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isabella atkins @isabellaiscool
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do you have your own bathroom?
So, no nudes online, ok, but what bout another twerk video?
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Help! I had my old iPhone 4 and it wouldn't restored and stuck at iTunes plug in screen for more than. A week so this morning I tried again isn't expect to work and it did! But then I tried play gta on my iPhone then it say for ether performance reboot your device I did one it's stuck again
wait what
When was your last relationship
july 2013
share your thoughts on the israel palestine conflict
What would you never post online?
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do you believe in global warming or do you believe its a propaganda invented by polar bears
I dont go to ur school but ur fukin beautiful on instagram
thank u!
I want your face.  Hope Grace
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I want your face.
you do not
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shop at la senza?
How do I stop cutting? I am be serious. I really do not know how. Everytime someone says stop, it never gets to me. I hate to permanently damage my body but I honestly cannot help it. No one understands me.
it took me a long time to come to the realization that it does nothing to help you or your problems. NOTHING good comes out of it. there are SO many options to get your mind off of stress that are much better than harming yourself. think about the damage you're doing to yourself. and the scars that will never completely fade. it took me a long time to understand that self harming does not help your problems one bit..
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you talk to chase morales today?
can you stop
Are you transferring to Springs?
yeah. or i'm gonna try to lol.
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alright I get to do ur make up :) im not that good
hahah it's ok
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1. do you like the design of the iphone 5s or 6 better? 2. what iphone do you have & what color? 3. would you rather have the 5s or the 6?
6. the gold and white 6. and the 6 bc i have it lol.
Do u like ms steblien
wanna to do the make up challenge with me?
lmfao just cause your pretty doesn't mean you need to be a bitch. something's are just questions calm the fuck down.
people literally ask me about chase morales EVERY SINGLE day and EVERY SINGLE time i say i don't know him. and they won't stop asking about him like no i do not know who he is and it's really annoying so i think i had the right to answer like that. sorrryy.
u have really nice eyes <3
thank you!
Can I get a hug?
i thot you were a virgin.. @ sluts
i've never done anything more than make out with a guy honey lol
how do you know chase morales. through his girlfriend?
but you've talked to him
no i haven't?
have you ever talked to chase morales now that you know who he is