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Bms  Lauren schatte
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0❤️  Lauren schatte
ur so sweet❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Who sent you to the office
mrs brown
We don't know each other but I'm gay and I think you're fabo! Can we be friends?
So lets say you are 21 when this happens
i wouldn't put on a costume wtf i would probably be like what the fuck and then walk out
Okay so what would you do if you were about to have sex with a guy and he tells you to put on a nurse or maid outfit for example. What would you do?
im 14 what the fuck
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i was kidding omg
Do you like having sex in costumes?
wow all day!!!
I am walking to texas to see you
oh ok
What would you do if a guy tells you he jerks off to you
nothing because there's nothing i can do about that?? it's something they do in the privacy of their own home soo it's not like i can stop them im pretty sure almost every guy masturbates lol
You in a bikini>>>>>life
lol oh
So did you get iss?
nah i had an extra shirt lol
Haha I have cool teachers they ain't say nun to me
lucky af
Lol u got in trouble for dress code ???
yeah twice because i thought i was slick and put the shirt on again and then got sent to the office... i don't think anyone understands how much dress code pisses me off like i was wearing a plain fucking shirt
You mean, no bikini shot to end the summer? I am shedding 1000 tears.
shut up
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Your eyes are gorgeous.
thank you!
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have you ever had a weird connection with some one.?
Is stony point high school in Texas?
not sure
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Hey hey hey  Daniel Muller
Do you like HS
its ok
Is it true that you lose friends in HS
sadly, i didn't want to believe it but some people immediately change in high school or drift apart from you and it sucks but you just have to remember that your real friends will always be there and i guess i believe everything happens for a reason so if someone's not gonna make an effort to be friends with me or hang out with me then why should i keep trying when they obviously don't care for me anymore.. so yeah you do but you also make a lot of new friends so it balances out
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Pap of your face
Wanna make out at the school locker
we don't even have lockers at my school
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Are you ever going to dress rachet for school
i honestly don't like to look "ratchet" for school it makes me feel 10x better the entire day if i put effort into my appearance, but i mean if i'm really not feeling it that day then yeah