aland @IAreBatman1
aland @IAreBatman1
wit beyond pleasure is mans greatest pressure
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tyler is a lame assface
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TBH you you you you you  Gerald A.
me me me me
meme meme
illuminati confirmed
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>excuse >u >ur >the >weak >one >here >faggot >U >got >noodles >for >arms  Σmma
if my hands are noodles
what are yours? basically non existent
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tbh alan we are like the grandpas of ask and it's gr8, i'm glad we rediscovered our scarf buddy thing, and i hope u don't hate me too much for all the photoshops that include ur beautiful face  jackson
ye we should be like the voices or reason or something but that's 2 much effort 4 me
and no ur face is beautiful
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>alan >being >able >2 kill >me lol  Σmma
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tbh, u r also v old surviving friend, i loved our conversation thingys on sub, i still love our conversations, u r very fun person to play with, u r also very funny person in ur own Alan way, and overall ily a lot +would love to meet u in Swede land  jake
i very much enjoy talking to u too jajob
i enjoyed wow too especially how we pwned ally noobs
ily jaje i would love to u meet u in irish land
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>alan >common sense lol ok  Σmma
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Which fairytale you’d like to live in?
paranormal activity
thats less scary than a fairytale
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I understand, I'm always here okay friend? :)  Lucky, your superhero :)
ty pal :)
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Want to talk about it?  Lucky, your superhero :)
no see
idek whats going on, nothing bad is happening in my life
i just cant seem to pinpoint how i feel rn
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implying i have any idea how to work dat shit, also on laptop so pls no  jackson
yee we just need host
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You are loud voice? People aren't sleep  tyler
i knew it the minute i said it that it would be used against me
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You only have 24 hours to collect 500 likes on ask otherwise you die. You can't tell people of your situation or make other accounts to like your own answers. How do you get the 500 likes?
man this is so easy
different variations of like = rate
or answer 500 questions while aidan is available
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hmu if the server ever works i've been playing minecraft since i got home from work like 5 hours ago lel  jackson
can u host server it no work for josh
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I'm alright, a little sore, r u ok frand  Lucky, your superhero :)
i think i am
but like idk im confused
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How are you  Lucky, your superhero :)
i am
how are you
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cry  josh of 300
i cry too :(((
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last text message you sent?
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WAIT I THINK i got it how do i get u in  josh of 300
give me ip i try to join
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im listening to like this 9 year old explain on youtube lol  josh of 300
HAHAHHAHAHAH that's the majority of the players
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alan help i am trying to set up server and its telling me i dont have notepad to open file omf  josh of 300
u need to port forward too i think lol
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anal  Curry
hey it's cory in the house!
he will die!
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To you too man! :)  Josipa Olive
may we both live until we're like 383 years old
Alright.  Josipa Olive
ok good luck in life
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Nah. It's still me.  Josipa Olive
ye anyways
Tyler sux aye
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