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Which song best represents your life so far?

No good in good bye - the script #bestsongever #itsamazing #thelyricsdoe

Do you consider yourself popular?

I don't know lol do you ?

You got a boyfriend?


Which fairytale you’d like to live in?

The beauty and the beast ...

If not now, then when?

Later duh

What does true friendship mean to you?

To me a true friendship means , no lies always there for you and to tell you the truth when no one else can . Also it means to have you smiling when no one else can and to create memories ... unforgettable ones

Sesssy imy

LeeAngie Marie

I miss you too gorg * inserts heart emoji *

If you had to get one thing tattooed on your forehead, what would it be?

mmm , a date I guess

Is it possible to justify a murder?


What's your favorite slang word?


You bi?

Nope why ?

hi beautiful, still don't wanna go on that date to McDonald lol?

Bye .

What is your relationship status?



Who are you ? Lol

What is your favorite sport?


What do you look like when you wake up in the morning?


What was the last lie you told?

:') which one ?

How do you get the last news?

What news ?

What is one thing you refuse to share?


What kind of things annoy you?

Annoying people , touchy people , boring people , people i just dislike , mmm , people who are loud , people who dont know when to stop , & yeah

What can’t be bought with money?

Love , true love

What was the first thing on your mind this morning?

This morning i was asking if there was food lol

Which is the most stylish celebrity?

Like my bae , liam

What makes a person “good”?

Depends what you refer to good

What should there be in a perfect day?

The perfect things happening


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