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Belqaiyum Taufik @itsqaiyum
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awak pakai handfone apa? bukan apa sbb saya nak beli handfone baru :)
Iphone 4s
not korang means you :)
What are you talking about?
Bila nk tgur? Mention laa i.
spm nak focus duluuu
Pergilah tegur sabrina. Hahaha
hahah yeye
Good luck on your spm :)
thankkk youuu heheh
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
hahaha xrasa ayat ni you mcm pernah dengar ke
pernah byk kali. cehh
awak suka saya ke tak?
kalau awak orang yang saya suka the saya suka lah
suka sgt sampai sayang.siapa tu yg u sayang
siapa yg sesuai
siapa crush awak?
crush siapa rahsia saya
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untung lah ada gf yg lawa nak mampus
ohhh so gf u mcm tu ke?
suka ke tak perempuan yg kecik,pendek but comel,lawa nak mampus ?
hahaha suka sgt sampai sayang pun ada
Pap with your friends
Pap with your friends
hmmmm I love you
if you were my gf then i love you too
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Good luck spm ♥♥ i love youu
hehe thanks! love you too who ever you are
X dtg sekolah dah ke
hahah datang je setiap harii
hello :)
how many ex you got?
mm less than 15
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Ok so you cpuple dengan that Chinese girl ke?
siapa tanya ni
Are you a prefect at your school?
nope. never was
You're pretty handsome in your appearance. Do you notice that?
hahaha maybe just a bit
Do you think you are cool enough?
ive been called a nerd a few times. so nope not cool
As belquzairi's brother, do you know how many girlfriends he has right now?
now you couple ngn budak cina tu eh?
budal cina... elokkkk sikittty