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Lewis Jones is gay & was obssesed with Zayn but as everyone here know Zayn hates fags ,that's why he hates on Zayn
Zayn doesn't hate "fags" lol
i read a fanfic once it was ziam having sex then niall joined in..then ALL OF A SUDDEN perrie came out of no where and it said 'no one's going in to babe other than me, then she brought out her huge long penis and wacked zayn which left him unconscious' (i vaguely remember) .it went all over the pla
hetro or homo...what?
lol gay fics or with a girl
Can you please give me a list of like 10 good completed fanfics to read (not dark or when they are not popular please!) Thank you! :) x
hetero or homo?x
Honestly, if what lewis said was been said by a fan who met Zayn for the first time I wouldn't be mad about it but literally that guy have met the boys about 3646879 times and he took a lot of pictures with them. After all Zayn is a human and he has his bad days too.
same here! he's ungrateful as fuck
i talked to louis and harry on facebook like two years ago.. and I still miss it :(
that's awesome! i wish they had the accounts left:/
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are you a larry shipper? x
do the boys have their own facebook accounts they can interact with the fans with or is it just the one direction official account?
Nope, the only official one is the 1D one and Niall has a private one.
catchiest one direction song you know
she's not afraid
i think it is possible but probably like a mini crush because he's got a high probability of never seeing her again
he only has eyes for louis
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well fine then..Anna you can marry a girl you just met
I will ;)
who'S midnight red..?
sounds like a period
dont you just hate when mothertruckers say "ahaha you stupid teenage girls, they dont care about you, they only care about the money" and i'm just there like NOT EVERYONE IS A LOW LIFE LIKE YOU HATER!!!! now kindly piss off
yessss they be hatin when they can't even get into the club
is it possible for harry to have a crush on a fan if he wanted to xxxxxxxxxx
no xxxxxxxxxx
I think the boys so done with lewis and his stalkers group friends the boys just pretending to be nice to them lol
what are you talking about, they're best friends ;)
Anna you cant marry a man you just met!
honey me gai
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is it possible to have a cramp in your knee?
Yeah I'm sorry my bad ahah but I'm just sad that the boys are so kind to them and then they're like that omgg
i know! Karma will get to them though, don't worry
youre that hot red hair girl??
lol "hot" but yeah
What happened with Zayn and Lewis Jones?
Lewis bashed on him
in my opinion Harvi was just attention seeking
He is indeed
That groupies are so ungreatful they've meet the boys like 12358844 times and has 5/5 feels like not fair I'm sorry I'm not jealous I'm just mad they're talking shit about the boys behind them
Anna? It´s me, Elsa. Do you still want to build a snowman?
Go away Elsa
Why did that boy called zayn a dick what did he do
he doesn't have an explanation
Did Liam gain weight? Haha.
hold on i'm gonna call and ask