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Dickinson, texas
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Will u go to prom with me?
I thought you were gonna help me
shut up
Faith gets in the way of my parents too much. it's annoying
Why won't my parents let me be gay? Stupid faith omg
wtf are you talking about
You might want to try it again. I know you have to be fairly flexible for cheerleading, but holding the postures for longer periods of time really help the muscle tone. Not that you need it anyway. How in the world do you maintain that flat belly?
true and idk lol
Suck some dick thot
omg great comeback you're so clever!!!
Ok hoe catch these hands tomorrow
you sound so stupid id love to see you do that
Have you ever tried yoga? It is great for toning and stretching your muscles.
yeah when i was younger but i kinda wanna do it again they have some classes at my gym
Don't get knocked the fuck out
aw please get me knocked out i would love that!!!❤️❤️
Ex one I said goofy and it "funny" like sit tf down childish ass
what the fuck i was kidding you're dumb as fuck lol you can sit yourself the fuck down ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ok then I will say you are childish af
how tf am i childish lol
Your figure is perfect. What kind of exercises do you do at the gym? Cardio or weight training or stretching or something else?
thank you!! im not intending on building any musxle so no i donmt do weight lifting or training i just stick to cardio right now. once i get to where i like i'll probably stick to toning
You are goofy af
who even says goofy anymore tthis is so funny
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OMG!! I can't believe that latest bikini pic on Instagram. Is your waist getting even smaller? That's unbelievable. Who has curves and a body like this? You are from Earth right?
I think he meant weight***and I say about 85-95. and how did you NOT get asked to prom? my god I thought you'd be first!  Caleb
100 and idk haha
Whats ur weiht?
wtf is a weiht
How'd you get asked to prom?:)
i didn't lol?
What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?
i put vaseline on my eyelashes at night lol
Which ipad do you have?
How long do you spend in the gym and how many days a week do you go?
an hour and 3-4
Pap of txts
Pap of txts
Hu :)  Jonathan
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What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
hm i could either be really deep and shit with this question or really typical and bland and say something like my 5th grade diary