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Will you be dressing up tomorrow
why would i
So, how was your birthday?
shitty lol
You all of a sudden got so mean
how did I get mean...
Is it protective
Do you curl your eyelashes with mascara on
What brand is the curler from?sorry if I'm being annoying
I'm not sure sorry
Why what if your phone falls
I have a case..
Do you have an otter bix
noo lol
Happy Birthday🎉👏😌  Isaiah
im late but thank you!
What mascara have you been using recently?
the new pink tube from maybelline and this argan black oil one from sephora
Pap of curler you use because your hair is so pretty when curly?
I'm too lazy but it's just a one inch barrel with no clamp
I am a boy and i love cocks <3
oh cool
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I apologize in advance, but do you get a lot of Twinkie jokes?
what is this 6th grade lol
Can I just marry you so we can travel the world
In your mind is there someone that you wish they would of hade wished you happy birthday but didn't cause yall are not that cool anymore/crush/or stranger
Man I thought you were Hispanic so you would be doing your fithteen sooon lol
nah i'm asian and white lol
Happy birthday girly😊😊  ¢нι∂ι ℓσυιѕ✞
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you!!
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Girl, there ain't nothing about you fucked up!!!
Ready 4 drake? pap
had to repost cause it fucked up lol
Ready 4 drake? pap
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who is one person you miss
How is/was the concert? I bet even drake was checking u out from the stage.
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No, it's quite the opposite, we're all thirsty for her!!!! I LOVE YOU ISABELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ahahahaha ily2
Honey stop I've read the text messages and not only from one person I mean I'm not trying to be rude but my main curiosity is if your pretty why can't you get the guys you would want all that seem that you can get is all those low low guys but thats something only you know
AHHAHAHAHAHAHA please show me these text messages i'd love to see who you're talking about because i've never once "thirsted" over a guy or been desperate for one holy fuck that's funny ahahahahahha
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