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whoever likes this ask them 3 questions?
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Post a selfie?
Post a selfie?
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Likers get tbh rate
sure thang
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"netflix and tumblr" wow you're so fucking original like i've never heard that before
what the fuck do you mean by original it's the truth i fucking watch like 3 episodes on grey's anatomy every night and then go on tumblr until i fall asleep i was answering the question honestly the fuck did you want me to say "oh i light candles and do yoga naked" there's no need to be an ass so shut the fuck up
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Tbh for likers?
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Pap of you in a bra?;) <3
Pap of you in a bra?;) <3
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Tbh for likers,?
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Rates for likers?
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Why dont you like school
is this even a question?
first off i wake up every weekday at 5:30 so i have enough time to get ready and eat without feeling rushed and shitty. i never get more than 6 or 7 hours of sleep, a lot of the time i usually only get 5. second of all, the people at my school piss me off. yeah there are some nice/cool people but then there's rude and annoying bitches and people who give me dirty looks every single day and people who hate me for no reason and so on. the teachers expect way too much from us and act as if their class is the only one we have like no sorry 2 break it to ya but i have 6 other ones!!! and it just stresses me out so much and everything's all about your grades and our system is fucked up because your intelligence should not be defined by numbers. especially in the case that you are smart as hell and you lose a major paper or something along those lines and your grade drops to a 60 and that's what they base your intelligence on. we learn shit that i'm never going to need after college, yes some classes are helpful, like world geography because you need to know where things are in the world. but thinks such as algebra and geometry?? i get that you have to take it in college but unless i'm planning on becoming an engineer or architect (which i'm not) then i don't think learning x=27•6(5•x)89-y will help me any further in my life.. i feel so pressured at the moment because i have all A's and in biology she said if we don't turn in the paper today which is a major grade we get a zero on it, no exceptions, and i lost my journal which has my paper in it and now my grade is going to be terrible but guess what?? i did the work, i knew what to do, i payed attention, why should the fact that i don't have my paper affect my level of intelligence? and don't get me started on our dresscode. they did a sweep the other day and put everyone out of dresscode in the auditorium or ISS. it's fucking 37 degrees outside, yes we're going to wear jackets to school, yes they're going to have words or patterns on them, because for some people it's all that they have and it's COLD. so pretty much, the fact that a guy has a stripe on his jacket is more important than his education. they send us out of class for the clothes we wear, not even for being too revealing, but if there is one stripe on your shirt, or it doesn't have a collar, you get to miss out on learning just because of it. everything about school is ridiculous to me, i honestly hate public school with all my heart and i's switch to an online school in a heartbeat if i could. but yeah there's my rant on school
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Rates? For likers
i do these like everyday lol but ok sure
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