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So how old was your mom when your dad met her?
idk like 20 lol
Would your parents approve a 5 year difference or something like that
no lol but I mean i was talking to a 17 year old and he met my parents and that was a 3 year difference and they were fine with it lol
20 years apart OMG! would you do that? 20 years older?
fuck no!!!
You really don't think maybe dating older from2-6. Years is bad
2 or 3 years isn't bad to me at all lol my parents are 20 years apart..
What would be weird about dating someone older than you
If you bought a lottery ticket and won 200million would you still go to collage or work
hell no lmao
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Why don't you like school
why would i like it lmao
omg if we cuddled you would feel something in ur back lol
do you like to cuddle?
who doesn't
it was dewey lol.. it gets reaaally oily
What size shoe are you?
Are you the type of gir who will look at a ugly guy and still say they had a chance at dating you
That's great of you to date someone because you have feelings not because of desires
yeah I don't understand why you would want to date someone if you don't have intentions of staying together forever.. it's pointless. i've never liked anyone enough to think of myself being with them for that long
Well I just don't find a single reason your single then
I don't like anyone enough to date them
Okay so I read this quote on Twitter you tell me if its kinda true about girls"shout out to the girls who have had their heart broken by a guy they never dated"
That's great lol that's why you probably don't have a bf cause you don't show emotions
no lol
Well is there someone who you would like to date
Who has a chance to date you
idk lol
How do you get people to want you as their girlfriend
idk hahahah
r u taking a shower right now? video response if you are?
do u have any special plans for the summer?
Well you hate everything they do lol I'm confused
Where are you right now
Zayn Malik cut his hair he's ugly now
I know i just saw omg fuck ew
No hold up wait a minute you can't hate everything that guys do but fuck who ever hurt you to make you hate other guys
i don't hate guys