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right here
cassie ventura
She's such a flop but I love King Of Hearts and me & u
About yourself?
My favorite singers are Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, & Cassadee Pope. I follow everyone back, and I try to be nice.
Do you like Chris Brown
I was a big fan before the whole Rihanna incident. I still listen to his music sometimes.
why don't you have your picture on here?
I like the thought of being anonymous
are you a virgin
When did you first fall in love?
Middle school
yes do that! #voteselena
will you answer EVERY single questions pls
No some of these questions are really crazy
why is life complicated
Because it just is
do you hate miley or demi
Demi most definitely not. I really like Demi. And I don't hate Mildred either
why are smilers obsessed with selena
Some of them have nothing better to do
do you like jelena??
I did in 2011.
do you think selena is a good dancer
She's not any Beyonce but she is improving
we belong together
do you like the vampire diaries
Of course, I love that show :)
love me
idk you :)
Why are you single
Erm. Why would anyone want to date me
are you single
#FOREVERALONE #voteselena
What worries you the most?
Are you a nice person
What was her name?
Sorry, I'm protecting her from possible pedos
shake dat ass
excuse me
does she still love you
lol no
do you still love her
well we're friends so of course