we're back now but that's ehat im saying lmao

did he find someone else?


did you ummm say no to him? did that like turn him off?

no lol

did he cheat on you?


I'm sorry isabella just know it gets better and with time you will move on

I know but right now I am hurting a lot because I've never liked anyone that much. and it sucks so much to go from someone reassuring you that they'll never leave and they'll never hurt you and will always make you happy and wants to date you for a long time to just all of a sudden not feeling the same. I can't do anything about it either I can't make him feel that way about me again and knowing that sucks because so badly idk what to do

do you want him still?

of course I do it fucking sucks so bad lol

why did he break up with you?

he didn't feel the same anymore

Can't sleep huh, well you got a boyfriend know, tell him to "come tuck you in" lol

he ended things lol

are you okay?


Where did you get your permit?

Online lol

I didn't read it like that, it read like oh I jus bought me some new panties, let me get a selfie in them.

no they mean like if someone buys them the 10 for $35 they'll send them butt pics in them

https://twitter.com/isayebella/status/752760742894592000 it's not trying to objectify women, it's trying to sell panties

obviously VS is trying to sell panties, just the actual tweet, like the fact that so many people would send butt pics just because someone buys them underwear, like wtf lol

U look so pretty in your cheer leading outfit haha

thank u!

Would you date a guy shorter than you?

nah lol

U like me goreng?


You're taller than kylee and she's white haha!!

yeah Lmao

How was your fourth of july

well I drank four loko and had to wake up at 8 if that answers your question

What's your favorite sushi

crunch roll

Fried rice or sandwich


Pizza or French fries

French fries

Sushi or Kimchi?


U got tanner haha

I did

You're like taller than a few white girls omg!!


Salmon sushi or Tuna?


I love you Isabella like being serious I kinda love you haha one day I'll ask you out and you will be my girlfriend and I want to marry you one day.

oh ok


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