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should I tell my bf that a guy i know randomly asked for nudes like is that something u tell your bf cuz i dont want to start drama or anything but i dont know what to do do i keep it to myself to avoid drama
just keep it to yourself unless he's bothering you then your bf will put him in check lmao
It's 6-2 for B and the same for A. I'm pretty sure
ohh ok
ever though of going lez?
What's freshman football record
i think it's 6-2 for b? i could be wrong and for a idk
Hey it's me again c: I hope I don't get annoying .-.  Uryel Mtz Reyes-Canacho
hahah nah
Haha I was shy , I seen you next to me and I was like thinking in my head , " should I say hi " , I didn't want to make a bad impression lol  Uryel Mtz Reyes-Canacho
ohh hahaha
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U talk to anyone
i guess not
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Pap of messages
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Are u mexican
I can't believe it's all of them equally but okay.. thx for your time and have a nice day.
ok lol?
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Can you make a top 3 between white guys, mexican guys and mixed guys, based on who do you find yourself interested in more often? Like.. "1.Mixed guys 2.Mexican guys 3.White guys"
idk lol it's all of them equally
White guys VS Mexican guys VS Mixed guys? Can you make a top 3?
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
they're equally cute
What kind of guy you tend to like(find yourself interested in) more often? Black / White / Latino / Asian / Mixed ?
white/mexican/mixed i guess i'm more attracted to but it honestly just depends
I know i have no chance with him.
you don't know that
it sucks because when i fall for somebody i fall for them hard. it took me a whole year to get over this other guy i liked. i dont want that to happen again :(
well why shouldn't you like this guy?
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Who would have a bigger chance : -white guy -Mexican guy -black guy
dumbest question ever why should race matter
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Would you date a Mexican ?
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Do you know chase morales?
no for the last fucking time lol
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Are you a virgin
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GoodMorning (: I seen you pass by me , I didn't know your a cheerleader  Uryel Mtz Reyes-Canacho
hahah i saw you
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Did you get a nose job? I'm not trying to be rude, you just look super different from like middle school and stuff.
i'm literally in 9th grade lol. how the hell could i get a nose job lmao
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Are your boobs fake
oh yeah im in 9th grade an got a boob job!!!?
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Hey beautiful
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