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hahaha mana boleh
i saw u with ur girlfriend at the school canteen just now. you guys r so sweet, how i wish i cpuld hv a bf like u
hahaha whut? im just a common guy, you'll find people like me
you changed your bio alrdy. so thats mean you and her are in a relay right?
fuck dude i said go away.
Who is your gf
syameera, dah senyap. go back to whatever glory hole you came from
a lot of guys in the school want her as their girlfriend. and you still denying your relationship with her. just say you want to play with her feelings or youre not proud of having her as your girlfriend
if i was with her, which im not saying i am or im not. but if i was with her, i think its solely up to me wether or not i should let other people know about our so called relationship
u & ur gf are so sweet
what are you talking about?
Lol belqaiyum is not a common name :p
hahaha yes it is. you hear it almost everyday
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Why dont u just terus terang je tht u and her is in a relationship.
what makes you think im in a relationship with her? and what could be the possibility that im not?
we dont need to tell the whole world if we're in a relationship. eventhough ure with her, i bet you love her. just ignore all those irritating questions.
thanks, we decide whether tell or not. but im just having fun teasing them with the curiosity
It seems like ur not very proud fr having her. Thts why its hard fr u to answer tht question.
things arent always what they seem to be.
why? because u just game dia?
no. because its not your buisness.
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hahaa lol is it hard for u to answer yes or no?
its not hard, just difficult lol
u guys in a relationship or not? - just answer yes or no
yes and no
honest about u and syameera
well what about it?
just be honest
honest about?
you didnt answer my question. is she ur gf?
wow wow calm down
i saw u with syameera jn at the canteen. is she ur gf?
i was with alot of people at the canteen just now haha
untungla u and girlfriend u sweet
aip apa ni? hahahaa
Hey answer my question! I'm asking you abt your girlfriend, haha i know abt that bcs of her bio. "Belqaiyum's" kantoi disitu lol
Belqaiyum could be anyone, its a very common name
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yes, be mine please
why do people think this will work? hahaha
i like u.
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are u with the new girl
what new girl?
haha which one is the answer? are you in a relationship
hahaha dude cmon..
hey boy, are you taken or single?
hey, single and taken
What kind of tshirt did you get
just normal tshirt