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How come at school you don't talk to any Mexicans but always with everybody else
faith is mexican
have you or will you give head?
Do you miss any of your ex's?
sometimes. but then i remember it's all my fault lol
Have you ever self harmed
Do you like tight or baggy clothes
depends again if i wanna look hot or whatever then tight lol of i want to be comfy then baggy
How much makeup do you put on everyday?
it depends.. at school i usually wear concealer powder eyeliner mascara and lipgloss but other times i could wear less/more
Have you ever starved yourself.
Have you ever done drugs?
Haʋɛ ʏօʊ ɛʋɛʀ staʀʋɛɖ yourself
Do you like z's
Do you like tall guys
Hօա ʍʊċɦ ɖօ ʏօʊ աɛɨɢɦ?
3000 tons
If I was your boyfriend I'll never let you go you'll never be alone
do you still have a thigh gap?
Isabella ok let moi ask u is the woman he's FORM AND CAME OUT FROM IN ANY WAY RELATED TO U? Is not like same mother different father that's a different storie
please educate yourself
I mean a 'brother' that's form and came out from a woman who's not blood related to u at all?
do you not understand that half of his genes would come from my dad no matter who he "comes out of"... and half of my genes are from my dad... he would be a blood relative.. incest... do you see where I'm coming from or
So u wouldn't date a half brother?
no what the fuck??
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We understand the loniness and jealous feeling
jealous feeling? Lol
Yes we understand the pain!
what's the pain? idk about you but i'm pretty content with being an only child lmao
I wish dating you wasn't impossible :/
whoops lol
Bcause us being only child means we have much more things in common
not really..
What is your favorite waste of time?
youtube videos
Like does she say oh you are not allo to date this race and stuff
no she's not racist...?
U smell so good
Can I talk to sometimes?since were both only child?
what does us both being an only child have to do with anything lol
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