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Have you ever had a crush on someone else?


Like how are you and her still together?

We just love each other that's all.

You and Briana are too cuteee.

AW thank you!

Yhu trinna let meh hit that?

No like shit

Why are you so pretty?

Um genetics lol sike nah thanks hun ❤

People act so fake towards you ..

I know but I don't care it's whatever at the end of the day they still talk to me so aye they sucking me.

Why does Selma got so much ass?

Cause! Leave that booty alone that's mine !


I love me too.

Ii Miss Dat Ass

Lol that's sooo awkward but ok

Do you even get attention from your girlfriend?

Yeah, slwe both got our moments though.

Selma? Ijohli?

What about them?

who is ya best friend?

La'myka.. &, briana..

One ex you miss?


-_- well ima get it anywayz


can ur girl gimmie da neck she fineee

No but she needs to come give me da neck

cause what yall needa break up already


1 female n male u wish u cudd c right now

Female ; Briana.... Male; my father

yea uk bettr I woop u and ya bitch gurl

I got FAM young lol try

y r u n briana still together


bitch dont talk to daddy like dat n get slapped

Lol whatevaaaaa I ain't gon get mad cause you anon anyways

Your Mom Is Fine As Hell


how about yes not uhh

Lol like I said you won't come off anon or tell ne your name so hush behind that screen bruhhhh

I Fuckedd Yhur Gurl When Yhu Was Gone Moe!


Pussy or Dick?


Do you get mad if you see Briana looking at other girls asses?

No.. Shit we be like damn babe look at her ass so nah.


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