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Do you think that Harry is actually dating Paige Reifler because sugar scale and the mirror are both unreliable sources so I'm just kinda :/:/:/:/:/
Nope! She's in the same PR "company" as him so they're using him for her advantage. She's thirsty
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luke who?
why does luke follow u?
because he wanted to
are u a groupie to luke
how did 5/5 notice u?
We were front row at one of their shows in Denmark
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You can see pictures of Doris on Lottie's instagram account :)
Thanksssss x
fav sibling of all the boys?
Gemma x
Are you the type of person with lots of friends or just a few close ones?
does internet friends count?
Do you prefer books or movies?
do you have any picture of doris and erinest at jays wedding  Maggie
no but I want to see Doris!
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what do u think about the fact zayn didnt tweet anything today?
Doesn't mean he doesn't love us! x
I know he was driving his motorcycle... but he wasn't actually IN Brentwood when he was driving it. Those paps lied about where they took pictures of him.
Oh alright! Source of that?
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Wtf is mia ????
Missing in action
Harry was never in Brentwood. lol Paps lie about locations all the time at the request of the celeb.
He was driving there with his motorcycle x
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what do u mean with harry mia and louis not
If Harry is MIA- Louis is spotted, if Louis is MIA- Harry is spotted, if they both are MIA.....
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how many people is on this account? <3
2! Giovanna and I (Anna) x
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do u still like girls
just one girl :)
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What do you think Harry Styles will do in LA?
probably write music and chill, or be "MIA" while Louis gets "spotted" aka they're together
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I'm in la for tomorrow and the day after, would you by any chance be willing to let me know if you've got any info about Harry's location ? :) xx
He was last spotted in Brentwood x
Why do people say harry and Lou ( hairdresser) have a thing? Isn't she with Tom?
I have no ideaaa
Is it weird if I am a boy and like to get off to Harry although I am straight erghh
Nope Harry makes everyone a tad confused about what gender they're attracted too
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Do you know what hotel harry is in, in LA?
He's most likely not in a hotel
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What time do you usually wake up in the morning?
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Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
my dad
How to meet the boys in backstage concert?
be rich