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How about ‎@perrielittlemix or ‎@perrieedwards ?
No idea to be honest x
Perrie have twitter or not?
only the group one i think x
who do you want to have a mutual with? but feel intimidated by them?
Definitely ‎@malikyourface_ x
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Who's your fav twitter acc?x
@17blackstyles ‎@larry_truelove3 ‎@iObeyNixll x
What product or service do you think is ridiculously overpriced?
Make up
https://instagram.com/p/tQggF9TV_x/ My favorite picture EVER
Niall looks great, as always. x
A reason why I think niall and Melissa are dating is because all of niall friends follow her ?
That doesn't mean anything.
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Could it be possible that niall might Skype Melissa or text her since she in Sydney ?
I'm not Niall or Melissa, so I don't know.
Why do fans throw their phones during concerts stupid
I have no idea.. x
Do you wear socks in bed?
If it's a colder temperature, yes. x
ok can someone please tell me what's going on with niall and Melissa. I heard he confirm he not dating her then heard he was dating Melissa?????..
Honestly, don't worry about it. x
1. Melissa is still in Australia right because I heard rumors she is with him? 2. Who is niall dating I hear he is dating Samantha jade or Melissa? 3. Do you think Melissa is using niall for fame because she broke up with her boyfriend not long ago and she getting a lot of attention.
I think people should calm down and wait until either of them confirms or denies anything.
https://instagram.com/p/zgBAOjj1_f/ please tell me this is real and not fake h. I had the worst week and this was the only thing that made me smile
From what I know, she doesn't have Twitter.
No Melissa is in Japan with niall because I know someone that knows her and she said that she said that .
Well, we don't have any pictures to confirm. Plus. isn't she in University? She has to study.
I wanna ask u somthn but you'll probably say no :(((( how do fans usually find the boys like in airports like how do they know when exactly the boys will arive and where to meet them? Please answe me :)
They find flight info and go there, but I don't really know because I've never done that. x
Can I please ask you something :$
Of course. x
When's the boys next concert ? :) x
February 24 in Osaka, Japan. :) x
Wow Sweden is for sure a gorgeous place
It is indeed. x
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List the countries youce visited !:)
Brazil, England, Uruguay, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Angola, South Africa, Dubai. x
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Where's their concert fonnabe in feb 20?:)
Perth, Australia. x
Wow you're so lucky ! :)
Thank you. :) x
When's the boys next concert ? :)
In 2 days (February 20). x
is it ur first time going to one direction concert :)
No, third :) x
What other concerts have you been to other than 1d:)x
Simple Plan, Beyoncé and will go to Ed Sheeran in April. x