hour? (if you participate plz send at least 3 questions to another user or users who are also participating)
ha no one is participating smd i dont have to send questions to anyone
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You are the bee's knees because you have great knees like a bee  P❤️Y❤️R❤️E❤️S
do bees even have knees
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DAE feel involved in the community?????? or is it just me
i AM
the community
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What's something that you really like getting complimented on?
my knees
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hello my name is Edgy Le Meme. my grandmother is dying of ebola friendzone syndrome. only likes can save her from the evil kony who gave her this disease. please like comment and subscribe for more minecraft tutorials
i dont understand whats happening anymore
is anon being salty or something
someone pls
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your a wonderful human being  Shurdi3
your a good friend
You are hair is nice  Shurdi3
you are face is cool
why do you ask yourself so many questions
for every question i answer
i grow stronger
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Your* gdi fml brb kms
holy crap thats a lot of abbreviations next to teach other
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You're goatee is fab I am jealous  Lucky
ily lucky your everything is fab
your sister yeah... the 16 year old one, right?  Shurdi3
did i say sister i meant brother sorry
dont have any sisters
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what's a compliment someone has given you recently that really made you feel good?
my sister said my goatee looks cool ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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how are you doing in school
i am still waiting for the results from my two essays from the previous course
the current course is going well i love it
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>she. implying u don't enjoy a bit of penis
i rly don't
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What's stopping you from asking the person you like out?
the fact that she doesn't exist
is kinda off-putting
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name one positive trait about yourself
i can make a killer omelette
because i poison it
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