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Have you seen any good looking guys at dhs
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Aye is it tie dye today
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you unfollowed me on insta :///
who's this
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i feel so weird i by accidentally liked that peach fuzz question an it wont unlike but just so you know i didnt ask it lol btw your so pretty  fayth
hahaha it's okay and thank you!
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yours is 230$? there's 3 of us too but we only pay like 150$
wait what carrier do you have? we have to pay our phones monthly so the actual plan is like $100 something, plus like 30 a month for each phone, and then $11 insurance for each phone, then tax and it comes out to be
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which iphone do you have?
iphone 6
are iphone monthly payments expensive? how much is your monthly payment
there's 3 of us, so it's like $230 a month i think
no I'm being dead serious you're perfect
OH thank you aw
wow a passion for science and looks you've really got it all ❤️❤️❤️❤️
are you being sarcastic or
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ye there's a lot of things with christianity that I don't believe nor agree with therefore I resort to a passion for science and knowledge through facts. it's not that I try to disprove christianity nor any faith for that matter, it's just a fact that it's called a "faith" for a reason. fact<<faith
same same same same
that's so cool I am too
wut really
so do you believe in science? such as proof in the Big Bang and etc
do you have a religion?
no im agnostic
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Are you a Virgin
are you christian
If you have a boyfriend would you let him smash
When were you born
What would you do if I shrank in front of you to the size of the bug on your floor?
there isn't a bug on my floor
how do u do ur makeup?
i put it on my facial features
Do you like BDSM if you do hmu I have the gags and chains we could have fun
Once ive done a big shit in the toilet, I pick it and rub it in my sisters face and then smear it all over walls wem she is sleeping and my parents always thinks its her and then they kick her ass haha.
wow sounds exciting!!!
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My D is so hard looking at you
oh fun!
U have dem bj lips
If you're 7 I'm 7
How old are you?