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What is your favorite restaurant in the world?
this Chinese place near my house
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Post a picture of your shoes!
not wearing any at the moment..
Why is Taylor after Harry?! I mean its been 2 fucking years! She should move on and find someone else to write songs about.
for attention and more drama..
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What's all with this haylor shit? And which song did taylor suddenly writr about harry?
Apparently her new single is about Harry. Don't even worry about it, just drama.
Do you know which filter lottie uses for her ig photos?
I actually don't, sorry! Maybe she also uses an app to edit her pictures?
What does lottie mean with "mint"?
I actually don't know.. I guess it's something she has with her friends
Who leaked the song?
I don't know, sorry
Is lottie on the stage during their shows or backstage bc she takes photos from 1D's view and are eleanor, gemma amd sophia also touring with 1D?
she was backstage and at the side as well with some of the crew. The other girls were there for some shows as well
Is Lottie touring with 1D for a month or so?
I think so.. She's been with them for quite a while but she's home now
Hi since when did lou become 1D's hair stylist?
since they were on the X-Factor
Hi when do you think the 4th album is coming out? I think round december?
most likely around November, like always
Hi do you know why niall dyed his hair?
because he wanted to?
What happened to liam's arm? When happened it, was it on stage
I don't know exactly what happened, but he was with friends in Vegas when he burt his arm
Are one direction going to perform or just go to the EMA's
There has been rumours of them performing, but I don't know
Does liam still has loki and where is loki if he's away is he with his family?
I don't know, but I would assume he is with Liam's family
Do you think that Harry is actually dating Paige Reifler because sugar scale and the mirror are both unreliable sources so I'm just kinda :/:/:/:/:/
Nope! She's in the same PR "company" as him so they're using him for her advantage. She's thirsty
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luke who?
why does luke follow u?
because he wanted to
are u a groupie to luke
how did 5/5 notice u?
We were front row at one of their shows in Denmark
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You can see pictures of Doris on Lottie's instagram account :)
Thanksssss x
fav sibling of all the boys?
Gemma x
Are you the type of person with lots of friends or just a few close ones?
does internet friends count?
Do you prefer books or movies?
do you have any picture of doris and erinest at jays wedding  Maggie
no but I want to see Doris!
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