why do you straighten your hair? I started liking my curly hair because of you, no hate Niall's Official Princess

Because it is much easier for me. Curly hair pose quite big problem. After all I love my curly hair :)

omfg love u xx Neha Modi

love ya too! xx

Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake? -T. Tuğçe Bieber


hi danii .. how are you ?? can i call you like that ?? LOL ... i am sad :( i want to talk to somebody please ... can we talk .. i know you hace alot of questions i you will not answer me . Maura Triana

I'm so sorry that I noticed a message from you only now..:( Yes.

hi how are u DianafernandaMartinez

I'm good and what about u ? :)

do you had sex with liam? answer honestly Linda

what a silly question!!!!

Well!!!! Danielle Peazer (✔)

Tonight I got to go to the @theesteeedit event at @theofficialselfridges which was lovely, and I also got to paint my face using some of the products too - double win 👍🏼💁🏽 @esteelauder #theesteeedit


Hi :

Hi.....! 😊 I love you ❤..... Its real? || Follow me twitter @mary_horan15

Love ya too!

You had to wear a type of shoe for a day out of these categories: Wedges, High Heels, Platforms, Lita. Which one would you pick?

By far the most I love High Heels

Queen ♡ x Eleanor Calder


Proof pleassse


Do you like Zayns song iTs YoU?

Yes,I love it!!

Pic with Liam

Sorry, but no.

I miss u babe Gracie Wood

Nice to hear that!

do you have sibling ?

Yes,I have a sister. It's old picture but i think that she hasn't changed.

You're so beautiful Danielle!! I wish I could be as pretty as you!! Emma Walker

Don't compare to others love! Everybody is different, but unique. You are beautiful from the appearance and probably with character also. xx

Hey Dani! You're a gorgeous girl, and I've been a fan of yours ever since the one direction days. You're amazing and me and my friends totally adore you. Love you :)x

That's very nice of you, because if I remember at the beginning, Liam's fans didn't like me. They said that I have a terrible nose or hair, but I appreciate that they had their say. In the end looks aren't everything! So Massive thank you girls, love ya!! Xx

Do you have Tumblr ?


hii, how are you:)?

Hi, i'm fine thank you xx


When I was at school I told my friends that I wanted to dance for a profession, their reply being 'but what's your real job going to be' - at the beginning of this year after an 8 year professional dancing career I was announced as an ambassador for @reebok - one of the most recognised and top fitness brands in the world. I was selected because of my dance career and passion for both fitness and dance. So, to my 'friends' at school - this IS my real job and I'm bloody proud. Moral of the story, don't be afraid to have a dream and go for it with everything you have - added bonus, I got to wear this amazing sequin top that I'm obsessed with 💁🏽 Emotional rant over - now gimme some pancakes ☺ #reebok #bemorehuman

i like you, you are pretty... :) Emma Ferrajova

That's nice :)

snapchat please? xx Neha Modi


Clearly you are something special or you wouldn't be known. ;) Always be positive, leave the negativity to us "little" folk. lol Allie

Maybe, maybe

Not sure that it's a legit account since it isn't certified, but if it is.... then welcome back. Allie

My account on ask.fm probably will not certified at all, but it doesn't bother me cuz in the end I am an ordinary blogger , dancer and model for some products, it's not something special, i think Xx


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