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Are you and hope lesbians together?
oh yeah definitely???
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Nooo u da hawtest bzaee(;  Hope Grace
gurl u izzz;;))
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Why do you love me ever so much?(;  Hope Grace
cause you're da hottest ;)))
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Could we get a selfie of your Halloween costume?
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if you could sniff a fart of any famous person, living or dead who would it be and why
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Who r u scared of?
no one lol what's the point
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Last time you said 5'2
i have NEVER once said i was 5'2 lol
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Whats ur twitter
yes I stalk you. when you were in the bathroom i was hiding in the stall you are pretty
Ur sandal broke yesterday in 6th prd u were. Dragging. It
it didn't break it undid... and do u stalk me tf
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I figured. U didn't. I hate her
same af
Do u like mrs Brown
god no lol
I am a white male is it ok if I date a black girl
yes wtf?
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Do u. Mrs Brown
do i what
do you do corset training?
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i think is bc alina posted about you on her old spam acc that one time and also cameron likes your answers alot (and I think yall are friends idk) so they just assume you go to kell and stuff
yeah true
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Are you depressed
no not anymore lol?
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What is your favorite story your parents told you?
i don't remember any
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shes talking about emery rogers i think. or rodgers. idk. She lives in Georgia and is friends w/ alina and them Lol everybody on here thinks you live in georgia and are friends with them
hahah i know! it's weird bc i have a really good friend named emery too so ya they get confused ig
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but you don't even live in the same state as emery, she lives in Georgia?
emery mcdonald.....
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Are u emerys friend because. I never see with her
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Do u think anyone follows you to ur classes
idk haha
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like how tall
over 5'5
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yep lol
do u like guys that r shorter or taller than u
is this even a question....