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Super hot  Philip Drohat
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hi, i am a boy and i found you on instagram, are you a cheerlader?
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Wut grade are you in?
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i want touch your abs❤️❤️
what abs
i m crazy for yuor legs ❤️❤️
Thanks babe
i want kiss youuuuuu❤️❤️
;) thanks
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i love your legs❤️ and i want kiss them ❤️
Aw haah
you have an amzing legs❤️
Thanks :)
whats the difference between reign and f5
no level difference one is coed and one is all girl!
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ill tickle ur butt
are you ticklish on your feet, sides or underarms?
My butt
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Someone told me youre a bitch
I am
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i know that you go to howard high school and went to bonnie branch middle school
Woah u know my story :-)
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I had a dream with you in it last night
(; what happened
U r beautiful
thanks bebe
Lol brady is obsessed with you
Love me some Brady :))))
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dem legs O_O
Is that bad
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R u famous?
Who's your bff!
What does your home screen look like on your phone ?
it's a pic of mi nd mi BFF
Wut grade iz Brady in?
whats your favorite family guy episode
I don't watch it lol I've only seen into fat air in English
I luhh u bishhh
Love u too
xoxo gossip bishh
Serena is me