j u s t i n! @itsjustinv
j u s t i n! @itsjustinv
hi i'm justin. www.instagram.com/bxngxrz www.twitter.com/lordeIrey snapchat; itsjustinv kik; itsjustinv vine: lordeIrey!
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How do you feel about Azealia not realeasing her album on april 15?
that album has literally been delayed for years, it doesn't affect me anymore lol i stopped keeping track.
most of ur tweets are just taken from the fat amy account
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you should look me up on DA.
what's that & who are you?
What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?
night ritual; watching hannah montana while i wash my face.
morning ritual; watching hannah montana while i wash my face.
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do you know deviantart.com?
yeah what about it?
What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
my fake friends
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what stores do you shop at
H & M, Boathouse, American Eagle, Jack & Jones, Bluenotes, Winners, The Bay, Urban Outfitters, etc.
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11 like nicki minaj last night  Brianna OGorman
aw bb <3
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
You should get a transgender surgery
already booked it!
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yeah, like thiss!
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Do you play an instrument?
not reaallyy.
Top 10 fave songs?
do my thang, starships, drive, the love club, we can't stop, ribs, fire burns, a world alone & SMS [BANGERZ].
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
How much music do you have on your phone?
632 songs, but i listen to like 4 albums on repeat lmfao.
Who knows the most about you?
myself duh
thoughts ;)  taylor baker
ok well
first of all you're perfect
you're so so funny & i <3 your phone
we should totally jam soon bc idk if we ever have outside of school
you make me happy in english lmao
anyway text me sometime <3
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Wait what is your twitter?
link's in my bioo, but;
best tweets = yours
if you could be another person for a day from ash, who would you be?
noo ooone..
Post some funny animated GIF.
i can't even block you
nominated u for best tweets
thx <3
why did u put a link to a random persons ask
that's my twitter username!
Whats your twitter username?