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tyler is a lame assface
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What is the weirdest word in your language?
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what's something you wish you could have done differently?  Taavi
put more effort into high school
dropped out of uni right away last year
talked more to my friends so maybe i wouldnt have lost contact with most of them
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Is there anyone here who you think dislikes you? If so can you say who it is?
yes, yes i do
i can but i dont wanna
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sven dont do this to me  not rip conor
but y not
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sven, thats a compliment. I said you one punch deaded six
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honesty hour?
yes sure y not
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When I get ebola I'm going to crap my diarrhea all over your face and directly into your mouth
ah yes
bc i will totally let u do that
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die sven  not rip conor
no u beast
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Alan  Jare
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ello there
ily sven  not rip conor
ily beast
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why was six afraid of sven? cuz one punch you dead
eat my shorts
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i could sleep for a week  GAZA THE LUNATIC FRINGE
wouldn't that count as a coma
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pap sven
pap fuk urself
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they say these r throwaway tracks too
omg i might cry tears of joy
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You wouldn't be the cool dad, you'd be the hot dad ;;;))))  Ash
why cant i be both
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What type of parent would you be/want to be?
i want to be the cool dad
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what do you wish more people understood?
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What are u doing tonite?
i have 16 different parties i need to attend to
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What are you listening to?
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guys pls who will make rate games get on our feeds since Jeroen is kill I need self esteem boosts
i mean
you could go make them appear on feed
nobody be stopping you nigga
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Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
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Opinions on clit piercings?
I like chris'
he showed it to me and conor in Scotland
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These girls are more hotter than you.
yes they are
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what do you desire most?
i just want to enjoy life as much i can
but like i never seize the opportunity to do so
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