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Who's the better twin ? haha <3  ♥ ♕ Natt ♕ ♥
me. me. ME
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sex before love or sex after love?
what ever feels right
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Have you ever got into trouble with the police?
hahaha plenty of times my friend
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Is it true that Luke have never been in love?  Lidijα ♡
yes maybe one of you will change that ;)
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Would you ever date a non famous person?
of course!! Fame literally means nothing trust me
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What was your favourite subject at school
Classical studies
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Jai what do you fucking do to heal a broken heart?
Nothing, wait till it fixes itself I guess
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Why doyou spend so much time in the gym
Because it makes me happy
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If you ever wanted to go back to a moment in your life, what would that moment be?
The start of the year
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Your so amazing. Your perfection. You went to my school but then left.. I was so shattered, I have one photo with you and its on my wall in my room. Your so amazing xx
Aw I'm sorry hopefully one day I can go back to visit
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Get out of the US. What you spend your time on: 80% partying/going to clubs 5% making videos 5% going to interviews
I've only gone to parties like 3 or 4 times I've been in the US and I've been here for about 4 months... I'm a teenager let me have fun. Btw we are doing a lot of work behind the scenes as well as making videos for daresundays, janoskians, twin talk time, janoskiansblog and keeks.
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I miss the beanies Jai
Wearing one right now
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do you have a thigh gap????
I hope not
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Is that true that you are coming in France in 2014 for the tour?  jc
Definitely, if we don't than I'll cry while eating pizza
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Is there a lot of fucking scary spiders in Australia?  ida
Not really, well at least not in Melbourne
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Are you afraid of people?
Everyone ask some questions and leave your name, gunna make a YouTube question and answer
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have you ever chilled with jb
Yes I have chilled with Jai brooks because I'm a loner
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How fast do you fall in love?
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Take a selfie and post here? xx
Take a selfie and post here? xx
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why do we always fall for the people we can't have?  Lory Rodriguez
Because people only want what they can't have and don't appreciate what's already there
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I Miss the old days When Jariana Was still there When u guys were still in Melbourne When u used to Post like a Video Ever 1/2 days When U werent Smoking When there was no drama I Miss the Old Janoskians
We have never uploaded videos every couple of days, it has always been a couple weeks or more apart, that's just how we've always done it. And we have been smoking shisha/hookah way before the janoskians, like since we were 13 or 14 years old. Don't focus to much on the drama just focus on the laughs
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whats the first thing you will do once you get to Australia?
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it's empty in the valley of your heart finish the song  Zoey
The sun it rises slowly as you walk, away from all the fears and all the faults you've left behind
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What was the happiest moment in your life? :)  ★La Loba★
Probably New Years of 2012/2013
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there's this guy i like and he likes me too what should i do
I think it's pretty obvious lol
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