Mustang or covette? What car👪

I would rather have a corvette

Happy birthday

thank you!

Would you be happy without money?

no cause then I couldn't eat

What color is your car? I'm guessing red.

grosss I would never get a red car lmao it's silver

Do you have a boyfriend?


Are you Indonesian or malay

half Indonesian

So like what if he was like ok sure one child and then he married you and insists on two? What would you do? Divorce?

idk at the moment lol. i would have to be in the situation to know

Would you say that your depressed

no life's pretty good rn, I'm happier than I've been in a long time

What if you got married and your husband is persistent on having two kids what you do then? You said you only want one child and why is that? Is it because you're a only child?

i wouldn't marry someone who didn't want the same thing as i did

On a scale of 1 - 10 how American would you rate yourself

wtf lol

On a scale of 1 - 10 how racist would you rate yourself?


Honestly Isabella have you heard or know this brand called Samsung?

yes lol

What do you have to say about Asian women being bad drivers? *cough cough you*

my mom's a bad driver honestly lmao but i would day i'm a good driver

Hey you look like Kylie Jenner! She's brown too for some reason but not too brown but seriously you look like her features wise too

ehh I guess I can see where you're coming from but not really

Omg you watch Greyson anatomy? You know who Jack yang is? He's in the first 2 seasons I think that really tall handsome Asian guy

I don't remember lol I'm on season 13

I'm 5'6 / 5'7 am I too short for you?:(


You're so pretty!

thank you!

Happy birthday Isabella!!!! - American

it's on Thursday!

Are you gonna learn how to do your own oil change?

maybe lol

Wtf bro you're 16 and alreDy driving and own a car?? I'm almost 18 this year and have never even drive a car

yes haha and wtf..,

You probably get this a lot but what do you tick when signing a form about your race? Islander, white, others or Hispanic?

i will either put white or if i can check two, white and asian

Can I have a ride in your new convertible


i would like ur advice. how often should i stretch during summer for cheer. is it hard to keep ur splits?

stretch everyday! and no lol

promise to not text and drive. and if you're at a party and drink,call home for a ride no questions asked. and always wear your seatbelt. and don't speed. i want you to be safe. 😊 just sayin'

will do hahah thank u

Did your parents buy you that car

yes I'm very thankful


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