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Ok so you cpuple dengan that Chinese girl ke?
siapa tanya ni
Are you a prefect at your school?
nope. never was
You're pretty handsome in your appearance. Do you notice that?
hahaha maybe just a bit
Do you think you are cool enough?
ive been called a nerd a few times. so nope not cool
As belquzairi's brother, do you know how many girlfriends he has right now?
now you couple ngn budak cina tu eh?
budal cina... elokkkk sikittty
List kan atleast top 10 form 2
hahaha grow up
dah tak couple ngn akak syameera ? why? so now she with whom?
yeah. haha adalah. mana lah tahu tanya lah dia
What makes you really nervous?
question asking what makes me nervous
HAHA tu lahh aritu kata seriuss ngn syameera wakahkahkahkah sekrg apa jdi hahahahA lawak tgk korang!!!!
hahaha nak buat mcm mana. bagus lah kau happy kan lol
Form 1 ke form 2 lagi banyk cute girls
tah lah mcm sama jee
sokay,baru kenal..mmg la  aiman
haha yeaahh baru kenal enn
next year,in sha allah i will tinggi...hahahhahahh  aiman
insyaallah hahaha but nak describe tak kenal sgt ahh :( sorry
describe if you know me?  aiman
you pengawas f1 yg kecik kecik tu enn? haha
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top 10 f1 lawa/cute/baik
loool spm nak dkt takyah ah
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Is humanity progressing or deteriorating ?
detriorating the progression
kenapa u comel sangat
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Pap of your house
How long did you been without a crush or a girlfriend ?
no idea
So mcm mana u dgan syameera ek? Hahahaha!!
Mcm itu je lah
How many people follow you on askfm
Do you prefer Instavideo or Vine?
Buat ape tu
baring baring
Pernah tengok porn tak
porn tu apa