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Are yall gonna be on tv?
Are you cheerleading at the football game?
yeah at 3rd quarter
What are yall doing for the peprally
i mean you'll see tomorrow if you go lol
hi if you like all 23 of my answers you will get a gift back and a follow promise  random funny stuff
Are your classes hard to get to?
my biology class and art kinda
so I called girls I know at school bitches, did the girls have aright to kick me in the nuts and laugh about it when I'm on the ground ?? i didn't know girls kick real hard to the balls! but they do!!
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Are you on that fruit juice and apple sauce or..?  Jacob gaudet
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eating haribo
Lol but its like a good thing
hahah how?
You look so different irl
i'm pretty sure i know that
How many of these questions do you think are from kids from school that are seeing you for the first time?
over half
Your so stinky my dog said "ew she's stinky" I promise
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can I touch the butt  Ashton Stevens
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she made out with me while we touched mercury so stfu people  Ashton Stevens
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Not this nurse mmmm
dumb af
you realized nurses wear scrubs um
I saw u makin out with someone behind the school today
oh ya i'm sure you did
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True dat mmmmm
You in a nurse outfit my god I can not take it
i know this is weird, but can I ask do you use pads or tampons? what brand?
tampons lol
Nurse outfits are hot... Yummmmm
Do yo like Disney because when I look at you I'm frozen ;) (i can up with that myself)
do you take birth control? I heard it helps with cramps and stuff
no i don't get cramps
I'll buy you a nurse outfit mmmmm
Your really pretty :)