I'll do it if you give me some nice top!

you're disgusting

Are you talking to anyone yet lol

surprisingly yes haha you drew that? that's pretty cool

I did, and thank ya

Do you like poshmark and about how much money have you made from it? I'm thinking about making a account but idk lol

I do like it!! I've only sold 3 things though so prob like $100

Do you like parties with 12 people or parties with 60?

both just depends

So, you put any dents in the car yet? lol

no hahaha

where do you want to go to college?

most likely A&M

were you asked to the prom?


how does wearing a bikini make you feel? self-conscious? empowered? sexy? something else?

I like wearing them idk

dating anyone?


how tall r u?


what are you doing for a summer job?

i do facepainting and airbrush tattoos in kemah

crushing on anyone?

sure lol

would u date a guy in college?


yeah . . . no more cleavage.

because I don't want to show any wtf haha

ummm . . . in some of your older pics, you looked pretty big. not so much in your more recent ones.

are you talking about my boobs?? lol no I've never really had that big of boobs probably just whatever I was wearing

did you have a reduction??????


Mustang or covette? What carđź‘Ş

I would rather have a corvette

Happy birthday

thank you!

Would you be happy without money?

no cause then I couldn't eat

What color is your car? I'm guessing red.

grosss I would never get a red car lmao it's silver

Do you have a boyfriend?


Are you Indonesian or malay

half Indonesian

So like what if he was like ok sure one child and then he married you and insists on two? What would you do? Divorce?

idk at the moment lol. i would have to be in the situation to know

Would you say that your depressed

no life's pretty good rn, I'm happier than I've been in a long time


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