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Are you going to Xavier's party?
i think so
So, I had sex for the first time yesterday. Is it a bad thing that I kept pretending she was you?
Did you change your facbook profile pic yesterday or were you hacked again?
i changed it lol
Do you think faith wears a lot of makeup
yes lol not in a rude or bad way but everyone knows she does
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Dang that much on a case
lol yeah
Do you fuck with black guys
i don't "fuck with" anyone
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Where did you get your phone glitter case
verizon it was $80 and it falls apart everytime you drop your phone so i don't recommend
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It's Friendship Day! How do you cheer your best friend up when they're sad?
make them laugh
Can I sniff your ass
Isn't Kyle Burt hot?
Christina masterson is so pretty
Can I have sex with u in the future?
Can we makeout if I see u?
What do u think of the new show fresh off th boat
idk what that is
Wtf I was searching Jessica cambensy on fab because I was watching a UK movie and think she's really pretty and shes on the page on fab Eurasian hoodies and I was looking at pictures and GUESS WHAT?! YOURE ON THE PAGE THEY POST A PICTURE OF U LIKE WTF?!
Ok babe did u know you're on fb page Eurasian hotties?
youre gorgeous babe😍😍‎  isabella fan
thank you❤️
U lucky 'female' I wanna go America and leave fuckapore but I can't I'm suffering here and going through depression because of the government and school and Singaporeans and I have severe overbite causing me so much pain but I can't do braces!
hahhahahah wht
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Your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen literally 😍😅
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Where did you buy your black riding boots??
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You know I'd like to invite you over, but I'm afraid you're so hot that you'll skyrocket my air-conditioning bill.‎  Conroy Sutton-Davis
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Do you own any sperrys??
no they don't look good on me lol
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Pap of your foot
fuck off
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Have you ever tried revving the engine in a car or truck before?
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