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Are you single?
Who was your first kiss
Why isn't kaila hindt on f5 anymore?
She chose field hockey
What kind of shoes do you like to wear/have
No shoes
Who's your bff?
Wait you don't like senior elite?
No like I don't care no opinion on them we go against them so
oh you have TEAL? "You can't sit wih U$"
I literally don't care
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Senior elite is gonna destroy all of all large senior
morp is a neon black light dance at archmere this saturday at 8! Hope to see you girls there!!!!!!
I live in md?
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Are you against bullying
Taylor said on her ask.fm that you all are going to morp on saturday!
What is that?
Are you going to archmere's morp with taylor, ange, and kat? Taylor said you were
Where do you put the eyeliner? Top lid or on the bottom?
Top lid and outside of lower lid
Senior elite can suck my apple crumble
Yeeeeeah basically
What kind of uggs and vans do you have
Just normal uggs and black teal grey
Have you ever been bullied/bullied someone?
Yes and yes
Vans or sperrys
Toms or uggs
Uggs toms aren't my thing
What's your fav song ?
It changes so much idk
Senior Elite can suck my fuckin apple crumble
Watch your language
how many questions do you have that you aren't answering
A lot I'm trying to answer some right now tho!
What angers you the most?
Ok here's another lie:your pretty
senior elite is gonna destroy f5 this season
!!!!!! We shallll see