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Do the remove your wisdom teeth before you get braces?
no i have to get mine removed next year
How many questions do you get a day?
Let's date okay lol
Now people are coming to you for advice on how to get taller?
LMAO ikr
I say bell I need help I'm 16 and only 5'6 very short haven't grown in 2 years since mid 14 I'm 16 turning 17 this year can I grow taller?:( very worried my cousins and friends whom I always been taller are now taller than me I feel so bad even standing with them I hope to be like some who grew late
im sorry?
What made u darken your hair after it been the perfect light brown color
it was blonde ..
Have you ever gotten drunk lol
chilling huh, what ya'll doing?
drinking a milkshake?
you guys should broadcast on younow,com Isabella you're a star!
Party or just chilling
just chilling
I think your depressed
I used to be lol I don't think it ever fully goes away
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Wyd tonight
with emery
Fun you don't know what if feels like to not be loved
yes I do
I love and you might think it's a joke but I'm seriously in love with you and what hurts me its that it seems impossible
ohh fun
where is this bikini pic that is causing such a stir? lol
What field of medicine do you want to practice?
dermatology, oncology, or radiology
omg your legs are awesome in that pic on Twitter. They look so strong, do you do squats?
thanks..? and sometimes
What would you do if you went on a growth spurt and became 6 feet tall?
be 6 ft tall
What would it take or who so you can give them a chance
Okay well not to be weird but I was reading questions below and in one of them you kinda said in other words u were kinda crushing on someone you don't know lol is it possible
no ai just think whoever that is is kinda cute
I know you are too beautiful for all the guys at dhs but you should give them a chance
no thanks
hey, atleast reward me 4 my honesty, post another?
ya go fuck yourself
I can't post pictures on here lol
dm me on ig
would you date a guy that didn't believe in sex before marriage?
uh I guess lmao
sorry, I know it's u, I was just trying to trick u into posting another vid cause ur smoking hot. I wish I was the sand in ur hourglass
smh lol