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You should dye your hair blonde or get blonde highlights or something
well he does look kinda like a dick. im sure he isnt the boyfriend type. more like a fuckboy
no he's a really nice guy I just don't like him lol
idk y. but I thought u and pablo were dating. the pic of yall at the pool party made yall look like that couple in the group of friends. I was like this is a cute couple but then my friend said u werent dating anyone. yall should date. idk yall but yall be cute.
we've been through that but I don't like him like that lol I don't want to date him
Idk you in real life and I know this sounds really creepy, but I've been following you on instagram for a couple weeks now and you are literally one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. I'm not saying this to try and hook up with you, I just wanted to tell you that you're beautiful.
thank you so much!
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Is it hard to make out with braces
no lol
What kind of face wash would you recommend for like if I'm getting black heads help!!!
blackhead scrub or charcoal wash
Do you know where keele cibulski works
no I don't know her lol
age-17 virgin-yea freak-no playa-no mean or nice-seem nice ugly or cute-super pretty.  jackie☮
you right lol, thank you!
I'll take you to Bahama bucks
Go follow me and like my pic in Instagram ‎@damian__cervantes18
pap of your messages
pap of your messages
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Ok on you IG i would like for you to talk about your biggest crush on high school without saying his name just talk about some you had be crushing on lol
I've only been through one year of highschool and I didn't really have a crush on anyone in my school it was more like a mutual like
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Would you date a Godophobe?
Do you like Pablo
no and it's so annoying when people think that lol
are you going to dani's quienceanera
I wasn't invited so no lol
Do you have a lot of family here in texas
I have 2 cousins and and aunt and uncle and my parents lol
Would you ever date a homophobe?
no way in hell
Pap with Jordan t
I don't have any with him lol
what're your thoughts on colored contacts?
they're cool i guess
If you couldn't be a doctor or psychologist(?) would you consider being a vet?
probably not
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Which schools do you think are better, Singapore, England or America?
singapore by far
You took mandarin in kindergarten? That must have been in England? They barely teach English in American schools
that was in singapore. lol
Why don't you talk about your youtube? When someone asks for it you say no. Are you embarrassed about it? Don't be I like your videos.
no just why would I give it to then if I don't know them and have like 3 videos on my channel that I don't want people to watch and I need to get around to deleting
How do you get the heart on your Twitter Avi
That's like saying okay then move all the fagets away from the U.S.
I find it pretty sad that you use the term faggot so lightly and don't even know the correct way to spell it... please leave because I don't give a single shit about your ignorant opinions lol
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