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one of your eyes is way bigger than the other.
thank u for pointing that out u must have been lookin real hard
what should you say to someone who is scared to ask someone to text bc they think the other person is out of there leauge and that to many girls/guys talk to them as it is??
just ask for their number honestly or snapchat them
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part 1 was amazing was it as good?😊🔫🔫
it wasn't as good but it was really good idk I just liked the first two better though because mockingjay is mainly just about the capitol
dang thats a long time!! 😩 who was the cute boys though?😊
haha I was kidding I son't think I saw any lol
how long was the movie?
over 2 hours
Who do you like
loml i swear 😍 was there any cute boys there?
yes lmao
omgg was it good i wanna see itt!?
whens the last movie you saw at the movies an when??
mockingjay part 2 last night!
When is Colby bilbreys birthday if you know
why would i know that lmfao
It's been so long, how've you been?
I've been okay
Is his album really worth $12.99? btw I'm deciding whether to buy it or not.
it's good but it's not the best thing i've ever heard
Wait a minute now all of the sudden you like Justin bieber?😂😂
I like his music now yes?? I didn't like him 2 years ago but he's changed
Why did faith quit being a cheerleader
that's not really my business to tell
whens the last time you had sex?
I'm a Virgin lol
With your braces how did your face structure change
it moves more than just your teeth
Okay that boy nick that obviously likes you is trying his best and I'm not asking you to like him back at all you live your life how you want but maybe you should stop putting him on blast on your Twitter
that's literally what he wants lol
How did you get an Aceable shirt??
they sent me it
Are you planning on working soon or do you just want to wait til summed
summer lol I don't have any time at all
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You have to draw a rodeo art picture? just use the pic you drew of your mom on a horse from a few years ago see if that works.
I did that last year lol OMG! IT IS SO WORNG THAT YOU LOOK THIS GOOD!!!!!!!!! YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
ahahhha thank you!!
Does Brooke gottula have a be now
Did you win homecoming last year and this year
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omg your vine posts are hilarious! you should be an actress, I think you'd be a funny comedian too :)  kelly
ahaha thank you so much!
What do you do in order to win homecoming? As in court
you don't campaign lol. in fact you're not really supposed to tel people to cote for you and stuff idk that's how is is at my school. you get nominated and then they put all the people that you nominated on the ballot, and then everyone votes. after that, they pick the top 3 who had the most votes and put them on another ballot and then everyone votes again and whoever gets the most votes out of top 3 wins