Selena Marie Gomez (✔) @ItsSelenaMarieGomez
Selena Marie Gomez (✔) @ItsSelenaMarieGomez
Los Angeles
Selena Gomez Official Page. Don't ever change who you are. Be yourself. You're amazing just the way you are. █║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌║▌║
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What is the best thing for you  Jeje Ahmd
#MySelenators Love :)
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Where is you favorite place to relax? ;)  OlgaFiodorova
In his arms..
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Do you speak spanish?  felipeBetancur
Yeah a bit
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if you wake up to be a sandwich, what would you do?  iLUvBeInGcRazY
I like random questions like this one haha x) I'm gonna eat myself of course.I will be too yummy so haha
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Have a great day❤️  Virginia_Su
Don't tell me what to do-.- I am just kidding lol.Have a great day too, cutie! ♥
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have you ever wanted to be normal?  Marina Fernanda
i'd rather be weird then normal and boring.
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By far the coolest award I've received -Young humanitarian award! Beyond proud to represent UNICEF since I was 17  Selena Marie Gomez (✔)
By far the coolest award I've received -Young humanitarian award! Beyond proud to represent UNICEF since I was 17
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If your life were a movie, what would be the title?
"This Movie Sucks" lol
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I don't believe media I just believe you. Selena ;)  Virginia_Su
Don't let others opinions affect you.
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"i won’t give you half, i’ll just give you all of me"
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Fighting!  Virginia_Su
With me?You will lose, baby ;) lol
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what is your favorite social networking site?????????????  Youssef Mohamed
Instagram :)
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how many accounts do you have?  paul wesley
Just one :)
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selena god bless you my girl  #Selen♡❤♕❀✔
God bless you too beautiful!
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I am better today than yesterday, which is better than the day before that! :)
How about you cutie?
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what is that makes you fall in love?  Rodrigo Escobar Castañed
Beautiful question :) i think weve all wondered this at one time or another. and honestly, i have no idea.... i think its when two people love being together, and are comfortable with eachother and can talk about anything, and love everything about them even their imperfections. its when you can be yourself and theyll make you feel like you can do anything. haha i really wouldnt know but thats how i always imagined it :) hope this helps!
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are you singel?  Jesper Gabrielsson
I am single
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Describe your self in 1 word!!!!!  ~Hazza-forever~ (✓)
ALIVE!!! ;)
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I know you won't answer my questions but I love you sooooo muchh ♥♡♥♡  irem toprak
Guess what?I love you so much more and you can't fight with me for that ♥
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15 like for 15 like? :)  Lil Wayne
I am not here for likes.I'm just here for fun,and for the fans
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Rule the world  Vittorio Feola
Our love was made to rule the world. Im just saying u know
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Love  Crazy
yooou :)
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Hiii :)  leiretxu :)
Heey princess :)
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The night is ours  Selena Marie Gomez (✔)
The night is ours
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How do you feel about Justin Bieber getting arrested?  Bhavin Patel
I've seen him at his worst and I still think..He is the best.Even though i don't support all his decisions i will never stop supporting Justin because in the end of the day I just feel sorry for him.
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