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what's your thoughts about calvin rodgers
he's nice but can be very rude
what's your thoughts about oli wright
cheater, cheater and cheater
what do you think of calvin?
Calvin who?
Do you think Niall likes boobs or butts
since it's part of anyones body i'd say... both
Ma'am, in you opinion what do you think Niall Horan and Liam Payne relationship status might be?
Best friends
Who's is your favorite 1D girlfriend? Melissa Whitlaw, Sophia Smith, Harry, Parrie, or Eleanor?
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Do you think women should have the same rights as men do???!!!!....????
YES if not more since women gave birth to those fuckers
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Are you looking for insiders?
No we don't do that thing
the fandom hates 1dalerts and radio1d because they lie all the time and are rude to fans. there's screenshots.
Louis styles or Harry Tomlinson?
Louis Styles, it has a nice cling on it doesn't it?
why is luke hemmings following your personal?
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Have you spoken to any of the boys friends?
Who do you think most likely out of the boys will have more kids?
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If Louis baby is real, do you think it's going to be a boy or girl? What do you think they should name it?
hopefully a he and they should name him Smoll like his daddy
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Do u think niall, Louis and Harry maybe possibly zayn is single ?
all of them? nah
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Do you think Niall James Horan wants kids and in be married in the future? like to have a family.
larry af?
Are the boys going to doing a tv interview on August 4? and do u know what channel or where can I watch it
They're gonna perform on GMA summer concert, so there will probs be an interview as well
are the rumors about Louis being a dad confirmed?
nope x
Does Sophia (Liam Payne girlfriend) live in London or even the uk?
Yeah i think Wolverhampton/Birmingham but also with Liam in London x
how old is lux?
3 x
Do you ship Larry as a romance ?
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How are you? *Terry*
I'm ok, thanks. How are you?
What does ship mean?
Shipping is when you think that two people should be together.
Does long-distance relationship work?
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