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What are your plans for today
cheering at the game
Why the fuck you lying song for your perky boobs
you've never seen my boobs... lmfaoooo only I would know
Are your boobs saggy or perky as weird as that sounds I'm just curious
Where do you buy a tshirt dress?
h&m, cotton on, forever 21, pacsun
Do you know Eric Bristow
do u like anyone
Where did you buy cotton candy grapes
So Brooke work at the HEB on I 45 or 96
the one on 646 lol
Can I text or email you?
email??? LMAO
I love your hair :)  taryn way
awe thank you :)
You are so pretty!  taryn way
thank you!!
Are you going to Danis quince?
I haven't seen you at meet the gator, football game, or in the cheerleader uniform are you not cheering for dhs anymore?
I was at meet the gator, two football games and wore my uniform two times this week and posted pictures? lmao
how bad are hangovers? like are they actually as bad as people say
drink a lot of water
Sorry I meant if you know where Brooke work because I've seen her somewhere
White fíes Brook gattula work
Clear retainers are so much better than wire retainers just saying.
I have both lol
Pap of your permanent retainer I'm getting mine tomorrow ahhh
i can't post a picture of it it's behind my teeth? wtf lmao
What is that wire thing behind your teeth
permanent retainer
Is ap world history hard??
i'm in preap
who do you think is the most popular girl at Kell based on instagram?
I don't know lol Scotland has the most followers
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
like nut tap?
no what the fuck?
have you ever ball Tapped someone?
Why don't you support Donald trump
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