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I can't tell you enough that you are beautiful. You could very well be why the sun shines and why the moon glows why when you move the wind follows you are nothing short of being an angel. I don't know exactly why but I'm pretty sure who ever invented or thought of the word beautiful had you in mind
This is very very sweet thank u anon
Where do you buy all your cute body con dresses ?
What do you use to cover up your acne or to have clear skin?
Some mac powder stuff
Besides cheer what else do u do to keep fit?
hey babe
Who is better at twerking you, taylor, or angelina?
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Post a picture of somebody or something you find inspiring!
My squad
Post a picture of somebody or something you find inspiring!
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I'm 5' 6'' is that too short?
do you have a boyfriend?
youre fucking adorable
Thank you❤️❤️❤️
where'd you get your homecoming dress??
I borrowed it from a friend but it's from Asos
how tall are you?
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what school do you go to?
howard high
Did that break up thing really happen
no! hahah
What's your soundcloud name?
I'm really awkward, but I also really like you....i want to text u so bad!!
text me for real!!!!!!!
Yo bæ u cute
be my friend
What type of guys do you like? (turn ons/turn offs)
Turn on cute texts and play w my hair
Turn offs can't hold convo
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who are some
just tell me who u r lol
do you think any st joe seniors are cute?
yeah!!! I don't know that many tho
idk it'd be weird we've only talked like once or twice
i want to but idk
how come
did you have any clue who i was at all?
no tell me ):
What's ur fav flavor
That's no fun!!