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Is Niall single? Sorry if you got this question. :)
god only knows
what do you think about the larry agenda?
Would you marry any of the boys?
why does niall follow u on ig?
i saw you in a video with niall, how do u know him?
what video???
how will you party with louis?
There's a chance for that because we have mutual friends
good night beautiful
good morningggg
do u think niall and Melissa are dating I just don't to be the only one who thinks they aren't together..... I'm in denial to think they aren't
god only knows
So the boys would still be signed to syco but have a different management? No more modest?
If modest doesn't use their part of the contract, where they can make the contract longer (they have potential to manage the boys for 14 years)
When did louis have his own company and what is it for? Lol i feel like ive been living under a rock but seriously i havent heard anything about a company until now
They all have companies since 2010.
Does gio still go on the account?
Yes she does x
If the contract ends, they can choose to continue or end 1D right?
Not really, they're still signed to Syco at least the entire 2016
I feel like the boys' contract is ending this year which is why modest is doing the most to recieve as much money aa possible before it ends which is why so my things are happening like elounpr breakup,zayn leaving etc., plus they're starting to let larry communicate alot bc ofc it'll make headlines
It is ending though, in the end of October/beginning of November x
everyone who ships 'larry' is like "they're NEVER together anymore" or "why doesn't louis take selfies with Harry or interact with him" but it's because if they STAND together , TAKE A SELFIE OR EVEN SPEAK you all attack them with LARRY. No wonder they ain't as close in the public eye
And you think zayn leaving is all a pr stunt?
So you thing zayn will return after the 2 month break?
Definitely x
Congrats for the Niall/5!
Thankkkk you:)x
he did indeed
Favourite and least favourite update accounts?
ohh easy one but won't tell you that lol
is Larry real
do you ship larry
What kind of dad would niall be in your opinion?
the chill one who'd sneakily give you alcohol on a friday night
How about ‎@perrielittlemix or ‎@perrieedwards ?
No idea to be honest x
Perrie have twitter or not?
only the group one i think x
who do you want to have a mutual with? but feel intimidated by them?
Definitely ‎@malikyourface_ x
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