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U rok  Lauren schatte
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U look like a you also only like black Dick like one too?
i know and WTF NO AHAHAH
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You seem like a cool person to be friends with
thank u
Would you ever date someone younger than you
id rather not but i've had a thing with someone younger than me.. by a few months hahahah
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Are you dying your hair back
not the way it was. i might go all light brown or just dye the blonde parts brown but not as dark as my natural color but yeah the blonde is damaging and i got tired of it lol
Note or iphone?
can you queef? i find that sexy in a woman, its like your blowing a kiss to me with your vagina
what the hell
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What do you look for in a guy?
i don't know anymore
You're fuckable
Boobs still big?
Yea thats why u wont kik me cuz im good at basket ball n shii :/
Its because im half black with ashey elbows huhh ;(
I guess its a no huhh ;(
Kik meh haha ? MatthewGcode
did u just say "meh"
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cheer practice pap
Why'd you hoe my boy Derek?
how did i
How have you liked the 6 so far? I'm looking at the 6+..  Aaron Loeffler
do you wear makeup everyday ?
What does sap mean!!??
Did you know you really can recharge your I phone WITH your microwave, not in. just have it next to the microwave when its on and the radiation recharges the battery.
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Is it a good thing for the iphone 6 to be bendable or nah?
no wtf are you ok
saw your video,, haha no shit! why would anybody bend their phone like that? people are dumb! anywho, just wanted to say You're so beautiful inside & out! I mean that. thanks for sharing your thoughts, its always good to see you and hear your voice!
awe thank you!
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how to get ur #?
you don't
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Can you bend your iphone?
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why do you have 2 phones
i returned the other
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