jΔke @jakedeverell
jΔke @jakedeverell
I wanna be the reason all lesbians hate dick.
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you're perfect! do u have kik? <3
Thank you and no sorry x
Do you prefer a skinny or curvy girl?
Hahaha umm
Omfg you're perfect
Aww thank you:))
Do you still like Nicki?
Lol, what sort of question is that? Of course I do
Smile! You're gorgeous. X
Aww thanks luv x
didnt you say before "thats why i don't get involve in nickis fan base" and now you've changed your name and follow and RT all the cunts who are in it? and i'm sure you used to like azealia banks now you don't i used to love you but now wow you've changed.
Lmfao I did, but I've always followed some Nicki stans, I just follow more now lol. I probably said that cos sometimes some people drag others unnecessarily. I've never liked her, I liked some of music and I still do. Her 1991 EP slays so soz about me
Spam me with likes? And I'll spam you back?  Queeen.
I'd rather eat shit
i ent a bugger
Bloody are
ooo maybs i take that as a yes who's the lucky girl
That's be telling
you're hot
ever had a serious relationship or want one?
No and no
do you like anyone?
Ket me suck your balls??????
no i dont want any ket u bugger
your fucking horrid sometimes:(
do you like pubes?? i think pubes are pretty pointless and useless, you cant even brade them either cos when they get too long its time to shave and omg its just so annoying i swear. so do you like pubes?
love them
i want you to bum me jake. bum me hard. bum me soft. bum me high. bum me low. bum me up. bum me down.
omg ahahaha what
Fit. x
ta. x
why you so cool?
im freezing tbh
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Who would your deepthroat/teabag Nicki or Kim Kardashian?
both anyway
lets get physical
kk olivia
ta luv
Would you date an 18 year old?x
im 17 so ye aye
whoever likes this like 4 of their answers?x
choke on my bellend
ask me some questions?  Lymes.
no piss off
Whoever likes this give them a fan sign?
fuck off cunt