You wrote on here once you hate your legs. Why? Also I think you have a relative who cheers for Wakeland near Dallas. Looks a lot like you. Have a great day.

they're just naturally too muscular and bulky and I can't do anything about it

would you ever go blonde

I dyed my hair today and it's like light brownish but no

You're southeast Asian so you're brown anyways it's nice. You're not too brown and at least you don't have to lay down under the sun for hours like me to get a Tan. I think Tan girls are prettier

I'm only half asian haha

You're brown but not as brown as African Americans plus you kinda have Hispanic features

I'm not brown haha i'm actually pretty pale

I'm going to prom with this girl and I don't know what to do I am so scared

just be yourself and try not to make it awkward

Hows the feelings when the braces came off?

the best feeling in the world

U can pass of as being Hispanic

Ik but I'm not haha

Did your boobs just grow???

they actually did lol they're growing again and idk how i feel about it

Just got braces on, the feeling is just kinda tight for the first few minutes afterwards isn't, the Dentist said it was gonna be very pain but I don't feel any pain??

it will be painful soon.. sorry

where do you work?

kemah, but for a company called Hartmann's Art

What's ur zodiac?


happy for Mal?

beyond happy for her

How many raffle tickets should I get you think?

however many you want

Hey I'd like to buy some of those raffle tickets from you. Where should I pm you?

okay! and twitter, instagram, or text me

Where is the one place in the world you wish you could revisit?


Isabella by 20 months of braces u mean excluding the time u put on the braces or including the time u put on braces plus adjustmets

what do you even mean lol

Would you mind if I re-upload all your old videos from youtube? I downloaded almost all of them.

yes I would mind? wtf

Wow $9 is pretty high how long do you work? And plus tips normally how much do you get in total

from 4 hours to 8 hours just depends. and tips depend too, usually in a 6 hour shift at facepaint it'll be around $40 in tips, but there had been a time that I got almost $70 in tips in a 6 hour shift, so one time in a 6 hour shift I made about $124

Does race matter to you when it comes to dating or marrying someoneb


Isabella - Chan is your extraction pain? I just extracted two teeth for braces and omg so fucking painful the injection part and afterwards

yeah that was so painful lol I feel your pain

Can you still do a cartwheel?

of course

Oh I was actually under the impression that you only date Indonesian guys lol

I don't even know one Indonesian guy.. wtf lol

OMG you are so skinny and tall!!!

I'm 5'1.. haha

How much do u get paid??

$9 an hour plus tips

Do you have a crush on anyone at the moment

I mean yeah but they don't talk to me so:')


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