Vanessa Hudgens @imvanessahudgens
Vanessa Hudgens @imvanessahudgens
My name is Vanessa Hudgens. Im an Actress, singer, free spirit.... and serious music lover!!
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do you love ur fans?
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who is your boyfriend and what is his name?
Austin Butler. lol
What's ashley brains really ask? Is it ‎@itssashbenzo or ‎@AVBofficial
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do u know how to cook?
of course haha
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You are verry cute:)
thank you
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what's selena gomez's ask
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How are you doing right now ? And do you remember me ?
I'm doing great right now, thanks and nope, who are you?
-  Vanessa Hudgens
‎@QueenSelenaxo lol omg I can't answer your Question, but yes I do. And I love your name btw
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What makes you strong?
my lovebugs, family, friends and my boyfriend lol
What will you never do?
kill somebody
Do superheros exist?
maybe, i don't know lol
What’s the one most important thing to get done today?
my hair!!! omg
What is the last thing you said to someone?
" I miss you "
Do you want to visit philippines ?  Barbara Mae Azarcon
I luv ya in Spring breakers ! Best film ever :) And you toooooo
thanks ;)
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i have known you for along time. so ily ♥
then I guess ily2
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-  Vanessa Hudgens
returned on stage. I missed it
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Are you afraid of people?
no im not
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Nessaaa(:<3  Selena Gomez
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How fast do you fall in love?
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-  Vanessa Hudgens
had so much fun, just got done singing at the Hillsong. #churchnyc any of my fans our here been there singing and praying with me? -amen
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i love zanessa....but i hate u and austin because u and zac were the best couple ever♥♥♥u and zac were a dream come true♥♥u have done several times having sex with zac efron or austin butler? plz answer me♥♥
I love Austin.
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lol your silly more then me lololololol
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