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how ar eyou?
i'm doing well :)
the person who put this question in my inbox also put in 6 questions of keyboard-mashing gibberish
which is good, thank you
would like to know who is putting this in by inbox heh
Over/Under: 81 wins for the Mariners.
i'm going with over. i don't think they will come out of the gate hot, but i expect the rotation to improve throughout the year as walker and paxton gain more experience. i'm projecting 85 wins.
Where's angela?
i think she is studying abroad in london now.
are you the biggest idiot alive (or ever)?
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how far can you punt a football
i haven't ever tried this. my guess is like 10 yards.
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if you could fight any historical figure, who would you fight and why?
i feel like...i vaguely remember this question being in "fight club" or something? is that right? anyways, i would fight reagan. he is evil and would be weak and sickly (i'm fighting the reagan of like 1981), so it would be a rewarding and easy fight, i think
how would you handle the sudden loss of your inner circle of friends? do you think not having a tight-knit family would make it harder for you to bounce back and rebuild your life?
i don't really have a very tight inner circle of friends. most of my close friends have moved to other countries or states. i don't need other people that much, i think. talking is always nice but...i don't know. i always welcome people but i am also usually fine by myself. to answer your second question, yes, i think if for some reason everyone abandoned me things would get really fucked.
cite and describe last 3 penises you saw
hahaha this is a funny question. i've only seen penises in real life in, like, ymca locker rooms. so...i think the last 3 i saw were pretty much simultaneous...in the ymca locker room in 8th grade. they were strangers.
Masturbatory routine?
lol, it's not much of a routine, it doesn't take like, a lot of preparation or anything. usually happens before i go to bed, often hard to sleep if i don't. so i do that, mute the tv, like...what else is there in a routine? i don't know, this question makes it seem like a mechanized process, which it's not. it's fairly straightforward. what's the deal with these types of questions? pray to god people are interested in things other than my masturbation lol
what sections/tags do you look at when you look at porn. don't be afraid.
i don't really search by sections or tags, just usually find something that looks good on the homepage. too lazy to be like, searching around. try to get everything done quickly so i don't have to think too much about the things i'm perpetuating. it's probably bad.
do you like boys whats your type be very descriptive
i don't like boys romantically. i am heterosexual.
i do like boys though, lol, i mean, i have a lot of friends who are boys. i like people who are smart but don't read books. or seem not to.
do you enjoy paintings? do you have any favorite painters/artists?
i enjoy some paintings. a few of my favorite painters are: barnett newman, mark rothko, morris louis, kenneth noland, and helen frankenthaler. i'm all about that moment directly following AbEx
as far as artists more generally, a few of my favorites are: jenny holzer, barbara kruger, chris burden, donald judd, bruce nauman
good question, thank you
Are you satisfied with being a human
i don't know how to answer this question really. being a human is good, to me at least, because i have no way to actually conceptualize being anything else. like, i can guess at what it would be like to be an ant or something, i guess, but everything i think about ants is grounded in me being human so...idk, being a human is okay, it feels impossible for me to feel satisfied or dissatisfied with it
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What inspires you to create great art?
thank you for the compliment. i wouldn't probably ever describe my art as great, but i appreciate you saying it is.
making art...is an urge within myself that i don't understand, and which i feel guilty about. on some level, i think artists and writers should feel guilty. they should feel really bad, i think. because, at least to me, when i think about it, i could be spending the time i spend writing working at a food bank or homeless shelter. and when i weigh it out that way, it seems like i need to be very sure that i do not make art in the service of my own ego, and that my art has a legitimate chance to positively impact someone's life. i wonder when people will feel like they have enough. when will people look at art and say, "you know what, i think we've made enough of this, i like what i have, i'm happy"? i hope for that day, sort of. maybe that has happened to some extent, since the massive majority of the american population doesn't give a shit about contemporary art or literature. maybe that is a win. art production in its present state (post-death of the avant-garde) seems totally content with commodification. i see no compelling difference, on this level, between an ego-driven writer or artist and an agricultural company that relies on a systemic process of raping land in a never-ending process, because no one ever feels like they have enough. it's all just about the mining of resources to meet these capitalistic urges. the annihilation of the natural environment by capitalism is met by the annihilation of feeling by ego-driven art-making.
SO all of that being said, when i think about it rationally, there is no reason for me to make art. which makes it hard to answer your question, you know, because i don't think i can rationally explain it. it's a compulsion, i guess. when i am in healthy places in my life, i don't feel the need to produce art. so i think...maybe it's a catharsis, a wrenching of positive value from shitty experiences. i guess that's my official answer.
i know that i sound like a 100% dickhead by answering this question in this way, haha, and i'm sorry to do that. but i don't know, these are all things that have been on my mind a lot and i felt like i had to express them.
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what's your fam situation like? how come you haven't talked to your mom in so long? do you talk to your dad? do you feel sad about not talking to either? do you consider family an important part of you? you don't have to answer
my mom and i have never really gotten along. she left my father the day after christmas one year when i was in high school, but didn't take me. i wouldn't have wanted her to, but still. i talk to my dad every once in a while. he is a nice guy but he mostly just calls me when he is drunk. i think both of my parents have the perception that i will be rich because i'm going to college (they didn't) and want money from me. i don't really feel sad not talking to them because i don't feel any type of allegiance to them. they chose to have a kid, which, is in my mind kind of selfish given that they didn't have the means to support it (me, lol). like, at the end of the day, i didn't choose my parents, but my parents chose me. family is not that important to me...but...i think the instability of my childhood causes me to crave some type of stability w/ friends and people i have relationships with. filling a lack or something
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i think you are wonderful! love from ~anon
thank you :)
do you see yourself being full-time author eventually?
i don't think i ever want to be a full-time author. i want to do so many things. i think i will always want to write, but i have other goals, too. i want to be the longest-reigning jeopardy champion of all time
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obviously, yes. frequently
Are you friends with Jakob Maier?
yeah. jakob is a nice guy and a talented musician.
are you hard on yourself or some kind of believer of delving into negativity to reach more constructive [thoughts, outcomes, whatever]? also, do you like thinking far into things or does it make your head become heavy?
yeah, i think i am definitely very hard on myself. much of why i don't produce as prolifically as a lot of people around me, i think, is that i am a perfectionist. i hate a lot of things i have written. that's just an example of one area that has been important, but yeah...i'm not sure that i like that about myself, but it also tends to make the things i end up putting out better in my eyes so i don't know. so yeah, i'm that way with a lot of things i think. i like thinking about things, yes, not sure how to measure "far" though...
something random: do you enjoy getting letters and what do you like about letters?
this might be an unpopular opinion, but i really don't get the thing with letters. this is just me speaking personally. like, if you want to send letters, of course, feel free. for me, though, it's like...didn't we invent the internet a while back? don't we have email? unless there is something physical that needs to be delivered, i don't really care for physical mail.
do you look forward to dying?
no, i like being alive
what is your favorite steve roggenbuck video?
this video was important for me:
it helped my self-esteem and encouraged me to share my poetry.
Have u been depressed or in mental confusion? How would you or do you get out of it
i've never been diagnosed with depression of any mental illness/disorder (part of not having gone to a doctor for ~8 years) but i have certainly felt depressed and in mental confusion. getting out of it, i think, depends a lot on the source it is coming from. there are probably different strategies for dealing with different circumstances. i think when i am depressed it is usually because ~~~girls~~~ (lol) so i just try to go out and meet new girls. that's for me though, lol.