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Buat ape tu
baring baring
Pernah tengok porn tak
porn tu apa
ask her tumoroo laa when she's awake
ask her yourself lah
tanyakan laa ehehe
dia dah tidur
syameera ada askfm? uname?
tak tahu
How can you tell that someone is lying?
pupils dilate, heavy breathing, sweating, anxiety, awkward gestures, unusual blinking, they dont look you in the eye and straight up intuition
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syameera ada instagram??
kau serious ke dengan syamira
dengan syamira tak, dengan syameera ye
u ada brp crush
syg gf you tk?
how many exes do u have?
pap gambar waktu kecik
ni je yg ada
pap gambar waktu kecik
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u ni pervert ehh
asal pula
dont care about what that insane person said, bro. i hope u guys kekal because you and her deserve to be happy. those haters are jealous of you guys actually
thanks bro. haha
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Mne boley bgtahu
then jangan sibuk lah undek
Becuz its my fren yng jealous tgok (;
siapa your friend ni..
Mne de jealous hahahaahah we wait fr ur relatinship with ugly syameera to end!!ugly girl
haha if tak jealous why are you waiting for it to end?
(: i dun cre, syameera still ugly n u need more power in ur spec
hahaha kau jealous ke pantat? plus kau ni bodoh sgt nak suruh tambah power spec, pening ah kepala aku power byk sgt. bodoh
Even more an idiot, it was a perumpamaan bodoh. You perlukan mre power to your spectacle
you need more brain in your head
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She pretty to you? Idiot, you have four eyes but still so blind
i wear spectacles those are not eyes. DUMBASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Syameera is ugly
maybe to you, to me shes beautiful
i didnt say that because i am jealous, instead, time by time i think that you're the kind of guy dont really have a principle in his life
and i assume your principle in life is too be nosy as fuck?
and you were dumped last time? You mean callin dump you? Seriously? Or you are just saying to hide the fact that you are doucebag?
not only am i a douchebag, im also an asshole. so props to you for noticing that. *claps hand*
your schoolmate
hahaha schoolmate yg tak ramai