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isabella atkins @isabellaiscool
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Do you have any riding boots? If so where do i get them and how much bc I really need some
i have 3 pairs and the price really just ranges, one of mine were $100 and then another was $70 and the other pair was around $80 lol but you could get some for probably like $50 or $60 online. ik DSW has some and all department stores like dillard's macy's jcpenney and uhh shoe carnival and famous footwear and just pretty much every shoe store lol
If the girl wants the white iPhone than just let her haha
Change your ask fm link to
What's your snapchat
Have you ever watched how I met your mother
Are you bi sexual
U used a 3GS before your 4s? Or what
no some pantech phone
Would u ever consider an android/Samsung? I know it's ew plastic and android requires a genius to use it not like ios
What race is brookie cuz damn ma she one of a kind
she's black white asian and idk if she's anything else
It's like not cool! Unlike black
oh my god shut up
So you're getting another white one for your next iPhone?
yes i just prefer the look of the white iphones is it really a big deal wtf
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Get the black for your next iPhone
U had a white 4s time to switch the black isabella
i like the white one..
Cut abut it's so long isabella
I forgotten about the black! And also gold is really just a white iPhone if u have a case on
ask me a question? ‎@truthordarequestion
Just calm down and go to colorado
What's the point of getting a gold iPhone and covering it with a case?
you can take the case off lmao.. and why would you get a color you don't like lol this question makes no sense? if I don't want the silver one i'm gonna get gold?
Pap of your hair straight
Pap of your hair straight
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Hello Isabella
hello anon
Being American is a gift don't take it for granted
Vr if u pronouncing your name
I mean how did you hear about him?
from people asking about him on my ask?
Brooke cookie is so fine
lol just because I see this kid all over ur ask, how do yu know chase morales? or his gf?
i don't!!!