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Am I the only one who doesn't like how she favourited this? https://twitter.com/glamourspain/status/557100579361943552 like it mentions harry being her bf and it's weird that she'd publicise this when you think she'd want to be private
She wants attention. x
What's wrong? x
Niall is in Melbourne probably bc of Australian open?
I don't know, but he can watch on TV as well.. x
What do the guys mean in the song 'No Control' by saying 'waking up beside you I'm a loaded gun' ??
I think they are the only ones who can tell you that. x
Other idols besides 1D? Mine's Ed. Hby?
Beyoncé. x
Why do guys (the normals guys, not 1D) dont seem to notice I like them?
Maybe they just don't show you, but they do notice. x
I don't know why it's like that. Are you sure it's her real account? x
why is "denise horan (kelly)"? i dont get it
What are you talking about? Where did you see that? x
What do you think who is the best singer from 1D?
I think they are all talented and have their particular peculiarity. x
Love your account! Do you know if any of the boys will be in London today?
Thank you so much! I know Louis, Niall and Liam are in London for sure. x
What do you think is the right age gap to date someone older than you?
I don't think there's such thing. If you love someone, you love someone. x
What height are you?x
I think I'm 1,66. Not too sure though. x
Really?? I'm like the tallest in my class and I hate it tbh
Really? I was always the shortest. x
Why is everyone asking you if their heigt is average ? Lmao go to a doctor
Haha I don't know. x
how many is 5'6 in cm?
167.64 x
I'm 5'6 and I'm 14 is that average do you think?x
I think that's a pretty good height for your age, actually. x
I'm 177cm and I wish I was shorter... Wanna trade lol?
Haha sure! x
Not to mention that the parties were amazing and everyone is just so pretty and tanned. I would deffenetely like to come back there more often
You should that when you have an opportunity. x
I went there last year and I loved it too.I really want to go to New York x
I really want to go to both New York and LA. x
Im from england and I went to rio last month and honestly I loved every bit of the city , specially the vibe that rio gives off...despite the extremely hot weather I feel like everyone is always happy and enjoying what the city and nature has to offer and being there made me really happy :)
I'm really happy you had a nice time there! I love going to Rio too. :) x
I love visiting too.Have you visted anywhere you loved?
London. x
I'm from France and I've been to Dublin once, and I fucking love it there, I'm definitely going back there for more than a week :)
You should definitely do it. :) x
You dont live in brazil?
At the moment, I do. x
you can do something to be taller tho. There's a book called Grow Taller 4 Idiots that illustrates stretching exercises and all that stuff. I'm 16 and I was 163, in 6 months grew to 1.71
But you're still at an age that you naturally grow as well. x
To the anon whos concerned about her weight, let me tell that u should be healthy always so as long as ur healthy ur fine and u should only lose weight if ur feeling very uncomfortable but if u arent then stay healthy.
Couldn't agree more. x